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HSSB365: The flustered Li Jingwan


Having heard out Yan Zhaoge, Feng Moyang nodded, “Just let us know.”

Yan Zhaoge had the power to move and deploy resources as he pleased within Broad Creed Mountain.

In terms of authority, he could even be said to surpass some of the First Seat Elders.

Now that he had a command, the Feng father and son would definitely not refuse.

However, they were both long time friends of the Yan Family, so Yan Zhaoge would definitely not use his official authority in this matter.

“After Uncle Feng leaves seclusion, were you two planning on returning to the clan” Yan Zhaoge asked.

Feng Moyang replied, “Naturally.

During this time away from the clan, our gains have not been small.

However, we still need some time to digest it all.”

Yan Zhaoge turned around to look at Ah Hu, who passed him a Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

“When you return to the Mountain, please also bring along this Shadow Shrinking Pouch.” Yan Zhaoge took the pouch and handed it to Feng Moyang, “Inside, there is someone whom I’ve captured.

I’ve already suppressed his cultivation base, so you can bring him back just like so.”

Feng Moyang took the pouch and gave it a quick look.

Immediately, he noticed that the pouch was sealed with a special restriction.

If the Shadow Shrinking Pouch was opened without permission, then there would be no way to close it again.

Yan Zhaoge noticed his actions and seriously continued, “Bring it directly to my father.”

Feng Moyang immediately understood that this matter was highly confidential.

Let alone himself and his father, even First Seat Elders did not have the qualifications to know about this matter.

As for what level of secrecy this matter would ultimately be held to, that would be decided by Yan Di in his position as Chief.

Possessing a calm temperament, Feng Moyang did not betray any emotions on his face, “Rest assured, I know what to do.”

Yan Zhaoge promptly pointed at Sikong Qing, asking, “Moyang, do you still recognize this junior apprentice-sister”

Feng Moyang lightly laughed, “Junior apprentice-sister Sikong Qing, how could I not recognize her However, I previously heard that your progress was stunningly fast.

Seeing you here today, words truly do not do the reality justice.

Junior apprentice-sister Sikong is even more astounding than the rumours have made you out to be.

Your cultivation truly puts me to shame.”

SIkong Qing repaid the courtesy, “Senior apprentice-brother Feng is too courteous.”

Feng Moyang glanced at Yan Zhaoge, then shook his head, “As for you… the same applies even moreso.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Sikong Qing and pointed at Feng Moyang, “Don’t be fooled by him.

His skills do not lie solely in the martial dao.”

For someone who was so single-heartedly devoted to pursuing the martial dao like Sikong Qing, it was inevitable that they would be less aware of some other aspects.

As for Feng Moyang, Sikong Qing had seen him before, but only knew that his martial arts talent was lower than that of Yan Zhaoge, Xu Fei, Lu Wen, and others like them.

Yan Zhaoge explained, “Amongst his peers, Moyang’s attainment in alchemy is unrivaled.

Even many of the Elders in the clan are below him in this aspect.”

This statement actually applied to Yan Zhaoge himself as well, but he was a special case and thus did not put any emphasis on this fact.

Feng Moyang laughed lightly, “I only have some superficial knowledge; it’s nothing much.”

Because of Yan Zhaoge’s outstandingness in recent years, even though Sikong Qing still persevered in pursuing the martial dao, she was no longer as ignorant regarding other paths as she once had been.

For any major power, alchemy was an extremely important cornerstone.

Both martial practitioner experts and alchemical experts were integral to any top-tier powers.

One made up the bulk of a power’s combat power, while the other raised the level of the power as a whole and increased its ability to nurture talent.

Feng Moyang looked at Sikong Qing, “Junior apprentice-sister Sikong previously fought with someone else and was injured”

Sikong Qing nodded, Yan Zhaoge explaining, “She previously fought with someone else and received some wounds.

I have already done a preliminary treatment and prevented the wound from worsening.

However, in order to eliminate the problem at the root, some further measures will have to be taken.

It is easy to find various medicinal ingredients in Jade Sea City.

In fact, I was just preparing to send out some people to source for some medicinal ingredients.”

Feng Moyang was interested now, “Eh I heard that Brother Yan had recovered the Golden Needle Liberating Pill technique.

I was just planning to find you and ask for some pointers.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “After the materials have been gathered, I can demonstrate.”

The group laughed and conversed as they walked.

After exchanging greetings with some of the Jade Sea City martial practitioners, they exited the inner city and headed towards the marketplace in the outer city.

“Brother Yan, if you needed some medicinal supplies, why didn’t you just request them from Jade Sea City Compared the prices in the outer city marketplace, Jade Sea City’s would probably be fairer,” Feng Moyang asked curiously as he walked, “Also, Jade Sea City’s supplies would probably be better stocked than the city marketplace’s.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Other than medicinal supplies, I also need to find some other things.”

Just like before, Yan Zhaoge also planned to purchase some extraneous items so that others wouldn’t know exactly what things he was looking for.

Those other items aside from medicinal ingredients were piled up in bags of all sizes.

Yan Zhaoge immediately set to work concocting medicine for Sikong Qing as Feng Moyang sat on the sidelines and watched.

“Moyang, for how long has Jade Sea City’s City Lord Song been in seclusion” Yan Zhaoge concocted the medicine whilst simultaneously also chatting with Feng Moyang.

After calculating for a moment, Feng Moyang replied, “I don’t know if it’s a miscalculation on my part, but I feel like the tides near East Dragon Island have had some changes.”

Yan Zhaoge seemed to have something on his mind, “The tides changed”

Feng Moyang answered, “I’m not too sure, since I’m not that familiar with the area.

However, this is my gut feeling.”

Yan Zhaoge pondered deeply for a while before his mouth curled up in a smile, “No, Moyang, it is more than likely that your feeling is correct.”

Feng Moyang also had an expression on his face like he understood what was being implied.

Nodding, he did not ask any more.

After completing the medicinal pill for Sikong Qing, she quickly took the medicine, after which she sat down in meditation.

After Feng Moyang and Yan Zhaoge had finished chatting about recent events, they bid each other farewell.

Yan Zhaoge also got into the meditative position as he used each moment to ponder myriad matters.

Some of these matters pertained to the position of the human race in the Eight Extremities World while others were related to to the other five Sacred Grounds as well as the Painting Saint Old Man Mo.

Many of these thoughts were also about the matter regarding Sikong Qing, Ouyang Qi, and Chang Ning.

Others were about the temporarily crippled Nine Underworlds which had been forced back into the shadows for the time being.

Some of his thoughts were also about the Flame Devil World and the Flame Devils within, whose dimensional tunnel entrance into the Eight Extremities World lay on the Outer East Sea.

After a while, Yan Zhaoge ceased his ponderings, focusing his mind on the matter of the Flame Devils.

From within his robe, Yan Zhaoge brought out a Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

Opening it up, he brought out a number of red ice crystals.

These red ice crystals looked as if they had been congealed from fresh blood.

Waves of cold qi emanated from them.

Yan Zhaoge selected one of the crystals and gently tapped on it.

After bringing out some other materials, he fiddled around with them.

As time slowly passed, Yan Zhaoge was content with remaining in Jade Sea City.

Every day, he was either cultivating or performing various experiments.

One day, Yan Zhaoge was out on a relaxed stroll around the city when he saw a person rapidly dashing towards the outer city.

After a closer inspection, Yan Zhaoge realized that he knew her.

It was the disciple of Jade Sea City named Li Jingwan.

However, it was clear that she was currently panicked and flustered.


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