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HSSB372: Yan Zhaoge’s plan


Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu sat on Pan-Pan’s back, black water swirling about Pan-Pan’s entire body, keeping away the seawater as he shot forward at lightning speed.

Behind then, East Dragon Island which had fallen into the depths of the sea gradually grew distant, till it was finally no longer visible.

That terrifying sea of flames above the sea that enveloped the entire horizon gradually dyed the sky red.

The trio fought their way out of the encirclement non-stop, gradually leaving the battlefield of East Dragon Island.

However, many powerful Flame Devils still pursued them without rest, not willing to stop before they saw them dead.

However, as the people of Jade Sea City had predicted, while Yan Zhaoge’s departure had drawn the attention of a portion of the Flame Devils, this only consisted of some Flame Devils at the level of human Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters.

The attentions of the Great Flame Devils were mostly deposited on the Jade Sea City Elder, Elder Wang, who had sent Yan Zhaoge’s group out.

The two Flame Devil Kings devoted all their energy to their assault on Jade Sea City, showing no intention of caring about Yan Zhaoge at all.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze remained eternally calm as he silently focused on the enemies pursuing them, at the same time also calculating the distance they had travelled thus far.

“Pan-Pan, we can begin slowing our speed.”

After progressing for yet some time, the red glow in the sky having already disappeared completely, no longer being visible, Yan Zhaoge finally gave Pan-Pan such a command in secret.

Pan-Pan blinked, his wild forward momentum beginning to decrease.

After having decreased for it a bit, he seemed to intensify his efforts as his speed barely raised by a bit, yet grew even slower just following that.

Next, he put in effort in raising his speed once more, but just after a few steps, he slowed yet again.

A classic picture of having insufficient stamina, barely able to sustain his movement.

Feeling Pan-Pan’s decreasing speed, the pursuing Flame Devils howled madly as they shot ferociously towards Yan Zhaoge’s group.

Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu both punched out, blocking their ferocious attacks.

The Flame Devils were rash and temperamental, but Yan Zhaoge’s previous Devil Shattering Ice Talismans had been much too powerful, remaining freshly within their minds.

Some of the Flame Devils who caught up no longer merely launched ferocious attacks, instead attempting to entangle the trio, slowing their escaping footsteps further, allowing more of their brethren to catch up, forming an encirclement once more and trapping them here for good.

A massive Flame Devil with a hexagonal figure, six long arms waving about the middle of his body, caused great flames to surge throughout the entire sky, completely burning away the surrounding seawater.

In the distance, other Flame Devils let out low howls, one yelling loudly with a dialect native to the Flame Devils, “Duo Chi, stop that person!”

“I don’t need you to teach me,” The Flame Devil named Duo Chi snorted, “You should be faster!”

His six arms did not attack towards Yan Zhaoge simultaneously, instead attacking one by one in an endless stream.

On the one hand, this entangled Yan Zhaoge, preventing him from running.

On the other, it also guarded against Yan Zhaoge’s Devil Shattering Ice Talisman.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression didn’t change as he flicked out with his finger, a golden ice crystal shooting out, transforming into as streak of golden light as it headed straight for the Flame Devil Duo Chi.

Duo Chi had been ready for this as his arm that had been grabbing towards Yan Zhaoge was forcibly stopped by him in its tracks, with him about to retract it.

Yan Zhaoge laughed coldly.

His opponent’s reaction was within his predictions.

In flicking out with his finger, Yan Zhaoge had entered a hidden force within.

With the force erupting at this moment, the Devil Shattering Ice Talisman, not waiting to touch this Flame Devil’s body, had already exploded midway on its own initiative.

Golden light shone, a dense mist of ice sweeping the area, instantly freezing all the surrounding seawater into a glacier.

While it had not been attacked by the Devil Shattering Ice Talisman, as the biting cold qi transformed into ice, an arm of the Flame Devil Duo Chi was still frozen by it.

Duo Chi was greatly shocked, his arm shaking and flames flying as he exploded away that glacier.

However, not waiting for him to continue retreating, green light flickered within Yan Zhaoge’s right sleeve as a technique of the Coiling Dragon Sword was executed by him.

Where the sword-light passed, even while the Flame Devil Duo Chi had already retreated in a timely matter, one of its arms was still hacked off by Yan Zhaoge!

Not waiting for Yan Zhaoge to follow up on his attack, the other Flame Devils had already caught up as they attacked towards Yan Zhaoge together.

Pan-Pan halted slightly as he was surrounded by several Flame Devil experts.

It would be hard for him to start a charge again.

Five or six Flame Devils congregated, their massive frames resembling a tall wall as they blocked before Pan-Pan.

While Pan-Pan possessed great strength, he was still obstructed by these Flame Devils.

It was though two great mountain peaks had collided, a tall volcanic mountain appearing to be teetering on the point of collapse, an endless amount of lava plummeting from above, while the other tall mountain that was both black and white was jolted into retreat.

Yan Zhaoge pulled back the bowstring of Heaven Shocker, using a Devil Shattering Ice Talisman as an arrow once more, a streak of golden light shrouded in purple thunder shooting out once more, completely collapsing that tall mountain of flames.

However, now, other Flame Devils from the vicinity had arrived as well, entangling with Ah Hu as they also attacked towards Yan Zhaoge.

After wielding Heaven Shocker, Yan Zhaoge executed Finger Flicking Shocking Thunder, swiftly returning his qi.

He kicked upwards, sending Duo Chi who now only had five arms remaining flying, at the same infusing his aura-qi within himself to become remarkably tough as he forcibly withstood the attack of a Flame Devil expert.

This was a Flame Devil that was equivalent to human Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters.

It wielded blazing fire as a sabre, chopping towards Yan Zhaoge’s back.

The Lofty Mountain Armour also took form on Yan Zhaoge’s body, its spiritual qi activating alongside his Spirit Rhino Demonic Fist and his Vajra Body as they together formed a thick layer of defence, protecting him.

After withstanding the enemy’s blow, Yan Zhaoge kept Heaven Shocker, slamming out with two palms, one to the left and one to the right, their momentum similarly able to cause the sky to collapse and the earth to concave inwards as two Flame Devils were thus killed.

However, many more enemies lunged over.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was calm as he sucked in a deep breath, after which he raised his left hand high into the air.

On the little finger of his that left hand, a dark red ring had suddenly additionally appeared!

Yan Zhaoge roared as an all-encompassing world of flames gathered with the dark red ring as their centre, emanating outwards as they spread into the surroundings.

The flames condensed to form an illusory scene.

Within it, an illusory figure like a mighty divinity of flames appeared, ancient and powerful.

An aura of great disaster, great destruction, great tribulation emanated, shocking the heavens and the earth!

The figures of the surrounding Flame Devils all halted in unison as they stared at Yan Zhaoge wide-eyed and tongue-tied.

All the Flame Devil experts felt shock from within their very souls, as well as numbness within their bodies.

While this was just a faint sliver of aura, it was as though they were meeting their ruler, meeting their king, meeting their Ancestor.

That massive pressure even induced fear and submission, as though in this world, between the king and his subjects, if the king wants his subjects to die, his subjects would therefore die.

It was only a sliver of aura, after all.

The more powerful the Flame Devil, the less it was affected by this.

However, at this moment, the temperamental, war-loving and fearless Flame Devils had all of their previous crazed, bloodthirsty morale collapse.

Blazing flames that surged to the heavens appeared from Yan Zhaoge’s left hand as he slammed out with a palm even more violent than that of the Flame Devils, instantly reducing a still dazed Flame Devil to ashes.

Carrying Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu, Pan-Pan rushed forward once more, breaking out of their encirclement.

The Flame Devils howled, rushing forward, but Yan Zhaoge’s group still managed to escape from their grasps.

Duo Chi, who only had three arms remaining, stared fixatedly at Yan Zhaoge’s retreating back, “That aura just now, what exactly was it…”

His heart still in unrest, he turned back.

Before Duo Chi had returned to the region of sea in which East Dragon Island that contained Jade Sea City was located, a voice resounded by his ears, “Duo Chi, did anything special happen just now I detected the aura of the Emperor!”

The speaker was precisely one of the Flame Devil Kings who had been attacking Jade Sea City earlier!


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