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HSSB360: Seeing many different versions of herself


By Ouyang Qi’s words, Yan Zhaoge’s group headed west.

Being within a certain proximity of one another, fellow disciples of Broad Creed Mountain had an easy communication method, now allowing Yan Zhaoge to confirm Sikong Qing’s position.

On the great sea, Sikong Qing sat on the back of a sea beast, their bodies bobbing up and down along with the tides.

Yan Zhaoge glanced at that sea beast, seeing that it was a type raised by Jade Sea City that was used for travelling within the great sea.

It had probably been given to her by those of Jade Sea City, Song Chao, Li Jingwan and the others, when they had parted ways earlier on.

Before Yan Zhaoge’s group had come near, her eyes originally having been closed in meditation, Sikong Qing opened her eyes, looking over in their direction.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly as he looked at the Ouyang Qi beside him with an expression which seemed as though he was smiling whilst also not.

Ouyang Qi was silent.

Seated on Pan-Pan, Yan Zhaoge and the others neared Sikong Qing and that sea beast.

After carefully appraising Sikong Qing with a glance, Yan Zhaoge leapt onto that sea beast, coming behind Sikong Qing before he extended a hand and pressed it on her back, “Your injuries are not light ah.”

Sikong Qing nodded, “There was still someone chasing me.

Therefore, I hurried all the way, not having the time to treat my injuries.”

Whilst speaking to Yan Zhaoge, Sikong Qing was instead staring at Ouyang Qi, restricted by Ah Hu atop Pan-Pan.

Having always appeared cold and aloof, Sikong Qing’s face was currently a complex mix of emotions, confusion, wariness, closeness and other things all appearing on her face.

Ouyang Qi was similarly looking at Sikong Qing, remaining silent as his gaze too was complex.

While one of them was male and the other female, as the two identical faces came before each other, the surrounding air grew somewhat heavy.

“I already know the general gist of the matter,” After glancing at Ouyang Qi, Yan Zhaoge asked Sikong Qing, “He can feel your approximate position, and you should also be able to feel his, right”

Sikong Qing answered, “That’s right; as long as I am within five hundred kilometres of him, I will be able to feel it.”

She paused for a moment before continuing, “It was also like this for the one I fought previously.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “You said just now that there was someone pursuing you; who was this”

Sikong Qing replied, “This person is different from them.

We did not meet, but I unwittingly happened to hear someone mention that that person who is looking for me has a very high cultivation base, very possibly being an Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster.”

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head, asking Ouyang Qi, “Your Master”

Ouyang Qi did not reply.

Yan Zhaoge’s palm remained on Sikong Qing’s back as he felt her injuries, “Indeed caused by the Evil Fire Spirits of the Five Elements Spirits Palm.”

The Fire Elements Spirits Palm was a martial art of before the Great Calamity.

This was the first time following that that it had appeared within the Eight Extremities World.

Divided by the five elements into five routes of palm arts: gold, wood, water, fire and earth.

The Gold Evil Spirits were fierce, extremely tough and sharp, proficient in head-on attacks.

The Wood Evil Spirits were straightforward, breaking unordinary with ordinary, breaking intricate with simplicity, specifically used to deal with the slick fighting methods of others.

The Water Evil Spirits were light and agile, exactly the opposite of the Wood Evil Spirits as it targeted the gaps of the defences in others, specifically used to win higher cultivation opponents in a subtle, intricate manner.

The Earth Evil Spirits were stable, dense and heavy, proficient in defence.

The final Fire Evil Spirits stance was an all-out attack with one’s determination of taking along their enemy down with them even in death.

First not mentioning the state of the enemy afterwards, in executing the Fire Evil Spirits, a martial practitioner would have to bear immense risks, suffering grave injuries.

However, the might of this stance was indeed extremely great, all one’s power unleashed in a single attack, being ferocious and violent to the extreme.

It was not inferior in any way as compared to to the supreme martial art, the Heaven Surging Tide, of the Water Domain’s Jade Sea City.

Sikong Qing said, “She couldn’t beat me, therefore wanting to risk it all.

In the end, she was slain by me, but I was also wounded by her.”

As she spoke of this opponent, Sikong Qing’s expression was slightly strange.

While it was not as much as for Feng Yunsheng, the sword in Sikong Qing’s hand had definitely seen blood before, having reaped quite a few lives, especially in this time’s tempering experience on the seas whereupon she had killed all the way over.

It was just that the opponent whom she had slain this time was clearly a little different from the rest.

With Yan Zhaoge’s help, Sikong Qing very quickly regained her breath, her injuries no longer pressing as she just needed to rest peacefully for a time.

Yan Zhaoge retracted his palm, Sikong Qing standing as she opened her accompanying Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

A female corpse appeared before Yan Zhaoge.

Looking over carefully, Yan Zhaoge saw that this girl’s appearance was indeed no different from Sikong Qing’s.

If one were to say that due to gender differences, there were still some slight differences from Ouyang Qi, this foreign girl’s appearance was completely identical to Sikong Qing’s.

The only difference lay in their clothing.

Clothed in the same garb and standing alongside Sikong Qing, there was no one who would be able to distinguish between them.

The other party was also a late outer aura Martial Scholar, her body greatly tempered.

For those of her cultivation base, even with their death, their bodies would not decompose for a long time.

However, with a bloodied hole having been opened in her chest by Sikong Qing, her fleshly body had already been damaged, such that her qi and blood would very quickly begin to deteriorate and rot.

An Ice Soul was placed upon this girl’s forehead, as Sikong Qing explained, “This is a coincidental gain of my journeying this time, able to suppress a person’s corpse from rotting.”

She looked somewhat disturbedly at that face that was already pale and without colour, looking at which was as though she was looking at her reflection in a mirror.

“She set up a formation for ambush, wanting to capture me alive.

Having just happened to receive a treasure from Jade Sea City’s Senior Sister Li earlier, I used it to break her formation, then clashed with her, who wasn’t able to match me.”

“I wanted to keep her there, but what eventually resulted was her killing move that resulted in injuries on both sides.

I was only able to go all out, having no way to secure her life.”

Sikong Qing’s gaze gradually grew calm, only some slight dazedness within.

Yan Zhaoge asked, “When you killed her, were there any changes with yourself”

Sikong Qing shook her head, “There were no changes, just that that feeling was very strange, just like…just like I was killing myself, just like I had killed myself somehow.”

“If I had to speak of something special, it was that at that instant, many scenes seemed to simultaneously appear before my eyes.”

A rarely seen vacant look appeared on Sikong Qing’s face, “It was as though I had been placed in many different environments.

In every one, I saw many of myself, both male and female, their ages similar to mine, their faces also all just so similar to mine.”

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze grew slightly more focused as he glanced at Ouyang Qi from the corner of his eye.

He saw that Ouyang Qi’s expression did not change much, as though he didn’t feel like there was any problem.

“Was it that you saw many of yourself, and not that you entered the visual standpoints of many different people, looking at various different scenes from their eyes” Yan Zhaoge did not speak, instead confirming with Sikong Qing via sound transmission with his aura-qi.

Sikong Qing nodded.

Yan Zhaoge retracted the intense light within his gaze as he no longer spoke on this, instead turning and asking Ouyang Qi smilingly, “The person who fought with my junior apprentice-sister previously was your fellow disciple”

Ouyang Qi was silent for a while before he replied, “That’s right, she was named Ouyang Ning.”

Yan Zhaoge asked mildly, “You were not true siblings, right One of your surnames was changed”


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