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HSSB377: History is always so shockingly similar


Cheng Huang’s violent power rampaged within the great sea, terrifying flames exploding, completely evaporating the sea water each time, to the point that a vacuum would instantly be formed on the sea’s surface, a huge depression having formed within the sea.

His Martial Saint-level strength was unleashed to the point of perfection as a shocking destructive power that far surpassed the norm was displayed.

However, with Yan Zhaoge already within the ice ball, having already left the radius of his first wave of attacks, however strong this Flame Devil King, his attacks would only create even fiercer hidden undercurrents in the depths of the sea, sending Yan Zhaoge even further away.

If the pitiful Cheng Huang knew the method with which Yan Zhaoge had been escaping, the heavens knew what state he would be enraged to.

Leading a Flame Devil King in circles around the sea like a matador really gave Yan Zhaoge quite a bit of a sense of accomplishment.

Of course, the ‘bull’ which was being led around was becoming more and more temperamental.

The Flame Devil King Cheng Huang soon gave up completely on searching carefully.

Whenever Yan Zhaoge had made an appearance, he would immediately hurry over to the scene, next carrying out a carpet bombing series of mighty explosions.

Yan Zhaoge deeply suspected that this Flame Devil King might already have been provoked to the point of having forgotten about the matter of the dark red ring, only wishing purely to get rid of Yan Zhaoge and vent his rage.

Therefore, the difficulty of this bullfighting having begun increasing, Yan Zhaoge had to adapt to it carefully and correspondingly.

Along with this came faint worry.

The more the time that had passed, if An Qinglin and the others on the Outer East Sea could free themselves up, at this moment, they should already be coming over to reinforce Jade Sea City in the Inner East Sea.

However, the Flame Devil King still had the leisure to chase after him.

Clearly, in the region of the East Inner Sea, there was still no one who could threaten him.

The other Flame Devil King who had remained on East Dragon Island should still be attacking Jade Sea City now, contending with the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation.

Jade Sea City’s Lord, the Jade Sea Martial Saint Song Wuliang, had still yet to leave seclusion.

Having suffered the combined offensive efforts of the two Flame Devil Kings earlier, the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation had already been damaged to a certain degree.

If no reinforcements came, even if there only remained a single Flame Devil King, with the Flame Devils having come prepared, possessing special methods specifically targeting and damaging the grand formation, as time passed, the grand formation still might be broken through by the enemy.

“It looks like Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Pavilion Lord An and the Sacred Sun Clan’s Meng Wan must currently be tied up somewhere.”

Yan Zhaoge knit his brows tightly, “At the dimensional tunnel over at the Outer East Sea connecting to the Flame Devil World, it must be that more Flame Devil experts have invaded the Eight Extremities World.”

Ah Hu scratched his head, “Then we’ll have to see whether the Heavenly Thunder Hall can make it in time.

The Heavenly Thunder Hall also borders the sea, being somewhat closer to it than Broad Creed Mountain, Infinite Boundless Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan located deeper into the mainland.”

He hesitated for a moment before continuing, “However, Young Master, do you think that the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall will be willing to contribute After all, this concerns Jade Sea City, whose relations with them are terrible.”

If Jade Sea City was destroyed, Broad Creed Mountain and Infinite Boundless Mountain would have lost a powerful ally, the situation greatly swinging in the favour of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall, having been at a disadvantage earlier.

As the Flame Devils were after all public enemies, they would engage in battle with them.

However, waiting until the Flame Devils had destroyed Jade Sea City before making a move-the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall were not beneath that.

In the previous great tribulation of Broad Creed Mountain, after Broad Creed Mountain’s intense battle with the Decimating Abyss, the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall had already demonstrated this.

If not for the threat of the Flame Devils being much more evident than that of the Nine Underworlds, if not for them fearing the stance of Old Man Mo and Turbid Wave Pavilion, Yan Zhaoge even suspected that the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall might make use of the chance to get in and send Jade Sea City on their way.

Just like how they had attempted to trample over Broad Creed Mountain during its great tribulation.

Jade Sea City being a Sacred Ground at the end of the day, even if its defences were really broken through by the Flame Devils, it would also not be an easy thing.

Even if they did not personally make a move, waiting for Jade Sea City to have first depleted the strength of the Flame Devils before making a move would indisputably be the most beneficial move for the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

There were many excuses they could give Elder Mo and Turbid Wave Pavilion.

Just simply saying that the incident had happened too suddenly with them not having had enough time to react would be sufficient.

Yan Zhaoge curled his lips, “When our clan and Infinite Boundless Mountain send reinforcements over, we will also have to stay wary of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

Formlessly, we are actually also standing against each other.”

“History is always so shockingly similar…” Yan Zhaoge rolled his eyes, murmuring to himself in a voice only he could hear, “Unless it is truly in a crucial juncture of life and death, humans always have their minds on internal disputes.”

Ah Hu didn’t hear it clearly, “Young Master, what did you say”

Yan Zhaoge waved his hands, “It’s nothing.

The problem now is that our understanding towards the current situation is much too little, with it almost being like all our news have been completely sealed.

This is not okay.”

Following this, while Yan Zhaoge kept the ice shards, he avoided the other Flame Devils as much as possible, keeping concealed as he sped forward.

Yan Zhaoge’s target was another of the Water Domain’s Nine Cities, located at the boundary of the Inner East Sea just before entering the Outer East Sea, Long Ocean City.

There, even if the First Seat Elder sitting over the City had headed elsewhere to reinforce, there would definitely be other Jade Sea City martial practitioners present, along with a smooth channel of information.

While he had to bear the risk of the Flame Devil King Cheng Huang giving up on his pursuit and returning to Jade Sea City, Yan Zhaoge still decided to first leave the region of sea around Jade Sea City, heading over to Long Ocean City.

Only with sufficient understanding of the current situation as supported by sufficient information would he be able to make an accurate judgement as well as plan.

Entering the region of sea controlled by Long Ocean City, Yan Zhaoge discovered that not just over at Jade Sea City, the flames of war were also raging here, Flame Devils running rampant.

The martial practitioners of Jade Sea City and some first and second-rate local powers were currently engaged in battle with the Flame Devils.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge’s heart instantly sunk.

The invasion of the Flame Devils into the Eight Extremities World this time was indeed of a massive scale.

The invading Flame Devils Kings definitely did not consist solely of the two who had attacked Jade Sea City previously.

Yan Zhaoge urgently got into contact with the Jade Sea City martial practitioners of Long Ocean City, checking for the latest news on the situation.

While he was not of their clan, faced with Yan Zhaoge, the Jade Sea City martial practitioners still shared their information with him.

As Yan Zhaoge had suspected, An Qinglin and the others were currently still stuck on the Outer East Sea, engaged in a great battle with peak Flame Devil experts, not having the time to assist elsewhere at all.

Accurately speaking, it was even worse a situation than Yan Zhaoge had thought.

“A Flame Devil King whose strength is equivalent to the second level of the Martial Saint realm” Yan Zhaoge stared at the Jade Sea City martial practitioner before him, “Can you confirm this”

That Jade Sea City martial practitioner’s expression was grave to the extreme, “Not just can I confirm this, there is not just one such Flame Devil King!”

“Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Pavilion Lord An met danger and was injured.

Luckily, the Painting Saint arrived in a timely manner, only then managing to obstruct the enemy close to their dimensional entrance.”

“However, the pressure is still immense.

Pavilion Lord An, the Painting Saint and the Sacred Sun Clan’s Maiden of Extreme Yun are only barely holding off the enemy’s advancing footsteps, continually retreating amidst their battle.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge tapped his head.

That Old Man Mo, who possessed an unknown level of strength, being an expert of the time of the Exalted Heaven Shaker Zhan Dongge and the Heaven Diviner Zhan Xilou and currently the Martial Saint of the Eight Extremities Word with the greatest seniority, had displayed strength that greatly surpassed others was not out of his predictions.

However, the ferocity of this wave of attacks of the Flame Devils still left people reeling.

The situation over at the Outer East Sea was actually not any more relaxed than over at Jade Sea City in the slightest, even appearing to be even more perilous.

After all, as soon the defensive lines of the human martial practitioners over at the Outer East Sea collapsed, the many Flame Devil experts gathered there would then be set to sweep through the entire East Sea.

“Where are my Grand Master and the Sacred Sun Clan’s Huang Guanglie” Yan Zhaoge rubbed his temple lightly as he asked.


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