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HSSB353: A victory from ten thousand li away


In the following days, Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu traversed through the North Sea.

On their way, Yan Zhaoge analysed the dragon scale fragments left behind by the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint while drawing out dragon blood from the corpse of the ice dragon, refining his body, absorbing the essence of the spiritual qi within.

Refining his body with the dragon’s blood, Yan Zhaoge’s fleshly body improved unceasingly both internally and externally, progressing towards a whole new level.

And accompanied by his absorption of the dragon’s blood and the essence of the spiritual qi contained within, Yan Zhaoge’s aura-qi and strength also progressed unceasingly.

Because of this great fortuitous encounter, providing him with such a resource, Yan Zhaoge’s accumulation grew, much time being saved in his cultivation.

Having just nurtured a spirit seed, having stepped into the mid Spirit Vessel stage, Yan Zhaoge could clearly feel his rapid progress, being much quicker than originally predicted before leaving the Mountain this time.

It was not just in comparison to others-it was even faster than Yan Zhaoge himself had originally predicted.

Yan Zhaoge could vaguely feel that he was already not far off from stepping into the late Spirit Vessel stage, his spirit seed sprouting and birthing spirit sprouts.

This was something that he had not predicted before coming to the Extreme Northern Lands this time.

After all, who would have known that there was actually still a true dragon’s corpse preserved in the old dwelling of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint.

Yan Zhaoge cultivated amidst his journeying, carefully avoiding the dangers of the great sea as well as the eyes of the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

A portion of the territory of the Inner North Sea was controlled by the Heavenly Thunder Hall, and Yan Zhaoge was currently of no mind to waste time with them.

Having steered their way to one of the Nine Cities of the Water Domain, Stone Rock City at the southern part of the Inner North Sea, Yan Zhaoge could finally be considered to have left the territory controlled by the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

As one of the Water Domain’s Nine Cities, Stone Rock City fell under the rule of the Water Domain’s Sacred Ground, Jade Sea City.

Here, there was a First Seat Elder of Jade Sea City, as well as some first and second-rate powers that operated within the Water Domain and the Inner North Sea.

Their influence had long permeated the portion of the Inner North Sea that was controlled by the Heavenly Thunder Hall, conflicts frequently arising between them.

The news that Jade Sea City had been notified of earlier was that Yan Zhaoge had headed to the Outer East Sea, his later whereabouts then unknown.

However, the news of Yan Zhaoge having stirred up a great commotion in the Extreme Northern Lands had also vaguely spread.

Therefore, having come here, Yan Zhaoge did not conceal himself.

While he was young, his position and status far surpassed other martial practitioners of the same cultivation level.

Stepping into the territory of Jade Sea City, an ally of Broad Creed Mountain, it was necessary for him to notify the other side, lest he appear rude.

Yan Zhaoge’s authority within Broad Creed Mountain was such that it even surpassed a portion of its First Seat Elders in some areas.

If he could, Yan Zhaoge himself wouldn’t intend to enter Stone Rock City.

However, in their navigation on the North Sea, Yan Zhaoge had detected signs of Little Shi Jun within the ice coffin beginning to show signs of awakening.

In order to ensure that no accidents occurred, he had to make some preparations, involving some things.

Therefore, he would just trouble the martial practitioners of Jade Sea City in Stone Rock City to help him to gather them up.

Docking and ascending where Stone Rock City was, a massive island that resembled a mini mainland appeared before their eyes, the number of martial practitioners moving about gradually increasing.

Yan Zhaoge was still dressed in white clothes under a black-bordered blue robe.

Not specially doing anything to show off, but also not concealing themselves, just walking openly on the streets like that.

However, the gazes of the passers-by were more focused on Ah Hu, walking behind Yan ZHaoge.

Yan Zhaoge didn’t mind this in the least bit.

He truly completely didn’t mind it at all.

Yan Zhaoge had completely no interest at all in attempting the attention-grabbing method that Ah Hu had currently employed.

Along the way, alongside Yan Zhaoge, Ah Hu had unceasingly absorbed the essence of the dragon’s blood, refining his fleshly body and improving his cultivation base.

However, as compared to Yan Zhaoge whose appearance was still normal, Ah Hu’s skin was currently coloured completely dark blue, also shining with a clear blue light.

His facial features, his neck and his arms-so long as it was somewhere outside of the clothes, it was all like this.

Just from this appearance of his, it would be hard for Ah Hu not to catch everyone’s attention.

“What ya looking at” Ah Hu glared dissatisfiedly at the bystanders beside him, currently truly appearing bestial and feral in a savage appearance.

But soon after, Ah Hu turned to look at Yan Zhaoge with a bitter expression on his face, saying pitifully, “Young Master.”

Yan Zhaoge could not help but hold back a smile, “I already told you before that if you take too great steps, something bad might easily happen, but you just didn’t listen.

What bitterness do you speak of now”

Ah Hu hung his head depressedly, thinking of a way to get a cloak, bundling himself entirely up, before raising a hood to cover his face, only then no longer being stared at by everyone around him.

After entering Stone Rock City, Yan Zhaoge gave his greetings to the First Seat Elder of Jade Sea City dispatched here.

Having already received the news earlier, Jade Sea City naturally arranged lodgings for Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu.

The treasures and materials Yan Zhaoge had asked them to find for him were also mostly already gathered up.

In the following days, Yan Zhaoge silently guarded by the ice coffin containing Shi Jun’s body.

At the same time, entering Stone Rock City that was under the Water Domain’s rule, his communication with the outside world also became much smoother.

With Stone Rock City the territory of Jade Sea City and Jade Sea City allied with Broad Creed Mountain, unlike on the lands of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, it was not difficult for Broad Creed Mountain to set up simple channels of communication here.

News of the outside world began to trickle unceasingly into Yan Zhaoge’s hands.

While after the battle of Broad Creed Mountain, with Yan Zhaoge’s current age and cultivation base, there was virtually already nothing left that he could be rewarded with, there were still quite a few additional perks that he had been given.

Other than being able to freely enter all levels of the Martial Repository, Yan Zhaoge was also granted first time access to all information reports on the outside world collected by Broad Creed Mountain.

At the same time, Yan Zhaoge could specifically deploy the various information channels of Broad Creed Mountain to gather information reports based on his needs and thoughts as he wanted.

This authority was the same as his father’s, the Chief of Broad Creed Mountain.

Saying that Yan Zhaoge’s authority and treatment in some areas had surpassed the First Seat Elders, this was a significant manifestation of this.

Yan Zhaoge had earlier instructed for them to pay close attention to any happenings with the Southern Underground Palace in the Fire Domain, not letting go of the slightest of incidents that might have happened there.

Currently, a great many information reports were sent back.

With the Southern Underground Palace an important land of the Sacred Sun Clan, it would not be easy at all for Broad Creed Mountain to gather information on it.

However, just some surface, shallow, fragmented information was already sufficient for Yan Zhaoge to see what he wanted to know.

A number of days had already gone by since he had set off the Ice Pith Vein in the Extreme Northern Snowy Plains.

Imperceptibly, accumulating slowly but surely, the Southern Underground Palace had recently seen some abnormalities.

Some information showed that the flames of the Southern Underground Palace had grown more and more tyrannical!

Some Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners, due to the suddenly increased strength of the flames, surpassing the limits of their cultivation bases, completely taken unguarded, had nearly perished within the Southern Underground Palace.

Luckily, some Sacred Sun Clan experts of higher cultivation bases had noticed the abnormalities in time, moving to save them, therefore avoiding the birth of a tragic accident.

But very quickly, these Sacred Sun Clan experts with higher cultivation bases had been stunned to find that they themselves were also gradually becoming unable to bear it.

What caused those of the Sacred Sun Clan to totally be unable to get their heads around it was the fact that as time passed, not only did the eruption of the Southern Underground Palace not lessen and return to normalcy, it instead grew fiercer and fiercer!


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