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HSSB348: Dragon soaring through the skies, unstoppable in thunderbolts!


Lin Zhou did not approach the Time Connection Spring.

From far away, he drew the bowstring of a bow that flickered with the purple light of thunder, notched with a sharp arrow, aimed towards Yan Zhaoge.

The bow was named Heaven Shocker, and was a high-grade spirit artifact!

Even in Sacred Grounds like the Heavenly Thunder Hall, high-grade spirit artifacts were also extremely limited.

Even for Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters and above, as the higher echelons of the clan, they could only barely manage to get one each.

Because Heaven Shocker was a bow, it situation was rather unique.

Earlier on, this high-grade spirit artifact had been grasped by Lin Zhou’s father, Lin Tianfeng.

Having shot the Anti-Sun to interfere with Broad Creed Mountain’s Clear Qi Grand Formation, before proceeding to Broad Creed Mountain, Lin Tianfeng had entrusted the bow to Lin Zhou for him to take care of.

Under the Hall Lord’s, Shen Li’s silent consent, Lin Zhou had not handed over this high-grade spirit artifact, retaining possession of it.

Feeling the pressure from Heaven Shocker, Yan Zhaoge also discovered Lin Zhou.

Perhaps it could be said not to be an unexpected thing, as Lin Zhou’s speed of progress was also rapid, having improved greatly following the battle at Broad Creed Mountain, as he had now stepped into the Martial Grandmaster realm as well.

Counting by age, Lin Zhou could also be considered to have surpassed all his peers.

Having only just entered the Martial Grandmaster realm, Lin Zhou was still unable to fully unleash the power of a high-grade spirit artifact.

However, high-grade spirit artifacts were still high-grade spirit artifacts, far from what mid and low-grade spirit artifacts could compare to.

The arrow that had been notched on the drawn bowstring of Heaven Shocker was also far from ordinary.

As the cold light flickered, it was as though Yan Zhaoge could already feel a chill on the back of his body beside where his heart was.

A wild sabre ahead, a sneak arrow behind!

Zheng Shuo executed Black Nightmare Mountain’s direct lineage martial art, the Baleful Black Divine Sabre, a boundless Black Nightmare Storm agglomerating, the sabre-light resembling a black hole as it descended towards Yan Zhaoge.

Lin Zhou abruptly released the bowstring, Heaven Shocker exploding with purple light, the explosive rumbling of thunder seemingly resounding, shocking the heavens and shaking the earth as a long purple rainbow instantly arrived before Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze hardened as he abruptly inhaled deeply.

Changes immediately occurred with the aura-qi that resembled chaos within his body.

However, it did not transform into icy coldness or blazing heat as it had before.

The sound of flowing electricity seemed to penetrate through the air, the dense bolts of electricity resembling leaping snakes dancing about wildly, replacing sunrise, illuminating the final bit of darkness before the arrival of dawn.

Yan Zhaoge’s aura-qi transformed into violent bolts of thunder and lightning, enveloping his body’s surroundings.

An orb that looked just like any ordinary stone orb appeared, precisely the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment that was currently in the process of slumber.

Stimulated by a great amount of electricity, while the essence and power of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment was not restored, a powerful consciousness seemed to awaken within as a terrifying heaven-shocking, earth-shaking concept was revealed.

The Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment landed on the tip of Yan Zhaoge’s sword.

Merging as one with his sword, Yan Zhaoge executed the Cloud Rising Dragon Soaring technique of his Coiling Dragon Sword, soaring up into the skies.

His entire person seemed to transform into an enormous bolt of thunder, penetrating straight between the heavens and the earth.

It was as though a heaven-shocking thunder dragon had let out a long, enraged roar!

Thunderclouds surfaced within the sky, true heavenly thunder being guided down by Yan Zhaoge, descending as its power merged as one with Yan Zhaoge’s strength.

Numerous pythons of lightning and dragons of thunder roared furiously as the massive thunderbolt circulated about his body.

A heavenly dragon appeared indistinctly within the air, shaking its armour of scales as thunder and lightning descended mightily!

The enraged thunder dragon soared upwards with an enraged roar, easily shattering the restrictive power of Zheng Shuo’s Baleful Black Divine Sabre completely, at the same time shocking away the purple bolt of thunder shot towards him Yan Zhaoge by Lin Zhou, finally clashing head-on with Zheng Shuo’s Baleful Black Divine Sabre!

The black sabre-light exploded mightily, shattering back into the form of numerous black hurricanes.

As the lightning scattered, a jade green sword-light lit up, blood splattering in all directions as Zheng Shuo stumbled backwards in retreat!

A combination of Cloud Rising Dragon Soaring and An Instant’s Thunder.

Cloud Dragon’s Instant Sovereign Thunder Sword!

The power of that sword, unstoppable in thunderbolts, seemed able to destroy all that stood in its path!

Gazing at this scene from far away, Lin Zhou grit his teeth tightly.

Every time he saw the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment performing splendidly in Yan Zhaoge’s hands, he would feel greatly despondent.

Transforming into a streak of thunder, a soaring dragon in the heavens, Yan Zhaoge’s speed increased to a whole new level.

Although Cloud Dragon’s Instant Sovereign Thunder Sword was extremely taxing on his strength, supported by the Peerless Heavenly Scripture and Finger Flicking Shocking Thunder, Yan Zhaoge could consecutively perform this powerful technique, possessing a great rampaging power that presided over all lifeforms whilst also increasing his speed greatly.

Wounded by Yan Zhaoge, Zheng Shuo’s viciousness came out to bear as a violent sabre-light descended once more.

In the hands of an Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster, its full power unleashed, the shocking power of a mid-grade spirit artifact was sufficient to crush low-grade spirit artifacts!

If not for being bolstered by the concept of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment and the great power of Yan Zhaoge’s Cloud Dragon’s Instant Sovereign Thunder Sword, Zheng Shuo’s sabre would have been enough to break Yan Zhaoge’s Jade Dragon Sword with a single strike.

Lin Zhou did not stop, drawing Heaven Shocker once more, notching on a Thunder Rumbling Arrow.

The arrow was no longer aimed towards Yan Zhaoge, instead being targeted at the Time Connection Spring on the snowy lands!

Lin Zhou’s arrow was aimed straight at Ah Hu and the Time Connection Spring!

Sitting cross-legged within the air, Ah Hu’s expression was grave as he watched the assaulting light of thunder that shot over at lightning speed, illuminating his entire face purple.

However, he just couldn’t shift himself away to evade.

In the spring water below, the golden lamps were still bright, the bodies of Shi Jun and his mother still silent.

At this moment, all his aura-qi used to sustain the ceremony, Ah Hu even lacked the ability to parry or withstand the arrow.

At this moment, he could only barely activate his spiritual artifact, trying to forcibly withstand Lin Zhou’s Thunder Rumbling Arrow!

On the other side, Zheng Shuo began attacking madly, wanting to prevent Yan Zhaoge from leaving and assisting them.

Yan Zhaoge let out a long roar, the thunder dragon formed of his combination with the sword-light drawing an arc within the skies as he was instantly back above the spring.

Zheng Shuo’s sabre-light followed behind him like a shadow, shooting over with the momentum of toppling mountains and overturning seas!

Yan Zhaoge seemed not to have realised that Zheng Shuo’s attack was already right behind him as he raised his hand and blocked Lin Zhou’s attack with his sword.

And as Zheng Shuo’s sabre-light descended, Yan Zhaoge flipped his palm, the Earth Devouring Burner appearing within.

Using it as a shield, borrowing its strange devouring force, Yan Zhaoge blocked this attack of Zheng Shuo’s.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge seeming forever unable to be beaten back, Lin Zhou yelled loudly, drawing back his bow as he shot out yet another arrow.

At the same time, Zheng Shuo abruptly changed his stance, his sabre-light changing, the violent wild storms seemingly instantly changing into the gentle winds of spring, attacking towards Yan Zhaoge through a graceful angle.

However, this gentle-looking sabre-light was actually even more life-threatening!

The Earth Devouring Burner was unable to actively devour, only able to wait for the opponent to send over his attack from a certain direction on his own initiative.

Yan Zhaoge had relied on this to obtain this treasure from Zhao Hao in the past, and Zheng Shuo was relying on the same method today.

At the same time, Lin Zhou’s Thunder Rumbling Arrow shot over once more, his target still the Time Connection Spring, wanting to render Yan Zhaoge unable to move, having no choice but to block!

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change as he exhaled and roared, the Earth Devouring Burner in his left hand switching directions to block the purple bolt of thunder.

The Jade Dragon Sword within his hands flew out, the roar of a dragon seemingly resounding as it transformed into a heaven-shocking sword-light, shooting straight towards the faraway Lin Zhou!

At the same time, the Lofty Mountain Armour on him lit up, his Spirit Rhino Demonic Fist also being activated.

Also, light that was bright as Vajra also flickered on Yan Zhaoge’s body!

After the battle of Broad Creed Mountain, Yan Zhaoge had cultivated in another of Broad Creed Mountain’s Eight Extreme Arts, precisely the Vajra Body!

With the three layers of defence, Yan Zhaoge forcibly withstood Zheng Shuo’s sabre!

Zheng Shuo let out a low howl, exerting his strength to the maximum, the incomparably sharp power of the combination of an Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster and a mid-grade spirit artifact wanting to forcibly break through Yan Zhaoge’s defences!



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