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HSSB378: An abnormal situation


The assault of the Flame Devils had been getting fiercer and fiercer in recent years.

This time, it reached a new peak.

The defensive line established by the human martial practitioners on the Outer East Sea was showing signs of collapsing.

If this matter could not be resolved effectively, the Eight Extremities World would be greatly damaged.

At this time, it was needed for the experts of the human race to temporarily discard the tensions between them, standing together in facing this threat, resisting the common enemy of the entire Eight Extremities World.

At the very least, they first had to tide through this wave of attacks.

The Painting Saint Old Man Mo, his strength relatively unknown, had displayed great power in doing so.

Whatever one said, this was an invigorating matter.

In the current Eight Extremities World, other than the Painting Saint Old Man Mo, the strongest combatants were the combination of the Heaven Equalling Saint Yuan Zhengfeng and the Clear Qi Robe as well as the Sacred Sun Clan’s past Chief, the East Coming Martial Saint Huang Guanglie.

Hearing that this time, the Flame Devils had Flame Devil Kings equivalent to human experts at the second level of the Martial Saint realm enter the Eight Extremities World, the first thing Yan Zhaoge considered was the current situation of his Grand Master and the Sacred Sun Clan’s Huang Guanglie.

Having heard Yan Zhaoge’s question, that Jade Sea City martial practitioner answered, “The news I received earlier was that your clan’s senior Heaven Equalling Saint and the Sacred Sun Clan’s Huang Guanglie were already rushing over to the East Sea.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, next asking, “What about Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Heaven Cleaving Axe and the Lord of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, Shen Li”

The Jade Sea City martial practitioner before him said, “Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Chief Chu is currently on his way over with the Heaven Cleaving Axe, and the Heavenly Thunder Hall has sent over news that their Hall Lord, Shen Li, has already entered the North Sea, and will be arriving at the East Sea very soon.”

Most of the peak experts of the Eight Extremities World had already begun converging towards the East Sea.

However, the expressions on the faces of Yan Zhaoge and the Jade Sea City martial practitioner before him could not relax at all.

That Jade Sea City martial practitioner had an unconcealable look of worry within his eyes.

He had received news that Jade Sea City’s Lord Song Wuliang had still yet to emerge from seclusion, with the Flame Devils currently still unceasingly attacking Jade Sea City.

Meanwhile, the defensive line of the human experts on the Outer East Sea was also bearing immense pressure.

Retreating amidst holding off the ferocious advance of the Flame Devils, they would very quickly be retreating into the Inner East Sea.

With Long Ocean City being at the intersection between the Outer East Sea and the Inner East Sea, it was already being threatened.

“Accompanied by the Flame Devils unceasingly drawing near, Long Ocean City may very possibly become the main battlefield,” Yan Zhaoge pondered as he said to the Jade Sea City martial practitioner before him, “Preparations have to be properly made here; more care has to be taken.”

The other party looked worried, “Many Flame Devils with strength equivalent to Martial Grandmasters have already infiltrated the area.

We are also arranging for the evacuation of normal civilians.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly, “That’s good then.”

After having taken their leave of the Jade Sea City martial practitioner, Ah Hu said with a bitter look on his face, “Young Master, what do we do now”

Yan Zhaoge pondered for a moment before replying, “Whatever the situation is over at Huang Guanglie’s side, it cannot be controlled.

Put that aside for the moment.”

“We can think of a way to signal to Grand Master.

As Grand Master comes from the inner part of the mainland, passing through the Inner East Sea, it would be best if he could get rid of those two Flame Devil Kings there in the meantime as well.”

Ah Hu opened his mouth, “If those two Flame Devil Kings are attacking Jade Sea City, that would be simple.

If they do not retreat in time, they would most likely be hindered by the old Chief.”

“However, while that Flame Devil King whom you led around in circles just now appeared like he was assured of victory, against the old Chief and the Clear Qi Robe, he might flee at the first sign of them.”

Yan Zhaoge said as he walked, “Therefore, he cannot have the chance to calm down.

We have to continue playing with him, leaving him in a state of irrational rage.”

“With the innate personality of the Flame Devils, when their rage has accumulated to a certain extent, even if they know they cannot defeat their enemy, they may also violently erupt in an all-out battle.”

“Especially when I have angered him to that stage.

If he meets Grand Master, the martial principles descended from the same lineage may instead provoke him a step further.

At the same time that he can’t find me, he might just as well have a battle with Grand Master, fulfilling himself with an intense battle and not thinking about the consequences.”

Yan Zhaoge let out a long breath, “In having been enraged, that Flame Devil King is just how I want him.

I’m not afraid of him being enraged; what I’m afraid of would be him calming down.”

Here, Yan Zhaoge slightly narrowed his eyes.

While the Flame Devil King Cheng Huang was extremely strong, posing an immense threat, in Yan Zhaoge’s mind currently, he was still not the greatest threat.

What truly caused Yan Zhaoge to feel a little worried was this: would those Flame Devil experts of the Outer East Sea conceal their tracks one more as they secretly snuck over here

Normally speaking, with An Qinglin and the others having already let this happen once over at the Outer East Sea, remaining vigilant, they would not leave another such opportunity for the Flame Devils.

However, earlier, the two sides had been evenly matched, with the human experts even holding the home advantage, being slightly at the upper hand.

Now, however, the human experts of the Eight Extremities World were currently at a disadvantageous position over at the Outer East Sea, the pressure on them immense.

Self-preservation alone was not easy, and still having to stay vigilant against the Flame Devil’s covert operations amidst all that-that might really be a bit too much.

Therefore, if it were merely two Flame Devil Kings including Cheng Huang, Yan Zhaoge could still think of how to handle it.

Even if Jade Sea City’s City Lord, Song Wuliang, did not emerge from seclusion, if Yuan Zhengfeng passed by the area, the crisis of the Inner East Sea would naturally be alleviated.

However, if a Flame Devil King equivalent to a human expert at the second level of the Martial Saint realm were to covertly sneak over, the situation would become much more complicated.

Soundlessly entering the sea once more, avoiding the nearby Flame Devils, Yan Zhaoge’s group left the region of sea governed by Long Ocean City, returning to the region of sea where Jade Sea City was.

They employed the same method once more-searching for a bunch of Flame Devils.

Having been continuously ambushed by Yan Zhaoge many times, with many of them having been killed in the process, amidst their fury and hate, the Flame Devils had changed their strategy.

With Great Flame Devils at their head, the other Flame Devils all congregated in the surrounding area, next acting together.

Although the area they covered was smaller, the large groups of Flame Devils were even more powerful than before, not giving Yan Zhaoge a chance to strike.

With Great Flame Devils sitting over the Flame Devil groups, it had become much more difficult for Yan Zhaoge to launch his surprise assaults on them.

Not just that, but as long as they were entangled by these Flame Devils, the Flame Devil King Chen Huang would rush over and arrive within a very short period of time.

Unable to sink into the depths of the sea through the ice ball in time, they might very probably be trapped by Cheng Huang.

If the Flame Devils discovered the means with which they had been escaping and disappearing, it would be much more difficult for them to escape later on.

Therefore, after discovering the changes in the strategy of the Flame Devils, Yan Zhaoge changed his plan as well.

He did not aim to kill the Flame Devils, just aiming to make sudden, shocking appearances, next vanishing in a flash.

After having flashed the ring of the Flame Devil Emperor, Yan Zhaoge directly wielded Heaven Shocker from far away, sending over three consecutive projectiles in a single go.

Three icy cold streaks of golden light shot out, obstructing the path of a Great Flame Devil.

Afterwards, Yan Zhaoge immediately kept his ring, re-entering the depths of the sea.

Yan Zhaoge was currently emulating a sudden assault team, not even drawing near in his interactions with the Flame Devils, immediately retreating after a single strike from far away, not halting at all.

The only one who was any tangible threat to him, the Great Flame Devil leading the group, was obstructed by the Devil Shattering Ice Talismans, losing the initiative, with Yan Zhaoge next disappearing without a trace.

Having shaken off the Flame Devils on site, Yan Zhaoge took out the nine ice shards, the ice ball enveloping him, Ah Hu and Pan-Pan in sinking into the depths of the sea once more.

This time, however, the power fluctuations of that Flame Devil King Cheng Huang did not emanate from behind them.

The one who was throwing up tides within the sea was that Great Flame Devil.

Not only did Yan Zhaoge not feel any joy at this, he instead knit his brows tightly.


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