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HSSB375: Tiding out a patch of heavens


The Flame Devil King Cheng Huang was currently not feeling very happy at all.

The other party had found some means with which to conceal the treasure, preventing its aura from leaking outwards.

This he could think of.

However, even the person himself had completely vanished without a trace.

This virtually bordered on ludicrous.

Entering the depths of the sea, this would indeed impede the sensory abilities of Flame Devils.

However, with the current cultivation base of him, Cheng Huang, even separated by tens of thousands of metres, finding a Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster would not be a hard thing.

The Flame Devil King’s sensory abilities spread out amongst all the objects between the heavens and the earth, resembling a great net as he searched everywhere.

Between the surrounding heavens and the earth, everything, including the various lifeforms within the great sea, were presented before his eyes.

Yan Zhaoge had just fought with the Flame Devil Duo Chi, having injured him.

The Flame Devil King Cheng Huang had remembered Yan Zhaoge’s aura from having observed Duo Chi’s injuries.

While the great sea did not just contain Yan Zhaoge, as long as Yan Zhaoge was within his line of vision, he would be able to lock onto his target.

However, it was not just the ring; even Yan Zhaoge had disappeared now, having vanished without a trace.

Even with his abilities that saw all under the heavens, Cheng Huang could currently not attain any findings at all.

However, how could a Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster be evading the sensory sweeps of him, Cheng Huang, his prowess equivalent to a Martial Saint’s

The Flame Devils were all temperamental and rash, and even Flame Devil Kings were no exception, with this being the innate disposition of their race.

However, this didn’t mean that they completely lacked rationality.

As the Flame Devil King Cheng Huang discovered that he could actually not find Yan Zhaoge’s group at all, amidst his frustration and his rage, the first thought that flashed through his mind was-could this be a trap

If there were currently human martial practitioners on his level or close to it in the vicinity, that would indeed be a way for Yan Zhaoge to be evading his sensory sweeps now.

Could this be a bait prepared by the human race in wanting to ambush him

While he was angered, Chuang Huang could not ignore this possibility.

He had come here as quickly as he could.

With his speed as a Flame Devil King, Yan Zhaoge would not have had the time to flee from his sensory range at all.

However, however Cheng Huang searched, he was still unable to find any trace of Yan Zhaoge.

This feeling left Cheng Huang extremely frustrated, his rage growing more and more immense.

Currently, within the depths of the sea, an ice ball quietly drifted alongside its hidden undercurrents.

It did not rise, instead continuously sinking downwards amidst its drifting.

Yan Zhaoge, Ah Hu and Pan-Pan, situated within the ice ball, looked at the scenes of the deep sea outside.

They did not raise their head to look upwards, did not attempt to look at the movements of the Flame Devil King Cheng Huang.

The targeting and focusing of a gaze might very possibly be sensed by that Flame Devil King, thereby exposing their position.

“Due to the Flame Devils, the temperatures of the regions of water have become unbalanced.

This has intensified the hidden undercurrents beneath the sea; they would not usually be as fast as this,” Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly.

While thinking such, Yan Zhaoge sustained the ice ball with minimal aura-qi.

Meanwhile, Ah Hu looked curiously at those nine ice shards that composed the ice ball.

Through the ice ball, the people inside could also sense the temperature of their surroundings.

As they felt the seawater outside the ice ball gradually decreasing in temperature, Yan Zhaoge knew that their party was currently gradually leaving the region of sea that was enveloped by the power of the Flame Devil King Cheng Huang.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, sending a sound transmission to Ah Hu via aura-qi, “Alright, we can speak now.

Still, don’t make any noise.”

Ah Hu immediately scratched his big head, giving a simple and honest smile, “Young Master, this move of yours is truly divine.”

“What are the origins of these nine ice shards”

Yan Zhaoge said, “These are materials for setting up a Cold Abyssal Barrier.

Actually, they have not been completely refined; therefore, their true effect cannot be unleashed.

However, at the present time, they will be of use in helping us conceal our tracks.”

“Of course, this can only be used to deal with Flame Devils or perhaps martial practitioners who cultivate in fire-type martial arts for their true essence.

Towards others, it would not serve much use.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at the sea outside, “I also have to thank these intensifying hidden undercurrents of the sea, sending us away from the area quickly.

Otherwise, remaining where we were and keeping still and not moving, it would still be dangerous.”

Amidst his words, intense fluctuations of energy could be felt from the region they had just left.

That was from the Flame Devil King Cheng Huang finally no longer being able to suppress his rage, his frenzied power beginning to sweep madly through the region of the sea that he was currently at.

Faced with the possibly existent ambush and threat, the innate disposition of Flame Devils left Cheng Huang no longer worrying, at most committing himself to a battle.

He no longer searched, instead beginning to stir up the entire sea with his great power, with a momentum that seemed as though it could destroy all objects!

Not being able to find Yan Zhaoge, Cheng Huang wanted to smash over the entire region before him, crushing anything and everything that was or was not concealed, using his immense power advantage in hauling in all the big fish and the small fish together within his net.

While they were unclear on Cheng Huang’s mental state, feeling the great ripples in the distant sea far behind them, Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu could basically guess that Flame Devil King’s plan.

It was a very stupid method, but used by a Flame Devil King, pressuring with raw strength, if Yan Zhaoge’s group had still been concealed where they had been originally, they would still have been hard pressed to avoid that devilish claw in the end.

Now, however…

Cheng Huang exerted energy for a long time, yet was still unable to find any traces of Yan Zhaoge.

This caused him to inevitably feel rather stunned amidst his increased rage.

Cheng Huang increased his attack radius, unceasingly suppressing the surrounding regions of sea.

However, not having been able to immediately lock down Yan Zhaoge, his attacks growing fiercer and fiercer, still causing immense destruction where he presently was, it instead created even more rapid hidden undercurrents at the bottom of the sea, expanding outwards in all directions.

The hidden undercurrents pushed forth the ice ball within the sea, leaving this violent, temperamental Flame Devil King at an even more rapid pace.

Relying on intricacy through sensory searches, he had been unable to find them.

Relying roughly on power and mighty explosions to sweep the area, he had still been unable to find them.

The Flame Devil King Cheng Huang’s current despondence and rage left him frustrated to the extreme, yet having nowhere to vent it, with no place he could exert his force.

Within the ice ball, Ah Hu was a little scared thinking of what they had avoided, whilst also a little joyful at the misfortune of others, “This Flame Devil King is going to feel useless to death.

Young Master, it’s still you who has the best ideas.”

Pan-Pan moved his huge head over, licking Yan Zhaoge’s face rather flatteringly.

Yan Zhaoge patted Pan-Pan’s huge head as he said, “At the end of the day, he still wants that ring.

Therefore, he wouldn’t immediately sweep through the area with his power, lest he destroy the ring.

His earliest method would most likely be sensing for us with his sensory abilities, thereby giving us a chance.”

“As long as we had drifted out of a certain radius, his embarrassment and frustration turning into rage, it would no longer be a threat even if he wanted to sweep over the area with his raw power.

It would instead create even more rapid hidden undercurrents, helping to send us even further away.”

Ah Hu asked, “Young Master, where do we go from here It seems like there is still a Flame Devil King over at Jade Sea City.

If the one over here just can’t find us after so long, he might eventually return to Jade Sea City as well.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Therefore, we cannot grow lax.

After creating some distance between us, we will show ourselves once more, drawing this Flame Devil King’s attention over yet again.”

“However, the risks this time will be greater.

As soon as we show ourselves, we will then have to hide immediately, lest that old Flame Devil turns violent in his rage and directly sweeps over the area with raw power.”

As he said this, feeling the fierce tides that now surged up from behind once more, pushing the ice ball forth even more rapidly in its concealment, Yan Zhaoge suddenly began chuckling, “From a certain perspective, this can be considered us rowing up a boat without using any oars, just moving along purely relying on the power of the tides.”

“Cough, we’re tiding out a patch of heavens ah.”


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