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HSSB367: What is hard for others, is like strolling over flat land for him


Time passed, but Jade Sea City’s Song Wuliang had still yet to emerge from seclusion.

Broad Creed Mountain’s Elder Feng Chi left seclusion after his pill concoction, meeting with Yan Zhaoge and talking about some experiences that they had had these past few years.

Afterwards, Feng Chi and Feng Moyang began on their return journey back to Broad Creed Mountain.

Along with them went the Shadow Shrinking Pouch Yan Zhaoge had handed over to them, containing Ouyang Qi whose cultivation base had been sealed.

Sikong Qing remained behind in Jade Sea City to recuperate.

Under the assistance of Yan Zhaoge’s pills, she would be able to make a full recovery very soon, no aftereffects left behind.

Yan Zhaoge remained in Jade Sea City, cultivating peacefully.

He had currently reached a bottleneck in his martial cultivation.

As long as he broke through it, it would be a completely new heaven and earth before his eyes.

When stepping into the Extreme Northern Snowy Plains, Yan Zhaoge had just successfully nurtured out his own spirit seed, stepping into the second level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, the mid Spirit Vessel stage.

Now, Yan Zhaoge felt that he spirit seed was soon to sprout, breaking out from beneath the soil.

If he could successfully nurture out spirit sprouts, that meant that he would officially have his true martial soul in its embryonic form.

As martial practitioners broke through from the mid to the late Spirit Vessel stage, having arrived at this step, they would be able to begin accomplishing their own true martial soul, also making preparations for refining their aura-qi into true essence.

Yan Zhaoge’s speed in breaking through from the early to mid Spirit Vessel stage earlier had already left Ah Hu secretly shocked.

And now, in stepping from the mid to the late Spirit Vessel stage, his speed was much more shocking.

This had to do with his body having been refined by the dragon’s blood, having absorbed the essence and vitality within, allowing him to quickly move past the accumulation stage, directly arriving at the peak of the mid Spirit Vessel stage.

However, wanting to succeed in that breakthrough and truly step into the late Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster realm was also not an easy thing.

A considerable reason herein was that Yan Zhaoge had previously been focusing on his foundations, with it now finally being the time for him to reap the benefits of his long, unceasing accumulation.

In the past, Yan Zhaoge’s cultivation speed had also been rapid.

However, actually, he had been restricting it somewhat due to not wanting it to catch the eyes of others too much.

Accompanied by his gradual growth, with others also having already gradually gotten used to his shocking exploits, he could already begin letting go of these restrictions.

Yan Zhaoge sat within a room in the meditative position, his entire body surrounded by an indistinct layer of clear qi.

Beneath the clear qi, what surrounded Yan Zhaoge’s body was actually a qi mass which was hard to describe, not bright but not dark, not black but not white, not cold but not hot.

Yan Zhaoge’s eyes were open, his breathing steady.

As he inhaled and exhaled, the chaotic qi mass surrounding his body would change.

Extreme coldness, blazing heat, thunderbolts, heavy soil, storms…various phenomena, neverending in their number, were unceasingly shown.

Within Yan Zhaoge’s dantian, a seed of chaos rose up and down.

He blew lightly, the chaotic qi mass surrounding his body beginning to disperse.

Within his body, a breath also seemed to have been blown, landing on that seed of chaos before this seed mightily split apart.

It seemed hard to explain, hard to talk about, hard to describe, one of the things that was hard to describe being its birth of infinite things.

It was as though everything had been suppressed and compressed to the maximum possible level, losing their form, instead condensing at a single point, now finally being revealed once more.

When others cultivated, a spirit seed birthing a sprout, nurturing the embryonic form of their true martial soul, a specific phenomenon would most of the time be shown.

Broad Creed Mountain’s Clear Qi Profound Art would show vast heavens.

The Sacred Sun Clan’s Great Sun True Qi would show a massive golden sun.

These phenomena would generally be the same when a martial practitioner was truly cultivating out their true martial soul.

It was just that at that time, turning false into real, one would be stepping into a completely new heavens and earth.

Yan Zhaoge’s spirit sprouts, however, were different.

They did not show any specific phenomenon, instead seemingly replaying scenes of the initial birth of chaos, the different forms of creation.

Yan Zhaoge exhaled, before abruptly inhaling once more.

Those scenes that resembled chaos vanished as the image of clear skies were resumed, like having stepped into the late Spirit Vessel stage as cultivated through the traditional Clear Qi Profound Art of Broad Creed Mountain.

Like this, his cultivation having come to fruition, without much trouble at all, Yan Zhaoge had already stepped into the third level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, the late Spirit Vessel stage, only a step away from accomplishing his true martial soul.

What is hard for others, is like strolling on flat land for me.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, getting up and walking to the side.

There, his Internal Crystal Furnace was in the midst of circulation.

Yan Zhaoge patted the furnace lightly, and it stopped, its lid opening and streaks of golden radiance spurting out from within, resembling a rain of light.

Under Yan Zhaoge’s aura-qi, the bright golden rain of light was bunched up and captured together in Yan Zhaoge’s palm.

As Yan Zhaoge unfurled his hand, many golden crystals of ice appeared within his palm.

These ice crystals had originally been red in colour, now having turned golden having been refined by Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge extended his other palm, the chaotic qi mass dispersing within his dantian’s qi ocean as a crimson fire seed appeared.

That originated from the Sacred Heavenly Fire Scripture, a manifestation of the essence of its power following some attainments in cultivating it.

Yan Zhaoge’s empty left hand now suddenly changed.

Numerous flamelike patterns appeared on his skin, instantly spreading throughout his entire left palm.

The patterns resembled true, blazing flames as they surged about Yan Zhaoge’s skin, roiling hot waves of qi shooting over.

Even without Yan Zhaoge specifically stimulating its power, it also emitted the momentum of incinerating the heavens, being rampant as well as tyrannical.

With his left hand having become this way, Yan Zhaoge’s right hand shook slightly, a golden ice crystal from which cold qi emanated flying out, transforming into a streak of golden light and falling onto his left hand.

Instantly, infinite golden light filled the entire room.

Dense cold qi emanated, virtually wanting to transform the entire room into an ice cave.

Yan Zhaoge could clearly feel that for just that one moment, it was as though he had completely lost all sensation in his left hand.

The cold qi was sharp as a blade as it extended along the meridians of his left hand, extending towards his dantian, its target being that crimson seed of fire, as though it would only rest having completely extinguished it.

Yan Zhaoge nodded satisfiedly, the aura-qi within his body changing, the crimson fire seed vanishing as his aura-qi turned icy cold.

That coldness extending through his meridians immediately calmed, instead been drawn over, assimilated and absorbed by the cold qi within his body, being beneficial rather than causing any harm, just like a nourishing tonic.

“The effect of this Devil Shattering Ice Talisman is really not bad,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, keeping the many golden ice crystals within his right palm.

After doing so, he came above the Internal Crystal Furnace, lowering his head and looking within.

Within the Internal Crystal stood nine shards of ice that resembled the blades of halberds.

Yan Zhaoge reached out and tapped lightly on one of them, checking it over as he muttered to himself, “It’s still lacking a bit ah.”

As he was pondering on this, Ah Hu came knocking.

Yan Zhaoge let Ah Hu in, the latter’s expression being somewhat grave, “Young Master, as you predicted earlier, the Flame Devils have moved, and it is a major one.

Not just a single one of their experts on the level of a Flame Devil King have entered through the passageway to the Eight Extremities World.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge asked, “Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Pavilion Lord An and the Sacred Sun Clan’s Meng Wan should already have arrived at the Outer East Sea”


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