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HSSB368: Unexpected assault


With the Flame Devils very possibly engaging in a large scale assault, the human martial practitioners guarding the Outer East Sea, having mostly noticed that something was wrong, stayed warily vigilant against this.

Broad Creed Mountain’s East Sea’s First Seat Elder Fu Enshu, stationed at the East Sea while standing together with the others against the threat of the Flame Devils, specifically reported back on this to the clan.

The other powers also mostly received this news, sent back to them by those they had dispatched to take charge over at the East Sea.

Affected by these, the internal conflicts between the Sacred Grounds eased somewhat.

However, everyone knew full well that following the battle of Broad Creed Mountain, they and the Sacred Sun Clan were already fated enemies, a victor inevitably having to be decided between them.

The Sacred Sun Clan’s current relationship with Broad Creed Mountain was even worse that its relationship with Jade Sea City.

The relationship between Broad Creed Mountain and the Heavenly Thunder Hall was similarly tense.

The atmosphere having eased now was only due to the entire Eight Extremities World being faced with a common enemy.

The Sacred Sun Clan’s Meng Wan who held the Sacred Artifact, the Extreme Yin Crown, had already brought the Extreme Yin Crown over to the East Sea.

There, the Pavilion Lord of Turbid Wave Pavilion, the Roiling Cloud Martial Saint An Qinglin, was also present.

“Other than them, the Lord of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, the Green Thunder Martial Saint Shen Li, as well as the Painting Saint Old Man Mo have also been contacted,” Ah Hu said to Yan Zhaoge, “Old Man Mo aside, it is hard to tell whether Shen Li will really leave the Thunder Domain for the East Sea.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “That will have to look at the specific changes in the situation.”

Ah Hu swallowed his saliva, “Young Master, it’s been said that the Flame Devils have been gradually regaining their vitality these past few years.

Do you think that there might possibly emerge an existence on the level of a Great Flame Devil King”

Yan Zhaoge raised his head and pondered for a moment before replying, “This is very hard to say.

The internal conflict amongst the Flame Devils is also very intense.

Under such circumstances, even while there might only have been some slight warring within, there is also the possibility that a mighty tyrant that far surpasses the norm might have been born.”

He looked at Ah Hu, “Anyway, keep a close eye on the movements over at the Outer East Sea.

Whatever news there is, report it back quickly.”

Ah Hu nodded, “Yes, Young Master.”

Very quickly, news came over that under the lead of two Flame Devil Kings, a great many experts of the Flame Devil race had stepped into the East Sea.

Their enemies had been assaulted by An Qinglin and the Extreme Yin Crown, a bloodied battle erupting between the experts of the humans and the Flame Devils on the Outer East Sea, killing till the waters surged and the sea bubbled.

However, the overall situation of the Eight Extremities World could still be considered stable.

In recent years, their battles with the Flame Devils had been growing more and more intense, continuous major battles having erupted on the East Sea.

During the incident of Clear Concealed Lake and the battle of Broad Creed Mountain, due to the Decimating Abyss, the Flame Devils had launched fierce assaults, with more than just a single Flame Devil King entering the Eight Extremities World each time, working together from the outside with the Decimating Abyss attempting the cause the descent of the Nine Underworlds, forcing human experts of a similar cultivation level to come to resist them, drawing away the attention of many experts of the human race.

Therefore, with two Flame Devil Kings having entered the East Sea together this time, it didn’t really startle the human martial practitioners much.

What they were more concerned about now was whether the Flame Devils still had any other experts who would arrive to reinforce them later, entering the Eight Extremities World.

Yan Zhaoge controlled the Internal Crystal Furnace, continuing to carefully temper and forge those nine ice shards.

However, very quickly, Ah Hu brought over a piece of bad news.

“Lost all traces of them” Yan Zhaoge looked somewhat surprisedly at Ah Hu who had virtually barged into the room, “A whole bunch of Flame Devils, all disappeared”

Ah Hu’s expression was solemn to the extreme, “The situation is not clear; Elder Fu and the others are going crazy searching for them over there.”

“A large amount of Flame Devil experts with two Flame Devil Kings at their head disappeared, throwing off Pavilion Lord An, Elder Fu and the others, their current whereabouts unknown.”

Yan Zhaoge knit his brows, “Now this is rather unexpected; how did that happen”

So long as the tyrannical Flame Devils were standing within the Eight Extremities World, even if they did absolutely nothing and just stood there, they would also incinerate and destroy the spiritual qi of the heavens and the earth, causing great damage to the Eight Extremities World.

The higher the Flame Devil’s cultivation base, the worse the effects of this would be.

At the same time, it also became increasingly harder to conceal traces of themselves.

It was fine for the Flame Devils whose strength were equivalent to human Martial Scholars, but having risen to the level of Martial Grandmasters, it would be such that it was virtually impossible for them to conceal themselves.

Even if those Flame Devil experts of a higher level retracted their aura on their own, while they would be able to fool human martial practitioners of a lower cultivation base, it would be very hard for them to fool human martial practitioners of a similar cultivation level.

They were like flames within the night sky, dazzling to the extreme.

Now, however, a great amount of Flame Devils had actually thrown the Martial Saint An Qinglin as well as the Extreme Yin Crown off their tail, disappearing without a trace.

This was a completely unprecedented matter.

What caused others to be more vigilant was that it was not just the two Flame Devil Kings who had vanished without a trace.

Having disappeared alongside them were also many other Flame Devils.

Some gloominess surfaced within Yan Zhaoge’s gaze.

Pushing open the door to the room, Yan Zhaoge saw that the entire Jade Sea City had grown restless.

The lower-tier martial practitioners did not know of the City Lord Song Wuliang being in seclusion, much less the ordinary citizens.

However, the higher echelon experts of Jade Sea City all knew that currently, Jade Sea City was in a rather fragile state, comparable to when Yuan Zhengfeng had been in secluded cultivation in an attempt to break through into the Martial Saint realm back at Broad Creed Mountain previously.

The strange change in the battle situation over at the East Sea was treated as a matter of the utmost priority by Jade Sea City’s higher echelons.

In order to prevent unneeded panic, while they did not announce this outright, Jade Sea City also began to move.

Jade Dragon Island began to take up the utmost vigilance, Jade Sea City’s guardian grand formation also preparing to take effect at any moment as they stood on full guard.

Yan Zhaoge rose, stepping into the air.

Gazing into the distance, in the horizon, roiling sea tides were currently surging over!

Infinite seawater, in the form of massive waves that surged to the heavens, surged over from all directions.

At this moment, Jade Dragon Island that was as massive as a mini mainland seemed to be sinking into the sea as it was consumed and submerged in its entirety by the great sea!

Screens of water surged into the heavens, obscuring the heavens and concealing the sun, as the sky could instantly no longer be seen.

The massive East Dragon Island seemed about to become an underwater world.

Countless profound, complicated spirit patterns lit up with a jade-blue light, flickering amongst the screens of water of the great sea, joining together in one breath as they took the form of a large scale formation, enveloping East Dragon Island with Jade Sea City as its core.

Ah Hu said admiringly, “This is Jade Sea City’s guardian grand formation, the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation It truly is impressive…”

Before his words had landed, Ah Hu stared wide-eyed, his eyeballs almost popping out of their sockets.

Yan Zhaoge stared unflinchingly at the grand formation overhead.

There, the red light of fire surged madly, landing on the screen of water that formed the grand formation!

While they were separated by seawater, infinite, boundless flames blazed and exploded rampantly, seemingly wanting to set even the very sea itself aflame.

A violent streak of fiery red light landed on the screen of water above, leaving behind a fearsome, terrifying red line of fire, extending from one end of the sky to the other, shocking one’s heart as it resembled a tragic scar!

What caused one’s heart to palpitate even more was that very quickly, another violent streak of blazing fire descended, its remnants intersecting with that previous line, resembling a cross.

The fiery red cross pressed down upon the water screen of the grand formation, almost immediately fragmenting a great amount of the spirit patterns.

The jade sea above their heads seemed about to be forcibly ripped apart!

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge’s pupils dilated slightly, “So they came here ah…”


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