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HSSB363: A wish of strangling


Yan Zhaoge smiled at Chen Qi, who composed himself, “I wonder what kind of martial art it is that can get such a high evaluation from Young Master Yan”

“Cultivating out aura-qi, blazing hot as fire, transforming fertile plains into burnt soil, the key being its extremely great firepower, able to allow an outer aura Martial Scholar to cause immense damage,” Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “In my knowledge, in the current world, apart from the six great Sacred Grounds, I have not heard of such a powerful fire-type martial art before.”

“From history, I have heard of some, but logically, they should already have been lost.

For example, the Sun Incinerating Evil Scripture, the Fire Evil Spirits technique of the Five Elements Spirits Palm, or perhaps the Burnt Soil Battle Qi and the Burnt Sun Evil Sword etcetera.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Chen Qi, “I know that there are numerous strange happenings and remarkable people beyond the sea.

Some experts may not be known by us mainlanders our entire lives, but I think that they should not be able to escape the eyes of Verdant Pill Island.”

Chen Qi was silent for a moment before he replied, “Perhaps my Master will know more about this.

I seldom traverse the outside world, and am temporarily unable to give Young Master Yan an accurate answer.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded understandingly, “That is not strange.

I will still have to rely on you to check it for me a bit.”

Chen Qi answered, “Young Master Yan is too polite.”

Yan Zhaoge placed his hands behind his back, stepping into the air as he said calmly, “My junior apprentice-sister is out tempering here beyond the seas.

If those of the Painting Saint’s lineage encounter her, please help to take care of her a bit.

This Yan will first thank you here.”

Chen Qi let out a long breath, “May Young Master Yan rest at ease.

While Broad Creed Mountain and my Verdant Pill Island seldom have interactions, we very much admire the Exalted Heaven Shaker, the Heaven Diviner and the many other powerhouses of Broad Creed Mountain who fell valiantly in battle defending our Eight Extremities World from the threat of the Fire Devils.”

“With your clan’s disciple about this area, if there is any trouble and one of us encounters her, we will support her as needed.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, “If that is so, it would be best.

This Yan first thanks you here in place of my junior apprentice-sister.”

He stood on the air, his feet not moving as he looked at Chen Qi, “Since that is so, this Yan will not hold back your time any longer.

Please forgive any rudeness I may have shown.”

Chen Qi gazed deeply at Yan Zhaoge for a bit, “In that case, I will take my leave.

May we meet again, Young Master Yan.”

The Light Rainbow Sword sword-light lit up once more, Chen Qi transforming into a long rainbow that streaked through the sky as he was gone in an instant.

However, while he did not turn back halfway, the direction in which he left was already greatly different from the direction he had initially been hurrying in.

The purplish-green light of thunder flashed within Yan Zhaoge’s right eye as he confirmed that Chen Qi had been forced into retreat, and not going to attempt to go past him and continue chasing them.

Shrugging, he turned and left this patch of sea, chasing after Ah Hu and the others.

Ah Hu, Sikong Qing and Ouyang Qi sat on Pan-Pan’s back, Pan-Pan walking neither hurriedly nor slowly on the sea’s surface, his laziness having reappeared as he looked as though he was still half-asleep.

When Yan Zhaoge had reappeared, Pan-Pan instantly appeared recharged, with the appearance of working earnestly as he put on his best behaviour.

Seeing his lazy personality, Yan Zhaoge didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

He patted Pan-Pan’s huge head, Pan-Pan pulling back the corners of his lips as he revealed a very human-like simple and honest smile.

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head to look at Ah Hu, saying exasperatedly, “Really, one takes colour from one’s surroundings ah.”

Ah Hu also gave a simple and honest smile.

Yan Zhaoge jumped onto Pan-Pan’s back, sitting down as he asked Ouyang Qi, “Your Master’s name is Chen Qi”

Ouyang Qi answered, “Yes, that is my Master.”

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “What, having become your Master’s disciple, you didn’t have to change your name”

Ouyang Qi didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, “This is not important beyond the seas.”

“So that’s how it is,” Yan Zhaoge shrugged, no longer asking anything, instead simply saying, “In the upcoming days, we will have to invite you to be a guest at our clan for a time.

As for how long, that will have to depend on the intention of my clan’s seniors.

I will not be interfering with that.”

Ouyang Qi lowered his head, sighing.

Ah Hu asked, “Young Master, are we still returning to Stone Rock City”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Senior apprentice-brother Xu should have already brought Jun’er back to the clan.

There is no need for us to go to Stone Rock City.”

“I intend to remain on the seas for a period of time, properly analysing the Fire Devils for a bit.”

“After continuous bloodied battles all these years, the Flame Devils have similarly suffered a blow to their vitality.

However, the movements of the Flame Devils have been getting greater and greater these past few years.

It feels like they are gradually regaining their strength and are raring to go.”

“Know thyself and know thy enemy, and thou shalt survive a hundred battles.

Before troops are moved, information precedes.

Some preparations are best done as soon as possible.”

Swivelling his head to look at Sikong Qing, Yan Zhaoge said, “For junior apprentice-sister Sikong to recover from her injuries, from recovery time alone, quite some time will be needed.

Therefore, I will put together a bit of medicine.

With the ingredients on me being insufficient, let’s first go to East Dragon Island.”

The head of the Water Domain’s Nine Cities, the Sacred Ground Jade Sea City, was located on the greatest island on the East Sea, East Dragon Island, controlling the vast heavens and earth of the surrounding Inner East Sea with East Dragon Island as its centre.

Sikong Qing said, “If senior apprentice-brother Yan wants to face the Flame Devils, you can just go.

There is no need to mind me; with your previous assistance, my injuries are no longer much of a bother.

I can just recuperate slowly.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “It’s fine; there are some things which I still have to carefully ponder on.”

His gaze moved once between Sikong Qing and Ouyang Qi.

Seeing this, Sikong Qing nodded, speaking no further.

Riding the wind and breaking the waves, they arrived at the outskirts of the Inner East Sea before making for East Dragon Island.

As the greatest island of the East Sea and also of the entire stretch of ocean, East Dragon Island, rather than an island, could almost be considered a continent of its own.

As Yan Zhaoge and the others neared East Dragon Island, it would naturally attract the attention of the Water Domain’s Sacred Ground, Jade Sea City.

Here was equivalent to the very headquarters of Jade Sea City.

With Yan Zhaoge’s extraordinary position, the son of the City Lord Song Wuliang and the leading figure of the Water Domain’s younger generation, the Seven Seas Young Master Song Chao, personally came out to receive him.

The two could now be considered close acquaintances, as some conversation was naturally struck up upon their meeting.

Sikong Qing also being close with Li Jingwan, also having travelled alongside Song Chao on her way to the Water Domain previously, similarly had topics of conversation upon their reunion.

As for Ouyang Qi, Ah Hu was watching over him, and he would not be showing himself.

“What mighty spirit of Junior Brother Yan, having instead gone to the Extreme Northern Snowy Plains,” Song Chao said as they walked, “Still, if you do not intend to return to Broad Creed Mountain for the time being, still wanting to remain active on the seas, you will have to be careful.

Having suffered a major setback in the Extreme Northern Lands this time, the Heavenly Thunder Hall might probably target you even more.

With the environment on the seas rather complicated, even if it is a fellow disciple of mine travelling around here, it is also often hard to secure their safety for sure.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “And it is also precisely due to that the disciples of your clan are mostly outstandingly competent figures, remaining unflustered in the face of great happenings, isn’t it”

Song Chao smiled, shaking his head, “Do not praise such, Junior Brother Yan.

The heroic figures of Broad Creed Mountain’s younger generation are greatly many; such false praise would embarrass us and decrease our lifespan.”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, he said, “Anyway, Junior Brother Yan should still pay more attention to the potential movements of the Heavenly Thunder Hall.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled as he nodded, but what he was actually thinking was that if the Sacred Sun Clan knew that the changes over at the Southern Underground Palace had to do with himself, they would probably wish to strangle him even more.


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