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HSSB351: Enjoying the fruits of their victory


In the current Eight Extremities where Sacred Artifacts were limited and rarely encountered, high-grade spirit artifacts were the top weapons of martial practitioners.

While they were not as rare as Sacred Artifacts that could be counted on the fingers of one’s hand, high-grade spirit artifacts were also extremely rare and valuable.

At the same time, corresponding to their rarity was their power as well as spirituality, far surpassing that of mid-grade spirit artifacts.

As the Eight Extremities World currently had no Sacred Artifact bows, the high-grade spirit artifact, Heaven Shocker, was already the best bow, having no competitor to speak of other than the Sun Shooter.

While it was currently ownerless, obtaining it would still not be easy at all.

Having gained control of the Heaven Shocker before, Lin Zhou had only barely managed to do so with the help of seniors of his clan.

Also, the Heaven Shocker was also currently not in a calm state, instead being greatly berserk.

While the feeling it gave off was not as terrifying as that of an Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster, it still intimidated one’s very soul.

That his Young Master had once successfully tamed and conquered someone else’s spirit artifact whilst only an outer aura Martial Scholar was something Ah Hu knew.

However, these incidences had most likely involved other spirit artifacts helping Yan Zhaoge to temporarily suppress and hinder his target, therefore allowing Yan Zhaoge to succeed in a single go.

Even so, that was already something that would shock many to the point of their eyeballs imploding.

Ah Hu’s admiration towards his Young Master was correspondingly like the flow of a long river, unending and ceaseless.

However, currently, there was no other high-grade spirit artifact within which to occupy the attentions of Heaven Shocker-no wonder even the usually courageous Ah Hu somewhat lacked confidence for this at this time.

Hearing the problem that Ah Hu spoke of, Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, “It’s not hard.”

The Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment was in slumber, the pillar of the Divine Palace was suppressing the true dragon’s body and the Earth Devouring Burner could not be actively used.

However, while not being assisted by these treasures, with his current cultivation base, Yan Zhaoge was far from comparable to how he had been in the past.

Approaching the rampant purple light of thunder, the mass of qi within Yan Zhaoge’s body that resembled chaos fluctuated, gradually transforming into thunderbolts.

Countless arcs of electricity surfaced on all the acupoints of Yan Zhaoge’s body before leaping within the air.

It was not that all thunder could coexist as just approaching Heaven Shocker, the essence of both side’s thunderbolts collided, explosions resounding within the air as they appeared even more shocking than before.

But very quickly, Yan Zhaoge continually adjusted the movement of his thunder-like aura-qi, gradually forming a resonance with the ownerless Heaven Shocker.

Afterwards, Yan Zhaoge succeeded in coming by the side of Heaven Shocker before he reached out and grabbed this high-grade spirit artifact.

The bow shuddered abruptly, the bowstring twanging as the sound of numerous thunderbolts exploding between the heavens and the earth one after another seemingly resounded.

Yan Zhaoge held Shocking Thunder with both hands, tapping with all his fingers in a rhythmic fashion, seemingly containing some unique rhythm of its own.

Gradually, the movements of Shocking Thunder ceased, its temper beginning to calm, recovering from its berserk, unstable state.

Seeing this, Ah Hu clicked his tongue in praise, “Young Master, this move of yours is truly incomparable.”

Yan Zhaoge let out a long breath, grasping the bowstring before mightily pulling it backward.

While no arrow was notched on, a powerful, surging explosive power instantly surfaced from within.

Yan Zhaoge abruptly released his grip, the bowstring shuddering as it seemed as though a storm of thunder had descended where they were.

Not ceasing, Yan Zhaoge drew back the bowstring three consecutive times, gradually merging his true martial intent with the concept contained within Heaven Shocker, grasping this precious bow.

After a while, Yan Zhaoge stopped, smiling, “It is indeed much more powerful than Highspeed, the difficulty in using it also naturally much greater.”

At this time, Heaven Shocker had already regained its calm, retracting its aura as the shining purple light of thunder emitted from it also disappeared, the bow completely growing silent.

Keeping the bow, Yan Zhaoge said to Ah Hu, “Let’s go.

Our targets having all been fulfilled, there is no longer a need to continue playing with these Heavenly Thunder Hall people here.”

In having come to the Extreme Northern Snowy Plains this time, Yan Zhaoge had had three primary targets.

Firstly, his method to cure Shi Jun as well as his mother Ying Yuzhen.

Secondly, corroborating his guess about the relationship between the two extremities of Ice Pith Veins and Fire Pith Veins, affecting the Southern Underground Palace far off in the southern Fire Domain through his method to affect an Ice Pith Vein, giving those of the Sacred Sun Clan a ‘huge gift.”

Thirdly, taking a look at the legacy site of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint, seeing if anything valuable had been left behind there.

With all these three targets having been achieved, perhaps even having been surpassed, with unexpected, surprising gains also having been attained, there was naturally no need to stay on any longer.

Yan Zhaoge immediately brought Ah Hu along in leaving the Extreme Northern Desolate Plains.

However, Yan Zhaoge did not head west, instead doing the opposite and going east.

The eastern region of the Extreme Northern Snowy Plains had been permeated more by the Heavenly Thunder Hall, with the west instead influenced by Infinite Boundless Mountain.

While going west, they would be able to return to Broad Creed Mountain in the Heaven Domain through the Mountain Domain, having suffered tragic losses this time, the Heavenly Thunder Hall would definitely want to target Yan Zhaoge, pursuing him in force and blocking his path.

In doing so, they would naturally guard against Yan Zhaoge going west.

This way, he might as well go back the way he had come, heading east, once more leaving via the sea route.

Of course, going east through the North Sea, there would also definitely be intended obstruction from Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners.

Still having to face the pressure of Infinite Boundless Mountain and Jade Sea City, the Heavenly Thunder Hall would also not be able to dispatch too many experts.

Travelling carefully, Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu returned to the North Sea once more without incident.

One reason that they were headed east, returning via the North Sea, was also because Yan Zhaoge was also continually trying to piece together those fragmented dragon scales along the way.

These dragon scales had been obtained from the old dwelling of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint.

After some careful analysis, Yan Zhaoge had come to the conclusion that the disappearance of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint back then very possibly had to do with some information he had obtained from the dragon scales, therefore entering the great sea and searching for hidden clues.

Yan Zhaoge was very interested as to what exactly lay hidden here.

“The numerous stars converge; Dragons enter the sea; The ancient, cold abyss; Reverse scale shocks moon…” Yan Zhaoge stood by the North Sea, taking out the Underground Splitting Shuttle as repaired within the Internal Crystal Furnace as he took Ah Hu back out to sea, “These fragmented dragon scales are perhaps related to this”

“Sadly, it is not a simple piecing together of fragments.

In order to repair this, a great amount of time and effort will have to be spent ah.”

Sitting in the meditative position, hands crossed before his chest, Yan Zhaoge lowered his head to look at the dragon scales that he had already pieced together, yet still remained dim and lustreless, grey and ruined.

Shaking his head for a bit, keeping these things that he had to slowly get to the bottom of rather than being able to achieve it in a single go, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Let’s first have something in which we can see instant results.”

The Underground Splitting Shuttle surfaced, Yan Zhaoge exiting from within as he opened his Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

From within, two massive pillars flew out.

One was a stone pillar, the pillar of the Divine Palace.

The other was an ice pillar, having been obtained from the legacy site of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint, the corpse of a true dragon sealed within.

Ah Hu stared at the true dragon’s corpse, “Young Master, how are we going to deal with this”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Dealing with it reasonably, this does not only benefit us personally, also being able to let the entire clan rise to a whole new level.

While it is incomparable to obtaining a Sacred Artifact or a Martial Saint, it is, after all, a dragon’s body, the value contained within not something to scoff at at all.”

“Still, this is not in conflict with us obtaining benefits from it.”

Saying thus, Yan Zhaoge pointed out with a finger, a circular hole instantly melting on that ice pillar in which the true dragon’s body was sealed.


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