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HSSB358: Looking for Sikong Qing


Seeing the person before him, Yan Zhaoge knit his brows slightly, falling into deep thought.

Beside him, Ah Hu appeared stunned as he nearly bit his own tongue, “Young Master, what exactly…”

Retracting his gaze, Yan Zhaoge surveyed their surroundings, saying casually, “We’ll know if we ask.”

Saying thus, he showed himself and walked over, coming before the youth.

As the other party discovered Yan Zhaoge, some wariness vaguely appeared within his gaze.

Yan Zhaoge cut to the chase, “How do I address this friend Excuse my impoliteness, but you look exactly the same as an acquaintance of mine, just that, she is female.”

The gaze of this man, whose gender was hard to determine through his features and appearance that were basically identical to Sikong Qing’s, flickered slightly.

Appraising Yan Zhaoge, he then asked rather than answering, “Am I before the Broad Creed Young Master Yan Zhaoge”

Yan Zhaoge nodded calmly, “That’s right, that’s me.”

The man before him said, “I am Ouyang Qi.

While I live beyond the distant sea, the name of the Broad Young Master still resounds like thunder in my ears.

Seeing you today, it is the fortune of three lifetimes.”

“Ouyang Qi” Yan Zhaoge repeated softly.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, this youth said, “Young Master Yan has someone you are acquainted with whose appearance is similar to mine”

“To be honest, in having come here, it was because I heard that two people whose appearance was rather similar to mine had fought here.

Being curious, I came over to check it out,” Ouyang Qi said slowly, “It was a little funny to hear, as both of them were females.”

“Sadly, I came just too late.

The two had already left, us not fated to meet.”

Yan Zhaoge looked silently at this face that was similar to Sikong Qing’s.

Other than his male garb and some gender-specific characteristics, the other party’s appearance was basically the same as Sikong Qing’s.

This Ouyang Qi was comparatively slimmer as compared to the average man, also being slightly shorter.

However, it was precisely because of this that even his figure was basically the same as Sikong Qing’s, the skeletal structures of the two probably also mostly similar.

However, even if their genders had been the same, just opening his mouth to speak, it could already be confirmed that he was not Sikong Qing, as the two’s manners of speech as well as conversational approach were completely different.

While the spoken voice was that of a male’s, clearly different from a female’s, some special properties of their voices were somewhat similar.

However, their tones, speed of speech, as well as manner of speaking were completely different.

Looking at Ouyang Qi, Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, “That is indeed regretful.

You being too similar in appearance to my junior apprentice-sister, I initially even thought that you might be long lost relatives.”

Ouyang Qi’s gaze flickered slightly as he smiled, “This might very well be debatable; my parents both died when I was young, and I cannot remember things from back then, really not being able to say for sure.”

Yan Zhaoge asked casually, “I wonder who your Master is; perhaps I have heard of him”

Ouyang Qi answered, “My Master is a loose practitioner from beyond the seas.

Let alone the mainland, he seldom steps onto even the inner sea.

Young Master Yan would probably not have heard of him before.”

Yan Zhaoge asked no further as he nodded, “Since that is so, if you do so have the time, you are welcome to my Broad Creed Mountain as a guest.”

Ouyang Qi cupped his hands in greeting, “It would be my honour.”

“I still have matters I need to handle.

If there is nothing else, I will take my leave here.

May Young Master Yan not hold it on me if I was impolite in any way.”

Seeing Ouyang Qi’s retreating back, Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Ah Hu, follow him.

Not only were there untruths in this person’s words, he is definitely problematic.”

“Yes, Young Master,” Ah Hu patted Pan-Pan, acknowledging as he left.

Yan Zhaoge remained on the small island, his gaze sweeping over the area as he observed the environment here.

Sikong Qing had already reached the peak of the outer aura Martial Scholar realm, able to externalise her aura, producing shocking power.

In a life and death battle with someone on the island, many traces of the battle would naturally be left behind.

Meanwhile, her opponent had similarly not been simple.

True sparks had flown between the two as the two, rather evenly matched, had almost levelled this island into a flat land.

The marks of the two’s battle here had been preserved completely.

In coming here just now, Ouyang Qi seemed also to have been observing the surrounding environment.

With the cultivation bases of Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu much higher than his, as he had been observing the traces left behind from the earlier battle, Yan Zhaoge had also been covertly observing him.

Based on Yan Zhaoge’s strong discernment, it had not been hard for him to discover that most of Ouyang Qi’s attention had been placed on the traces of battle left behind by Sikong Qing.

Was it just because Sikong Qing hailed from the Sacred Ground-level power that was Broad Creed Mountain that she had been especially taken note of

Yan Zhaoge shook his head slowly, coming before a deep crater.

A massive crater that resembled a mini basin had been struck out here, the stones and soil here all burnt black, as though they had been struck directly by a powerful explosive force of flames.

Yan Zhaoge reached out, grabbing some of the burnt soil within the crater with his aura-qi.

The burnt soil landing within his hands, Yan Zhaoge pinched it gently, his aura-qi surging as it gradually dissipated into ash, disappearing with the wind.

“The Fire Evil Spirit of the Fire Elements Evil Spirits Palms, or perhaps a martial art recorded in the Sun Incinerating Evil Scripture, or perhaps Burnt Soil Battle Qi” Thoughts quickly flashed by within Yan Zhaoge’s mind, “A very outstanding fire-type martial art, a resolved concept of perishing alongside the enemy in a great blazing burst of flames contained within.

It should be the Fire Evil Spirit of the Five Elements Evil Spirits Palms.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “From the looks of it, junior apprentice-sister Sikong eventually still gained the upper hand, forcing her opponent to put her life on the line, executing this kind of killer trump card.”

“It’s just that I wonder how the battle eventually ended”

He rose into the air, hovering above the small island, surveying the surrounding sea surface, “Sadly, this place is completely surrounded by the sea, and it is very hard to determine-what route did junior apprentice-sister Sikong take when leaving the island”

Yan Zhaoge pondered for a moment, striking downwards with a palm.

The tiny island instantly began shaking intensely, breaking apart right from the middle, before finally began to sink downwards into the sea.

Moving about the surrounding area for a bit longer, Yan Zhaoge tried to see if there was anything else he could discover, but didn’t gain anything in the end.

Shaking his head, Yan Zhaoge chased over in the direction in which Ouyang Qi, Ah Hu and Pan-Pan had just left.

The Immortal Crane Wings expanded behind his body, his speed swift as the wind and fast as lightning.

Leaving the territory of the Water Domain controlled by Jade Sea City and arriving in the Outer North Sea, one would immediately feel that the situation had become complicated and chaotic.

Here, there was seldom any order, with it being the haven of outlaws.

Here, a person’s background and identity had the least use, because one’s opponent would very possibly be used to such a way of life: I’ll get drunk today if there’s wine today; be it a day or a year, I’ll just be happy whenever I can.

In such an environment, what was most reliable was one’s own strength.

Luckily, while the people here were generally lawless, most of them were amply experienced, also having better discernment abilities, not taking the initiative to provoke those who they could not afford to offend.

However, there were always those blind ones who collided straight into Yan Zhaoge.

In the end, their robbery failing, they were instead robbed by Yan Zhaoge, then slaughtered and thrown into the ocean to feed the sharks.

After catching up with Ah Hu, he saw Ah Hu smiling at him, “Young Master, I feel that this kid is intentionally drawing us around in circles.”

“Then I’m even more interested,” Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “Under such an environment and surroundings, he can still bring us around for a ride, not letting us find junior apprentice-sister Sikong.

Looking from it the opposite way, he can confirm where junior apprentice-sister Sikong is, therefore able to evade successfully.”


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