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HSSB373: Worthy of his name is Yan Zhaoge!


Faced with the joint assault by two Flame Devil Kings, the pressure on Jade Sea City was immense.

As Yan Zhaoge had predicted, the Flame Devils had not known beforehand of Jade Sea City’s Lord, Song Wuliang, currently being in death seclusion.

With none of them having seen Song Wuliang on the Outer East Sea earlier, the Flame Devils had thought that he was mostly likely still at Jade Sea City.

A Jade Sea City and its Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation presided over by Song Wuliang was not something that two Flame Devil Kings would be able to break through.

At least, it was still impossible for the two Flame Devil Kings who were currently attacking Jade Sea City.

However, these two Flame Devil Kings had still come to Jade Sea City.

One of the reasons for this was indeed that the concealment technique used by the Flame Devils this time possessed a limit, and was insufficient to support them all the way over to the mainland.

Another reason was that having fought often with Jade Sea City over the years, the Flame Devils had come prepared this time.

With Song Wuliang not having shown himself, fearing that there might be trickery involved, the Flame Devils had preserved some of their power, in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

However, seeing that the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation was currently in grave danger of collapsing, and yet its Lord had still not yet appeared, the two Flame Devil Kings knew that they had worried too much earlier.

With their doubts gone, a Flame Devil King roared as he lunged towards the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation.

While the grand formation was currently bearing immense pressure and was riddled with cracks, it still activated instantly, countless spirit patterns flickering, the jade-blue light resembling a formless sword as it stabbed towards that Flame Devil King that was lunging forward.

Who knew that the crimson glow of fire on the Flame Devil King’s body would suddenly flicker as it then changed completely.

The crimson glow suddenly turned blue.

Numerous streams of blue light extended into the distance in all directions, now beginning to rotate with this Flame Devil King as their centre.

Very quickly, the blue light of fire gradually took the form of a massive vortex, the vortex actually beginning to unceasingly devour and whittle away at the power of the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation.

Beneath the grand formation, the people of Jade Sea City dealt with the other invading Flame Devils whilst looking at the clash between the grand formation and the Flame Devil King with grave expressions on their faces.

Now, however, the movements of the other Flame Devil King who was attacking the Grand Formation suddenly slowed.

After a short time, that Flame Devil King actually ceased attacking the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation, hesitating for a moment before turning and leaving!

The people of Jade Sea City were all dazed.

Even the other Flame Devils themselves were stunned, that Flame Devil King who had already lunged onto the grand formation and was currently clashing with it letting out multiple roars as though in questioning.

However, the departing Flame Devil King didn’t even look back as he was gone in an instant.

That Flame Devil King who was clashing with the grand formation was greatly frustrated as he vented all his anger on Jade Sea City down below.

While there was only him left, with the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation already having been gravely wounded previously, with him also executing secret formation-breaking techniques now, continuing to damage the grand formation on a large scale, as time passed, even he along might be able to completely destroy the formation.

The people of Jade Sea City did not dare to slack off as they regathered their spirits and continued fighting in heated battle.

While the pressure on them was still great, as compared to their predicament earlier which had been like Mount Tai weighing down on them, it was indisputably much, much better.

While there was still the possibility of the grand formation being broken through, it was, at the very least, not something that a single Flame Devil King alone would be able to achieve within a short period of time.

Jade Sea City was not completely without hope.

As long as their City Lord, Song Wuliang, could emerge from seclusion in time, everything would no longer be a problem.

The most valuable time had already been secured.

The massive disparity from earlier and the sudden change which had sprung out of nowhere left them of Jade Sea City all exchanging looks, yet temporarily rendered lost for words.

In all of their minds involuntarily surfaced the figure of a single person.

A youth close to twenty years of age, his expression solemn, pointing to himself, “Send me out of their encirclement.

I will attempt to lure away one of the Flame Devil Kings from the outskirts.”

This youth’s cultivation base, relative to his age, was undoubtedly extremely high.

He was an existence that could be counted on one’s fingers in the entire recorded history of the Eight Extremities World following the time of the Great Calamity.

However, in comparison to Flame Devil Kings, this youth’s cultivation base was yet extremely low.

While he had managed to achieve many feats that were unachievable by most martial practitioners of the same cultivation level, performing feats that could almost be considered miraculous time and time again.

That he had truly lured away a Flame Devil King at this moment-this still left everyone here shocked.

It was easy to shoot off one’s mouth; any individual could say big words that would shock the heavens.

However, truly achieving what they said and turning these from empty words into true actions was a whole different thing altogether.

Earlier, when sending Yan Zhaoge off, even Elder Yu had already steeled himself for the worst.

He did not question Yan Zhaoge’s character and promises, but he was not confident that Yan Zhaoge might really be able to lure away a Flame Devil King.

Who would have known that Yan Zhaoge would actually truly be able to achieve such.

A Jade Sea City longtime Elder had previously secretly suspected Yan Zhaoge of outwardly claiming that he would try to draw away the enemy’s attention while actually secretly preparing to flee.

Now, it was this longtime Elder who first recovered, sighing as he said, “Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Zhaoge, worthy of his name!”

Elder Yu and the others all nodded in agreement.

A higher echelon expert of Jade Sea City said rather doubtfully, “The Flame Devils came to attack our Jade Sea City even ignoring the possibility of our Lord being here, probably having done so for one of the materials for the forging of our Sacred Artifact, the Water Fire Duo Stone, and at the same time also due to the enmity that has long existed between us.”

“In managing to draw away a Flame Devil King, perhaps Yan Zhaoge possesses a treasure that even the Flame Devils think highly of, that they perhaps even think to be more important than the Water Fire Duo Stone”

Elder Yu’s expression was solemn, “What this old man is worried about now is what he should do now that he has lured away that Flame Devil King.”

A Flame Devil King having been drawn away, the pressure on Jade Sea City immediately lessened.

However, having drawn away that Flame Devil King, Yan Zhaoge would be placed in grave danger!

After all, his opponent was the equivalent of a Martial Saint level expert!

The pressure by such an opponent on Yan Zhaoge far surpassed that by the two Flame Devil Kings on Jade Sea City.

Looking at things from an overall perspective, Jade Sea City having been secured, Elder Yu and its many other experts having been secured, it was naturally good.

Especially having bought time for Song Wuliang, because if Song Wuliang could emerge from seclusion in time, the situation here would instantly flow in reverse, even whether the Flame Devil King would be able to retreat from this place in one piece being in itself questionable.

However, all this had its foundation based on Yan Zhaoge, on an incomparably immense risk having fallen on Yan Zhaoge, currently only a Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster!

Very possibly, even if the human martial practitioners could obtain the final victory, Yan Zhaoge himself might be lost.

Didn’t Yan Zhaoge know all of this

That his opponent was a Flame Devil King-he definitely would know that.

Having broken through the encirclement of East Dragon Island, his safety had actually already been secured.

However, he had still stood out, mightily standing against the flow of the raging tides.

The bigwigs of Jade Sea City all felt greatly, deeply moved at this moment.

“Such methods, such courage, such spirit-yet another remarkable figure has emerged from Broad Creed Mountain,” A Jade Sea City longtime Elder murmured, “After a few more years, in this Eight Extremities World, who will be able to stand against him”

The person beside him had a complex expression on his face, “The precondition is him first being able to tide through this trial.”

Elder Yu’s expression was solemn, “While this old man has no idea how he may be able to escape from this danger, even thinking that the truly inconceivable thing would be him managing to get out of this alive and well, this old man still hopes that heaven and fortune does favour the bold.”


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