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HSSB371: Rampaging through great distances


Having obtained the ice dragon’s corpse, it was not just Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu who had benefited.

Pan-Pan had benefited from it as well.

His fleshly body having been nourished by the essence of its blood with the help of Yan Zhaoge, also eating dragon scales as food, Pan-Pan was currently incomparable to his past self as it was like he had converted his body and switched his bones.

As compared to before, that massive frame was even more enormous, also possessing greater pressure as well as offensive force.

Streams of black water wreathed and coiled about Pan-Pan’s entire body, the figure of a dragon actually vaguely appearing, shocking peoples’ hearts.

Originally a king of the beasts, the Pixiu rampaged through great distances at this moment.

A Flame Devil that resembled a small mountain obstructed their way.

Lowering his head, Pan-Pan directly slammed over!

The Flame Devil watched on with disbelieving eyes as its massive body was directly shattered by Pan-Pan’s headbutt!

Sitting on Pan-Pan, Yan Zhaoge slammed out with a palm with his left hand, slaying a Flame Devil, a jade-coloured light that resembled a dragon roaring within his right sleeve, the sword-light flickering as it pierced through and killed another Flame Devil.

Ah Hu’s back was to Yan Zhaoge’s as he faced a Flame Devil coming up from behind, striking out with his claws as he ripped it apart.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze swept the area, seeing numerous Flame Devils, coming in all forms and sizes, greatly strange and unique.

Most of the Flame Devils were not humanoid.

Some resembled great rocs, spreading their wings of flame, only a single leg beneath their stomachs as they instead had the heads of beasts like that of tigers and leopards.

Some resembled small mountains, not possessing hands and legs, only having massive bodies, yet could freely move through space.

Some resembled long snakes, coiling through the air, dancing as they traversed the surrounding space.

There were also some Flame Devils who had humanoid form, with similar facial characteristics and four limbs.

However, whatever they looked like, all of the Flame Devils also shared a commonality.

This was that the surface of their bodies was filled with flames, as though they were completely composed of blazing fire.

With so many Flame Devils landing within the great sea at this moment, the surrounding sea water instantly vaporised in great amounts, the ocean all around seething and bubbling.

If not for the boundlessness of the East Sea, if it were an inland lake, the lake waters would probably already have been vaporised dry, dissipating completely into nothing.

Water could extinguish fire, but when the force of fire had reached a certain extent, even the great sea would not be able to stand freely against it.

The numerous Flame Devils obscured the heavens and covered the earth.

Many of the Flame Devils were only comparable to Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmasters, completely incomparable to the strength of Yan Zhaoge.

While the enemies were many, Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change in the least as he stood on Pan-Pan, putting a stop to all who dared to stand in his path.

The Tu**a Palm of his left hand literally fought fire with fire, fighting toughness against toughness, fighting strength with strength, his violent aura-qi virtually about to condense into tangible form, transforming into vicious purplish-red flames as it directly caved in the chest of a humanoid Flame Devil.

The Jade Dragon Sword within his right hand transformed into a green sword-light, flashing as it shot out from within his sleeve, accurately piercing through the body of a Flame Devil that resembled a long snake!

Another Flame Devil that resembled a great tree which soared to the heavens extended its branches as numerous clumps of flames shot over, resembling numerous vines as they swept over towards Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge neither evaded nor dodged, allowing those clumps of flame to come as they liked.

While the Golden Talismanic Body had been completely used up during his battle with Zheng Shuo and Lin Zhou, at this moment, being accomplished in the Spirit Rhino Demonic Fist as well as the Vajra Body, Yan Zhaoge’s defence even surpassed how it had been in the past.

Not even having to stimulate the Lofty Mountain Armour, swept by the blazing fire, not even a single hair on Yan Zhaoge’s head was harmed.

Faced with the power of his opponent, Yan Zhaoge advanced rather than retreating, speeding up as he shot towards that Flame Devil in the form of a tree, hacking through it with a single sword!

An enemy made use of the chance to lunge over from behind, wanting to launch a sneak attack.

Not even turning back to look, Yan Zhaoge elbowed backwards, shattering the head of that attacking Flame Devil.

Having done all this, Yan Zhaoge’s figure dropped downwards, precisely landing on the back of the arriving Pan-Pan before they continued rushing through the lines of enemies together.

However, Flame Devils at the level of Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters shot over wildly towards Yan Zhaoge, Ah Hu as well as Pan-Pan.

Any single one of them was not any weaker than the Crimson Spirit Flag Master had been, the power of fire they were innately gifted with even surpassing his strength.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was focused, not flustered in the least as he threw out something with his left hand.

Suddenly, golden ice crystals shot towards those Flame Devils at the level of Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters.

They were precisely the Devil Shattering Ice Talismans that Yan Zhaoge had specially refined earlier!

Upon landing on the body of those Flame Devils, those tiny-looking golden ice crystals instantly exploded.

Golden light shone, dense mists of ice spreading.

The surging seawater which had originally seemed about to catch ablaze instantly turned cold.

Close to the explosion sites of the Devil Shattering Ice Talismans, swept along by the mists of ice, the sea water actually began to freeze on the spot!

The wild, enraged roars of numerous Flame Devils mixed within the air, those vicious, violent flames dying in great amounts.

Yan Zhaoge stood on Pan-Pan’s back, Pan-Pan shooting forward madly.

They arrived by a frozen body, the Flame Devil’s movements having been slowed greatly.

That Flame Devil whose strength was comparable to that of Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters of the human race could only watch on helplessly as Yan Zhaoge shot past it, beheading it with a single sword!

Yan Zhaoge did not cease in his movements as he continued controlling Pan-Pan in shooting ferociously forward.

Now, he suddenly felt an intense sense of crisis looming before him.

Gazing backwards, he saw that an extremely powerful Flame Devil had arrived in pursuit.

The human martial practitioners of the Eight Extremities World had the habit of calling those Flame Devils whose strength were comparable to that of Essence Talisman as well as Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmasters Great Fire Devils.

The Flame Devil currently right behind Yan Zhaoge, despite not having yet reached the level of a Great Flame Devil, was already extremely close to such!

Yan Zhaoge glanced coldly at it, suddenly keeping the Jade Dragon Sword in his right hand, to be replaced by a bow that flickered with the purple light of thunder!

High-grade spirit artifact, Heaven Shocker!

Amidst the rumbling boom of muffled thunder, Yan Zhaoge drew back the bowstring of Heaven Shocker.

While Yan Zhaoge could only unleash a part of this treasured bow’s power, its shocking aura still shocked the surrounding fifty kilometres in all directions.

What he notched on the bowstring was not an arrow, but instead a Devil Shattering Ice Talisman.

Yan Zhaoge aimed it at the Flame Devil pursuing him.

Releasing his grip, Heaven Shocker released a wild roar like exploding thunder as a streak of golden light that was enveloped by the purple light of thunder was shot mightily out!

That Flame Devil wanted to move to evade it, but it was already too late.

It barely avoided the attack from striking its vitals, but one of its claws was still struck.

The force of thunderbolts and flames collided madly, while the Devil Shattering Ice Talisman exerted its function once more, unceasingly depleting and dissipating the power of the Flame Devil.

That Flame Devil let out a shocked, enraged howl as its claw was directly blown to bits by thunderbolts!

Having stopped the forward momentum of the powerful pursuing Flame Devil, Yan Zhaoge took the bow and smashed it towards the side, instantly killing another nearby Flame Devil.

In order to not be encircled by their many enemies, Yan Zhaoge, Ah Hu and Pan-Pan did not linger at all, racing madly away as they broke through the multiple layers of encirclement of their blazing enemies.

The Flame Devils lacked intelligence and thought, but were temperamental and war-loving, violent and quick to anger.

Having been broken through by just a mere party of three, shooting off into the distance, the group of Flame Devils was left greatly furious as they continued on unrelentingly with their pursuit.

Ah Hu stared fixatedly at their enemies, not even looking back as he asked, “Young Master, what do we do now Even if we can break through the encirclement like this, it should also be insufficient to enrage a Flame Devil King, abandoning Jade Sea City to come to chase us.”

Yan Zhaoge replied, “We’re still too close now.

Let’s go a little further before trying my method.”


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