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HSSB349: Yan Zhaoge’s trademark weapon


An early Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster exerting his full strength through a mid-grade spirit artifact, executing a supreme martial art like the Baleful Black Divine Sabre, a shocking power was produced.

Not evading or blocking, completely withstanding this sabre head-on, the pressure bore by Yan Zhaoge was not something normal people would be able to imagine.

Even simultaneously executing the Spirit Rhino Demonic Fist and the Vajra Body, with the added on defensive power of the low-grade spirit artifact, the Lofty Mountain Armour, against this sabre, Yan Zhaoge still faced great danger.

The defence of the Lofty Mountain Armour was broken through.

The bright glow of the Vajra Body became dim, resembling Vajra on the edge of collapse.

The Spirit Rhino Demonic Fist was circulated to the maximum possible level, Yan Zhaoge’s flesh, blood and skin gradually coming to resemble that of the prehistoric giant rhino somewhat.

However, faced with Zheng Shuo’s full-powered blow, the three layers of defences were still forcibly broken through!

Yan Zhaoge remained completely uncaring regarding this, his left hand blocking the Thunder Rumbling Arrow shot over from far away using the Earth Devouring Burner, flicking out his right hand as the Jade Dragon Sword transformed into a green light, shooting straight towards the faraway Lin Zhou!

The sword-light resembled a rainbow, also being enshrouded in countless streams of electricity, resembling a jade-green thunder dragon instantly piercing straight through the skies, headed straight for Lin Zhou.

Continuously wielding the high-grade spirit artifact bow, Lin Zhou had currently used up almost all of his strength as well.

Still he forcibly drew on all his power to draw Heaven Shocker for a fourth time.

However, the Thunder Rumbling Arrow just being notched, not having time to aim it, a jade-coloured light was already right before him.

His strength being virtually depleted, still forcibly pulling back the high-grade spirit artifact, all of Lin Zhou’s power was concentrated on Heaven Shocker.

Faced with the Jade Dragon Sword as flung out by Yan Zhaoge, he now seemed stiff and unmoving as a statue as he could not easily shift his body in evasion.

Clenching his teeth, Lin Zhou could only move Heaven Shocker within his hands before him to block the sword-light that resembled a jade dragon.

An explosion resounded, purple and green light exploding, enveloping the entire area!

Lin Zhou’s Heaven Shocker erupted with a shocking power.

While it was a bow, as a high-grade spirit artifact, it still blocked the Jade Dragon Sword, a low-grade spirit artifact.

However, Lin Zhou himself was also sent flying, Heaven Shocker directly jolted out of his hands.

The bow that flickered with the purple light of thunder landed on the ground, its snakes of thunder rampaging out of control as several deep craters were exploded out within the nearby snowy plains.

“Ah!” A mournful, enraged howl resounded on the Extreme Northern Snowy Plains, resembling a wounded, solitary wolf.

Lin Zhou toppled onto the ground, a hand on his face, covering one of his eyes.

However, by the edges of his palm and the gaps between his fingers, fresh blood was flowing unceasingly, unable to be stopped!

While Heaven Shocker had shocked and jolted the Jade Dragon Sword away in another direction, saving Lin Zhou from the fate of death, one of his eyes had been pierced through and blinded by its sword-light!

Lin Zhou gulped in a breath of cool air, struggling to get up, his remaining eye bloodshot as it bulged outwards.

He fought to gaze into the distance, seeing that Zheng Shuo’s sabre-light had broken through Yan Zhaoge’s defences, being about to land on his body.

However, before the two of them could rejoice, a golden light suddenly flickered on Yan Zhaoge’s skin!

A simple yet profound rune appeared on Yan Zhaoge’s body, helping Yan Zhaoge to block Zheng Shuo’s sabre!

Yan Zhaoge recited an ancient, hard to pronounce incantation.

As the golden light flickered, a golden layer of radiance was added onto his entire body as he resembled a statue of gold.

Accompanied by the ancient incantation being recited by Yan Zhaoge, the golden radiance on his body grew denser, the rune on his chest clearer and more profound.

Golden light emanated, forming a fourth layer of defence, keeping Zheng Shuo’s sabre-light at bay.

Lin Zhou had seen this scene once before.

It was precisely Yan Zhaoge’s Golden Talisman Body!

Under the forces of the Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster Zheng Shuo and his mid-grade spirit artifact, the Baleful Black Sabre, the golden talismanic qi of the Golden Talisman Body was rapidly depleted completely, the golden radiance on Yan Zhaoge’s body gradually completely dispersing.

However, his power continuously grinded away, Zheng Shuo was currently already greatly hard pressed to sustain it as well.

Seeing that he was just a step away from slaying Yan Zhaoge, Zheng Shuo howled furiously, wanting to add additional power to the Baleful Black Sabre within his hands.

Yan Zhaoge was expressionless as he let out a long roar.

In his right hand that had been freed after he had thrown out the Jade Dragon Sword, another object suddenly appeared!

A dark green branch of bamboo!

The bamboo branch was not long, being divided into three segments.

Yan Zhaoge raised the bamboo branch, striking towards Zheng Shuo’s Baleful Black Sabre.

The bamboo branch which seemed fragile to the point of not even being able to withstand a single strike, something that could be broken by any random normal person, instead shocked Zheng Shuo greatly.

He saw that a crack had been forcibly beaten out on his Baleful Black Sabre!

A mid-grade spirit artifact, having been cracked by a single bamboo branch!

However, he clearly could not sense any spiritual qi or power fluctuations from that bamboo branch.

While Yan Zhaoge’s strength far surpassed other martial practitioners of the same cultivation level, something that he had not been able to do even with a low-grade spirit artifact, the Jade Dragon Sword, had actually been achieved by him with a single bamboo branch

At this moment, Zheng Shuo was really rendered wide-eyed and tongue-tied for a bit.

He was just dazed for a moment, before realising that he shouldn’t.

With Yan Zhaoge just before him, getting dazed was like asking to die.

But for a moment, he was truly uncontrollably left dazed on the spot.

Zheng Shuo’s mind held no sorrow or no rage at all, just finding it incomprehensible and utterly ridiculous, feeling that it just totally didn’t feel real at all!


How was it possible…

Utterly ridiculous!

Zheng Shuo forcibly shook off such emotions of his, forcibly clearly his mind.

As he regained his clarity, what appeared before his eyes was Yan Zhaoge having already switched from defence to attack, raising his right hand as the dark green bamboo branch within his hand slammed down towards him!

Not in time to retract his sabre, Zheng Shuo wielded a low-grade spirit artifact to withstand it.

His belt lit up with a crimson glow, forming streams of light that blocked before him like chains.

However, Yan Zhaoge’s dark green bamboo branch descended, directly snapping those crimson chains!

That low-grade spirit artifact seemed to let out a tragic cry as it was directly destroyed!

Zheng Shuo was utterly lost for words, “What exactly is this thing ah!”

Seeing this scene, Lin Zhou was stunned before he painfully closed his one remaining eye.

Not only had he been blinded in one eye, Lin Zhou also felt that his body was currently extremely weak, with even standing up being a challenge, his entire body hurting to the bones.

Having been injured by Yan Zhaoge just having pulled back the bowstring of Heaven Shocker for the fourth time, he had suffered a backlash from the bow, his body that had originally already been greatly exhausted instantly being gravely injured.

Glancing over and looking at the temperamental, rampant Shocking Heaven that he would not be able to retrieve, Lin Zhou could only suffer the pain and turn, fleeing as fast as he could!

Heaven Shocker had always been held by his father, Lin Tianfeng.

After Lin Tianfeng had died, the significance of this bow, to Lin Zhou, was not simply just that of a high-grade spirit artifact.

However, at this moment, he had no choice but to give it up.

In his current condition, he had to retreat immediately.

Otherwise, if he didn’t leave now, he would truly be unable to leave this place forever.

Meanwhile, above the Time Connection Spring, after descending and breaking Zheng Shuo’s low-grade spirit artifact, the dark green bamboo branch in Yan Zhaoge’s hands immediately struck down on Zheng Shuo’s crown!

The Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster saw stars, the heavens seemingly spinning and the earth seemingly rotating about him.

Even while he had agglomerated his defences of true essence in time, his head had almost been crushed by the impact!

Amidst their intense battle, despite being stabilised by Ah Hu’s full strength, the Time Connection Spring beneath them still surged intensely.

Sucking in a deep breath, Yan Zhaoge raised the bamboo branch once more, slamming it down towards Zheng Shuo!


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