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HSSB355: Shaking your foundations!


If it was said that Yan Zhaoge had set up a trap with the Ice Pith Vein, using it to ambush a group of Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners on the spot, while the difficulty of that would similarly be very great, they of the Sacred Sun Clan would still be able to accept it.

But if it was said that with Yan Zhaoge’s cultivation base, setting off the Ice Pith Vein in the Extreme Northern Snowy Plains, he could influence the Southern Underground Palace in the Southern Wilderness, that would truly be hard for them to imagine.

While they felt that they hypothesis of Huang Xu and Huang Jie was not baseless, they just felt like it was unreal, like building palaces within the air.

The World Illuminating Young Master Huang Jie gazed silently at the entrance of the Southern Underground Palace in the distance, not speaking for a long time, a rare grave look appearing on his face.

Huang Guanglie swivelled his head to look at Huang Xu, “What were the traces left behind; did you ask the people of the Heavenly Thunder Hall in detail”

Huang Xu shook his head, “The Ice Pith Vein directly erupted with tides of coldness, destroying and messing up the entire area.”

At this point, this current Chief of the Sacred Sun Clan felt stifledness in his chest once more.

Finding the cause of the matter, they would then be able to think of a way to remedy it.

Currently, they could determine where Yan Zhaoge had done the deed in the Extreme Northern Snowy Lands, yet could not be clear on the method.

This way, the Sacred Sun Clan still lacked the ability to solve the problem at its source.

Because changes had already occurred with the Ice Pith Vein over at the Extreme Northern Lands, if they could not chase down the problem to its source, they would not be able to solve the problem.

Therefore, at the end of the day, the Sacred Sun Clan could still only wait patiently, silently waiting for time to pass and the earth vein to change till the Southern Underground Palace finally regained its calm once more.

Thinking of this, even Huang Guanglie felt rather bothered by it.

With the Southern Underground Palace in its current berserk state, of the entire Sacred Sun Clan, only he could move freely within it.

With the Extreme Yin Crown, Meng Wan would be able to stay within for a short period of time.

For the others, even a Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster would be unable to enter.

This was an extremely serious problem for the Sacred Sun Clan.

With them unable to mine and obtain the several rare resources and speciality products within the Southern Underground Palace, the Sacred Sun Clan was still not extravagant to the point of hoping that Huang Guanglie and Meng Wan would specially become miners for them.

Taking a step back, if there was something they urgently needed and must have, Huang Guanglie and Meng Wan would just have to make a trip.

However, to the martial practitioners of the Sacred Sun Clan, they had lost a sacred ground for cultivation, their progress being gravely impeded.

Especially for those who cultivated in the Sacred Sun Clan’s most supreme martial art, the Extreme Yang Fist.

They had to make use of the environment of the Southern Underground Palace to do so, but to the current Sacred Sun Clan, that was a virtually impossible thing.

The influence caused by this matter would not really show in the short term.

However, as time passed, it would fester unceasingly, growing more and more apparent, becoming harsher and harsher.

As the supreme martial art of the Sacred Sun Clan, the Extreme Yang Fist was not simply a combat method.

If they could not cultivate in it, while it did not mean that their road towards the Martial Saint realm had completely disappeared, the increased difficulty of that was something that would cause great despair in one just thinking about it.

Other than Transcending Mortality and entering Sainthood, entering the Transcending Mortality stage from the Essence Talisman stage as well as entering the Essence Talisman stage from the Essence Spirit stage.

For every level that they rose, the martial practitioners of the Sacred Sun Clan would all be heavily affected, hard to progress forward.

Making a rather extreme projection, having lost the Great Sun Measuring Ruler, if they now lost Huang Guanglie as well, not even having to wait for enemies to come attack them, tens of years later, the Sacred Sun Clan themselves would already almost have fallen out of the race.

If no other gains appeared to remedy this, this was virtually something which could already be foreseen.

If they could resolve this problem within a short period of time, it would not be a problem.

But to the Sacred Sun Clan, they just didn’t have any means to take care of this problem within a short period of time.

While they were just at the boundary of the Southern Underground Palace, it was already incomparably blazing hot as the very air itself seemed to be on fire.

However, at this moment, all the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners could feel a slight chill pervading their backs.

Yan Zhaoge’s super long distance stifling rod from the Extreme Northern Lands all the way to the Southern Wilderness left the Sacred Sun Clan unable to catch their breath for a long time, all of their hearts heavy.

It was still fine for the younger Huang Jie, but everyone else here, Huang Xu included, for just that moment, suddenly felt as though they could kind of understand how Broad Creed Mountain’s old Chief Yuan Zhengfeng had felt that year.

That feeling of wishing to improve, yet being restricted and held back due to external circumstances, felt like a huge rock weighing down on one’s mind, pressuring them to the point of near suffocation.

To them, the matter having just happened, there was still time to think of a solution.

Therefore, this feeling just lasted a mere instant as they very quickly regained control of themselves, calming back down.

However, if a plan could still not be found, as time passed, the pressure within their hearts would definitely rise by the day, becoming greater and greater.

Now, Huang Guanglie said, “All of you return to the World Illuminating Peak first; do not destabilise our Sacred Sun Clan.

This old man will remain here and analyse the matter, seeing if there might be any way to remedy things.”

Huang Xu and the others all nodded.

Currently, this was the only thing that they could do.

Huang Guanglie suddenly gazed towards the north, “Keep a close eye on the movements of Broad Creed Mountain, Jade Sea City and Infinite Boundless Mountain.”

From a long term point of view, the Sacred Sun Clan was faced with an incomparably great problem that could shake their very foundations.

However, in the short term, it had not much of an influence towards the overall strength they currently possessed.

Gazing towards the north, Huang Guanglie suddenly said, “Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Zhaoge, this person.

From this moment on, follow his every movement closely, paying close attention to it whether it is major or minor.”

Huang Xu nodded, “I understand.”

Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Zhaoge.

Not ‘Yan Di’s son’ or ‘Broad Creed Mountain’s disciple’, not ‘that junior’ or ‘that member of the younger generation’.

Just hearing Huang Guanglie’s way of addressing Yan Zhaoge, it was already enough to know how highly he thought of him right now.

With Huang Guanglie’s seniority, cultivation base and position, for him to address a young man of the same generation as his grandson this way, this was unprecedented, the very first time in his life.

However, none of the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners here expressed any amazement at this.

While they were unable to confirm that the change in the Southern Underground Palace did indeed have something to do with Yan Zhaoge, this didn’t stop those of the Sacred Sun Clan from attributing still even more importance to him.

Huang Xu said, “Whether or not it was done by Broad Creed Mountain and Yan Zhaoge, whether or not they have the ability to do it once more in the short term, contact Heavenly Thunder Hall, getting them to keep a close eye on the Extreme Northern Snowy Plains.

Our Sacred Sun Clan should also dispatch people to watch over the area, lest the other party finds a chance and performs the same action once more.”

“At the same time, look for a chance.

Other than openly sending away your lives, kill Yan Zhaoge whatever the cost,” Huang Xu’s face was expressionless, his gaze cold, “If we let him grow up any further, when his cultivation base and strength have both risen, he would be an even greater threat than his father Yan Di.”

Huang Jie remained silent, also soundlessly gazing towards the north, his gaze deep and distant.


As the people of the Sacred Sun Clan were all feeling majorly headached by this matter, Yan Zhaoge was in a good mood at Stone Rock City.

All the things he needed having been gathered, Yan Zhaoge began setting them up within his room.

A small scale spirit formation was stablished, the ice coffin in which Shi Jun’s body was stored placed at its centre.

With the final step of this expedition of ten thousand li finally at hand, Yan Zhaoge would not allow any accidents to occur here.

In the days that he had waited, he had also waited out Xu Fei here.

On the way to Stone Rock City, Yan Zhaoge had established communication with the clan as soon as he could.

However he would move following this would depend on the situation, but it would still be best for Shi Jun and his mother to be sent back to Broad Creed Mountain as soon as possible.

Standing beside Yan Zhaoge, Xu Fei also looked quietly at the ice coffin in the formation’s centre.


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