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HSSB369: How to overturn the raging tides


Jade Sea City reacted very quickly, having immediately expanded the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation in full circulation upon receiving news of the disappearance of the Flame Devils.

However, facing the joint attacks of two Flame Devil Kings at this moment, the situation immediately grew perilous.

Flame Devil Kings, in terms of strength, were equivalent to Martial Saints of the human race.

While the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation was powerful, its wielder was currently not the City Lord Song Wuliang, also facing immense pressure by the joint attacks of the two Martial Saint level experts.

A terrifying sea of flames weighed down upon the jade sea, wanting to shatter the grand formation with the momentum of tens of thousands of thunderbolts.

Within Jade Sea City, the current controller of the grand formation was a Grand Elder who was a Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster.

Going all out with his full strength, he barely maintained the integrity of the formation.

If the enemy were but a single Flame Devil King, circulating the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation, he would be sufficient to defend against it.

However, with two Flame Devil Kings joining hands, he lacked the strength to deal with them.

There were also four other Jade Sea City Martial Grandmaster experts, standing at four different coordinates as they assisted him.

However, the face of that Grand Elder had already grown pale, gradually turning an unhealthy shade of red.

Blood was even already beginning to ooze out from his nostrils and the corners of his eyes.

At this moment, East Dragon Island and Jade Sea City had already sunk fully beneath the East Sea, vanishing without a trace.

However, on the sea’s surface above, the clearness of the sky were already completely gone, no sea winds howling.

The surrounding heavens and earth seemed to have completely transformed into a world of flames, the sky having turned crimson and the sea of clouds having transformed into a sea of flames, infinite, boundless flames rampaging about within the air.

Countless meteors descended from the sky, resembling the arrival of the end of the world as they slammed down towards the sea’s surface together.

The jade-blue spirit patterns on the sea’s surface circulated unceasingly, dissipating the terrifying destructive force brought about by the blazing meteors.

A great amount of sea water was vaporised, the sea’s surface seeming as though it was boiling.

Beneath the sea, within Jade Sea City that was enveloped by the grand formation, raising his head and looking upwards, Yan Zhaoge saw that accompanied by the unceasing shattering of the spirit patterns, countless cracks were beginning to be ripped out in the jade sea up above.

Once in a while, streaks of fire would descend through these cracks, descending from the sky, descending towards the city down below!

The other martial practitioners of Jade Sea City withstood these scattered meteors, preventing them from causing damage to their City.

Ah Hu’s face was bitter as he looked in the direction of the inner city, “City Lord Song is not coming out even at this time”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head a little helplessly, “From the looks of it, City Lord Song has also reached a critical moment.

At this moment, it is equivalent to being in death seclusion.

Whether he is attempting a breakthrough or in the midst of forging a Sacred Artifact, he would also not be able to leave and provide any help now.”

Sucking in a deep breath, Yan Zhaoge calmed his heart, taking Ah Hu along as he rushed off in the direction of the inner city.

“This tribulation of Jade Sea City was truly unavoidable,” Yan Zhaoge said as they went, “If City Lord Song were not in seclusion, under normal circumstances, he would have gone to the Outer East Sea, to where the passageway to the Flame Devil World is.”

“With the enemy suddenly vanishing and then suddenly launching a sneak attack out of nowhere, taken by surprise, Jade Sea City would also have to bear this major tribulation.”

Yan Zhaoge sighed, “Now, City Lord Song is still here, but his timing is a little awkward, being as good as if he weren’t.”

Ah Hu pulled back the corner of his lips, “If it were outside, even if Jade Sea City were destroyed, as long as he, a Martial Saint, still remained, there might also be a day that Jade Sea City could rise back up once more.

This time, however, they may be all destroyed by the Flame Devils together.”

“However, the Flame Devils really are too much.

Pavilion Lord An had made an appearance on the East Sea, having been thrown off by them, while City Lord Song has not shown himself at all.

Why did the Flame Devils go not to Turbid Wave Pavilion, but Jade Sea City On the surface, it clearly appears that Turbid Wave Pavilion is more unguarded, and it would be easier to succeed in attacking them.

Could it be that the Flame Devils know that City Lord Song is in death seclusion now”

Yan Zhaoge rubbed his temple softly, “Even the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall may not be able to confirm that City Lord Song cannot leave seclusion at this time, much less the Fire Devils.”

“There are two possibilities.

Firstly, the technique with which the Flame Devils have concealed their tracks have some restrictions, its time or distance being limited, such that it would be insufficient for them to consecutively pass through both the East Sea and the South Sea, killing up the way to Turbid Wave Pavilion that is situated on land, being something that can at most only be used to launch a sudden, unexpected attack on Jade Sea City.”

“Secondly, there is something here at Jade Sea City that the Flame Devils want…”

Yan Zhaoge looked at the majestic palace before him, frowning, “What materials exactly did Jade Sea City prepare to refine their Sacred Artifact with”

Ah Hu’s expression was bitter, “Young Master, what do we do”

“Sleep,” Yan Zhaoge said randomly, walking towards the Great Hall, as he just happened to see some people emerging from within, mostly being longtime Elders of Jade Sea City.

Other than those, there was Song Chao as well.

Song Chao’s expression was grave, “I’m sorry, Junior Brother Yan.

I have dragged you into facing this tribulation with our clan this time.”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “This was a sudden, accidental situation, not being something that anyone would have been able to predict.”

After greeting the group of Jade Sea City bigwigs, Yan Zhaoge dispensed with all further formalities as he asked, “Is City Lord Song unable to leave seclusion”

Song Chao’s expression sunk.

At this moment, the jade-blue sea above Jade Sea City was getting weaker and weaker, more and more comets shooting straight through the grand formation, slamming down towards Yan Zhaoge and the others.

A Jade Sea City Elder gave a muffled snort, flicking his sleeve as ferocious sea tides were born in thin air, countless spirit patterns transforming into spirit arrays before stacking up to form a heavenly altar, standing in mid-air, blocking that violent blazing fire.

As the two sides collided, the meteor shower broke apart, the heavenly altar broke apart, the surface of the sea seemingly boiling, transforming into a haze of water vapour and clouds.

The expressions of the Jade Sea City bigwigs were all stern.

The situation grew more and more urgent.

Just in the great hall behind them, five Jade Sea City longtime Elders were currently barely managing to hold on.

Confirming that Song Wuliang currently equivalent to being in death seclusion, unable to leave seclusion in time, Yan Zhaoge couldn’t help but let out a long breath.

“In the situation before us, your Jade Sea City’s Limitless Grand Formation is sustaining too much pressure,” Yan Zhaoge’s voice sunk, “Excuse my bluntness, but even after everyone else learns of the situation and quickly rushes over to reinforce us, they also might not be able to make it in time.

After all, especially over at the Outer East Sea, Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Lord An Qinglin and the others would still have to guard against yet more peak Flame Devil experts descending upon the Eight Extremities World.”

“Today, we will have no choice but to rely on ourselves.”

Song Chao and the others spoke no further, quietly awaiting the latter part of Yan Zhaoge’s words.

While many things were only known by Broad Creed Mountain internally, the many glorious achievements by this youth that the outside world knew of had already long since proven his abilities as definitely not something that could be measured by his cultivation base alone.

Yan Zhaoge looked at that great hall, “The best plan is to buy time for City Lord Song.

So long as he emerges from seclusion, the danger before us will immediately dissipate.”

“The attacking Flame Devil experts now consist of two Flame Devil Kings.

Luring away both of them would be best, but if just one of them were drawn away, the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation could then be sustained.”

A longtime Elder of Jade Sea City sighed, “At most, it would only be possible to draw away Flame Devils at the Martial Grandmaster level.

It would be very hard to draw away a Flame Devil King.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Song Chao and the others, pointing towards himself, “Send me out of their encirclement.

I will attempt to lure away one of the Flame Devil Kings from the outskirts.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, everyone was stunned.


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