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HSSB370: Slamming straight on


Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s suggestion, the Jade Sea City martial practitioners here were all stunned.

Ah Hu also swivelled his head to look at Yan Zhaoge, shocked.

If one of the two Flame Devil Kings attacking the city could be drawn away, the pressure on Jade Sea City would be greatly lessened.

While the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation had already been damaged, facing the attack of a single Flame Devil King, it would at least be able to hold on for a rather long period of time.

With this bought time, the reinforcements from the other powers should be able to arrive.

At that time, it would be that Flame Devil King worrying about whether or not it would be able to retreat from the area fully intact.

As for whether or not more experts of the Flame Devils might be arriving, that was a completely different matter altogether.

The Eight Extremities World did not simply consist of a single Sacred Ground.

After An Qinglin and the others had been befuddled for a time, they would naturally grow alert.

However, the question was-how would they be able to manage to draw a Flame Devil King far away from East Dragon Island and Jade Sea City

The Flame Devils should also know that the time they had was limited.

Since they had come specifically for Jade Sea City, on what basis would they give up lightly

Also, even if they could draw away a single Flame Devil King, how would they be able to engage its attentions for a time

Looking at the righteous, solemn Yan Zhaoge, the corners of the mouths of some Jade Sea City martial practitioners twitched slightly.

However they looked at it, this was him wanting to extricate himself and escape upon seeing that the situation was not good ah…

Making use of Jade Sea City’s help, breaking out of the encirclement, being chased by at most only Flame Devils at the Martial Grandmaster level, if he focused fully on escaping, running far off into the distance, he might indeed have a chance of making it out alive.

Yan Zhaoge noticed such gazes, but paid them no mind.

He gazed quietly at Song Chao, then looked at the greatest expert of Jade Sea City here, a Grand Elder who had also already stepped into the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster realm.

This Grand Elder was surnamed Yu, generally being called Elder Yu by others.

He would definitely not retreat.

If the other Grand Elder within the great hall grew unable to sustain his control over the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation, Elder Yu would immediately replace him.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Elder Yu said, “If Little Friend Yan can break out of the encirclement, it would also be a good thing.

As for attracting the attention of the Flame Devil King, it is best to just do the best you can.

You have not seen the power of Flame Devil Kings before, but you should know the terrifyingness of Martial Saints.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “I understand.”

Song Chao said in a heavy tone, “Your clan’s junior apprentice-sister Sikong is also within the city.

Junior Brother Yan, you should bring her along when you leave.”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “Following me, would instead be more dangerous.”

The group of Jade Sea City martial practitioners jolted up in unison as they looked at Yan Zhaoge, “He is really intending to draw the attention of the Flame Devil King, running it around in circles”

With time being so pressing now, amidst these few sentences being said, the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation above their heads was being shaken unceasingly.

More and more scars appeared on the all-encompassing water screen, also becoming more and more obvious as the powerful guardian grand formation of theirs appeared now as though even the winds and the rains would be enough to cause it to sway.

Gazing over, two massive claws that blazed with flames had appeared on a crack on the water screen in the distance, ripping the water screen in opposite directions as they wanted to expand the size of this crack.

From that cracked open part of the water screen, numerous massive clumps of fire descended.

These were not those meteor-like existences of before.

Rather, they were numerous Flame Devils, shooting in murderously through the crack in the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation under the cover of the Flame Devil King!

These powerful Flame Devils that were all equivalent to human Martial Grandmasters descended from the sky, descending straight towards Jade Sea City below!

Elder Yu roared, expanding his true martial avatar, rooted on the ground and soaring into the heavens, meeting the incoming Flame Devils.

“Junior apprentice-brother Wang, send Little Friend Yan out!” Elder Yu said decisively as he met the enemy’s onslaught.”

Since Elder Yu had promptly made the decision, not saying a word, this External Affairs First Seat Elder of Jade Sea City, Elder Wang, stimulated his true essence, immediately sweeping Yan Zhaoge’s group along as they shot out of the city together.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge, Elder Wang and the others leaving, some Jade Sea City longtime Elders looked worried, “This…”

Elder Yu clapped out with a palm, smashing a Flame Devil till its entire body collapsed into flowing fire, “He is of Broad Creed Mountain, not like those bastards of the Sacred Sun Clan who only know how to harm their own.”

“Taking a step back, even if he is really running away to preserve his life, we can also be considered as having repaid Broad Creed Mountain for helping us to forge the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword.”

Brought along by Elder Wang in breaking through the encirclement, looking down, Yan Zhaoge could see the panic within the hearts of the people of Jade Sea City.

The Jade Sea City martial practitioners within the inner city were still composed, but there were still people in the outer city who had not yet evacuated, currently panicked as their alarmed cries were unending to the ear.

While experts of Jade Sea City were blocking the descending streaks of fire within the air, there were still places which they had not managed to take care of, which had transformed into a sea of flames having been struck by the descending meteors.

Flame Devil experts descended one after another, turning this place into an incomparably tragic battlefield.

The Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation was already at its limit withstanding those two Flame Devil Kings, not having sufficient strength to also take care of the people within the city.

At this moment, the Sacred Ground of the Water Domain was experiencing a great tribulation which was not inferior to the great battle at Broad Creed Mountain previously!

The key lay with time!

Yan Zhaoge sucked in a deep breath, brought along by Jade Sea City’s Elder Wang as they shot out of the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation.

After leaving the formation, within the depths of the sea, Elder Wang said, “You can go; the sea hinders the pursuit of the Flame Devils.”

Before his words had landed, a roar which resembled muffled thunder resounded from the surface of the sea.

The sea could hinder the senses of most Flame Devils, but could not interfere with that of Flame Devil Kings.

While the two Flame Devil Kings had not divided their attentions, still continuing to attack the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation, as per their intentions, there were already other Flame Devil experts rushing downwards, shooting over towards Yan Zhaoge’s group.

The tall Flame Devil who led them resembled a massive ancient divinity of times long past, its entire body wreathed in flames, vaporising the surrounding seawater dry as it directly opened a path, through which the others followed.

Behind it, other Flame Devils experts of varying cultivation bases shot murderously over as well.

Elder Wang’s expression did not change, going over to meet them as he blocked the strongest Flame Devil expert at the front.

“Elder Wang, thank you for the trouble,” Yan Zhaoge knew that this was not the time for words as he immediately patted Ah Hu by the side, before turning and heading away from Jade Sea City.

Ah Hu shook his accompanying Shadow Shrinking Pouch, a panda which was not that big appearing, precisely Pan-Pan after having shrunk in size.

Pan-Pan somersaulted within the water, its body rapidly regaining his original form, streams of black water surrounding his body, warding off the surrounding sea water as he carried Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu and speedily left.

Even if they were to draw the attention of a Flame Devil King, they would also have to get as far away as possible as Jade Sea City first.

Flame Devil Kings were incomparably strong.

If the distance was too short, it would be just a matter of a few steps to it, not able to serve the effect of buying time at all.

As more experts hounded Elder Wang, some other Flame Devils moved past them, shooting over in pursuit of Yan Zhaoge!

The region of sea in the vicinity of East Dragon Island was currently completely the world of the Flame Devils.

Pursuing enemies behind them, obstructing enemies at the front.

Numerous meteors descended from the sky, descending on the great sea, taking the form of numerous savage-looking Flame Devils as they all shot over towards Yan Zhaoge together!

As opposed to his usual simple and clumsy manner, Pan-Pan currently displayed the brutal savagery of a wild beast as he reached out with his two front claws, grabbing the bodies of two Flame Devils before slamming them together in the middle, causing them to smash into each other, shattering into scattered bits of flame!

Yan Zhaoge was expressionless as he gave a low roar, pushing his palms forward simultaneously.

His violent aura-qi caused wild waves to surge within the great sea, instantly enveloping and submerging one Flame Devil after another.

The party slammed straight forward, pressuring through all who stood before them!


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