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HSSB38: Collect some interest first

From Yan Zhaoge’s point of view, from the very moment Meng Wan had entered the water, the situation had already seemed a little wrong.

There were signs which seemingly suggested that she was going to lose control and suffer cultivation deviation soon.

Now, seated in the meditative position, her entire person surrounded by icy cold pond water, bobbing up and down slightly along with it, her beautiful, clear features were tinted sometimes green, sometimes red, as the two colours flashed and interchanged intermittently.

Her eyes were tightly shut, her eyebrows clenched, as a painful look was faintly visible on her face.

Yan Zhaoge thought: As I thought, it’s not for entering the pond to cultivate that she is here.

Rather, it must be that her own body had met with a problem, causing her to want to use this icy pond in order to help in its suppression.

Just at this time, Ye Jing also entered the pond.

He glanced at Meng Wan, a little curious.

Affected by the icy cold pond, the flamelike patterns on his body glowed bright red, as they emitted an extremely high temperature.

Opening her eyes, Meng Wan also saw Ye Jing.

A startled and cautious look surfaced within her doe-like eyes.

In her current condition, all she could do was forcefully maintain her current state, keeping it at the weak equilibrium she had managed to set up.

Thus, she had no means of self-defence left.

Ye Jing didn’t even need to attack her; just any slight interference, and she would never be able to recover.

As if having detected Meng Wan’s current state, Ye Jing didn’t appear to have any intentions of attacking her.

After considering deeply for a moment, he began approaching her slowly.

He gestured at Meng Wan, conveying that he did not have any ill intentions, and just wanted to help her out.

Hot as fire, Ye Jing’s twin palms extended slowly outwards.

Even within the depths of the icy cold pond, it was as though the heat they were emitting could still be felt.

Meng Wan blinked her eyes, biting her lips, before she too extended her palms, which perfectly met the twin palms of Ye Jing within the pond’s waters.

She had an Extreme Yin Physique, while Ye Jing’s current reforged fleshly body, due to special reasons, was evidently of a physique that burned as hot as fire.

The two, one Yin, one Yang, just happened to be able to coexist, while possessing a mutual suppressive effect.

While Ye Jing’s current cultivation was still far inferior to Meng Wan’s, at this moment, it was like a timely downpour of rain, just happening to be able to solve Meng Wan’s immediate, pressing problems.

With his help, the Meng Wan who had been at risk of undergoing cultivation deviation had the aura-qi within her body gradually calm, returning to its original, peaceful state.

Seeing this scene, however, Yan Zhaoge just rolled his eyes.

“This scenario, how familiar ah…”

“What a magnificent first meeting.”

“Although he did not treat her wounds with her unclothed, while associating a few more times in the future, isn’t it that many ‘ahem, ahem’ things will be going to happen to them”

“Your luck with woman, really leaves me speechless.”

However, affected by the ripples of aura-qi, within a layer of ice at the bottom of the pond, on the massive skeleton of the Glacial Chi-Dragon, a faint white light flashed past the dragon’s skull.

The Glacial Dragon Bone Soul, began gradually awakening from its deep slumber!

The pond began to quake, the icy cold water within beginning to roil about non-stop.

Within the layer of ice at the bottom of the pond, the pitch-black eye sockets of the massive dragon’s skull suddenly lit up with an ice-blue glow!

A moment later, the layer of ice shattered completely, as a majestic dragon’s roar resounded.

The skeleton of the Glacial Chi-Dragon began emanating rays of white light.

Within the pond, it was as though a tsunami had suddenly erupted.

The pond water formed a massive whirlpool, wanting to rip everything engulfed within to shreds.

In the depths of the icy cold lake, Meng Wan and Ye Jing, palms meeting palms, were moved along by the whirlpool, as they bitterly withstood the pressure it was exerting on them.

Beneath the whirlpool, the giant skull of the Glacial Chi-Dragon stuck its head out from the depths of the pond, opening its jaws wide as it roared repeatedly.

The skeletal dragon’s movements caused the entire pond to quake, its effects even spreading to the very land itself.

Now, the dragon tailbone located in the glacial valley was also affected by this.

As time slowly passed, Meng Wan and Ye Jing gradually became accustomed to the centrifugal force caused by the whirlpool, as they began thinking of a way to extricate themselves from the situation.

Gradually, Meng Wan’s body was drawn in by the skeleton of the Glacial Chi-Dragon, as she was dragged onto the dragon’s skull and held tightly in place by a suction force there.

Pushing her body’s profound art to its limits, streams of white light appeared on the dragon’s skull, instantly beginning to infuse into her body.

Looking at this scene being played back, Yan Zhaoge realised, “Extreme Yin Physique, is really a gift from the heavens ah…As expected, she was the one who was pulling on the Glacial Dragon Bone Soul from over on that end.”

Having the Glacial Dragon Bone Soul enter her body, Meng Wan’s face first paled, before actually quickly recovering its original rosy colour.

His palms pressed on hers, Ye Jing had also been sucked onto the dragon’s skull.

Although the whirlpool within the water was also still exerting pressure on Ye Jing, he had still managed to forcefully stabilise himself.

Flamelike patterns were circulating about his entire body, his own secret art apparently also having been pushed to its limits.

Streams of white light, with Meng Wan’s hands as a medium, also began flowing into his body.

Meng Wan did not mind; while she had the benefit of having possessed the Extreme Yin Physique since birth, it would also be difficult for her if she were to try to absorb the entire Glacial Dragon Bone Soul herself.

However, at this time, the massive body of the Glacial Chi-Dragon abruptly froze up slightly.

A ray of white light slowly surfaced on the dragon bones, piercing through its entire spine and spreading to its skull.

Following a shuddering of the white light currently being absorbed by the two, it quickly began getting weaker and weaker.

Yan Zhaoge knew full well that this was because of him and Ah Hu having arrived, and begun absorbing the Glacial Dragon Bone Soul from the dragon tailbone.

The effects of this had been felt all the way over at the dragon’s skull.

After stopping for a moment, the whirlpool within the icy cold pond exploded with a loud bang.

Their arms which had connected Meng Wan and Ye Jing were forcefully separated with a jolt, as the two were swept away in different directions by the resulting turbulent flow.

The memory fragment of the Glacial Dragon Bone Soul then once again clearly depicted everything else which had happened earlier.

Image after image swept past in a flash before the memory fragment finally ended, and what Yan Zhaoge was seeing came to correspond with that which currently lay before his eyes in reality.

Through his connection with the Glacial Dragon Bone Soul, Yan Zhaoge could still clearly view the situation on the other end.

The only difference was that a pair of clear pupils still as the waters of a lake now appeared before his eyes, gazing into them.

Before him was the face of Meng Wan, whose mind had similarly formed a connection with the Glacial Dragon Bone Soul.

Yan Zhaoge looked at Meng Wan calmly.

Having come to this world and learnt of the Crown of Extreme Yin, Yan Zhaoge had also come to know a very embarrassing thing.

His own Broad Creed Mountain, had no Maiden of Extreme Yin.

Not having taken a female disciple of the Extreme Yin Physique under their wing, Broad Creed Mountain was thus naturally unable to participate in the Extreme Yin Bout.

However, this didn’t entail that whichever power the Crown of Extreme Yin ended up with had no relation at all with Broad Creed Mountain.

Amongst the few great Sacred Grounds, there were some with good relationships and some with bad relationships.

And it just so happened that of the Sacred Grounds, Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan had a relationship which was not all that harmonious.

Themselves not being able to obtain the Crown of Extreme Yin, for safety reasons, it would be best for the other party not to be able to obtain it at all.

Therefore, while he himself did not have any enmity with Meng Wan, as this was related to a much higher level of contest, Yan Zhaoge definitely wouldn’t treat it so lightly.

Gazing over, Yan Zhaoge saw that due to the impacts it had suffered earlier, the pond was looking as though it might collapse at any moment.

The stone walls surrounding the pond broke and collapsed one by one, as its waters began rushing furiously towards some unseen underground rivers.

Ye Jing was enveloped by the waters of the pond.

As they watched, it appeared as though he was about to be swept away into an underground river.

Seeing the potential danger he was in, Meng Wan’s elegant eyebrows furrowed slightly.

However, while she wanted to reach out a helping hand, her body was currently being kept tightly in place by the suction force from the Glacial Dragon Bone Soul, unable to move.

With a flick of her wrist and the infusion of her aura-qi, a long damask, resembling a steel lance as it shot straight through the rapids unopposed, was extended in front of Ye Jing.

Ye Jing hurriedly grabbed the white damask.

As he came into contact with Meng Wan’s aura-qi, his mind wavered and blanked for a split second.

His mind also formed a slight connection with the Glacial Dragon Bone Soul.

Next, Yan Zhaoge’s features appeared before his eyes.

Ye Jing’s eyes instantly turned bloodshot.

“Yan Zhaoge!!!”

The flamelike patterns on his body instantly went into a frenzy, actually beginning to spread crazily to envelop his entire body.

Seeing that the icy cold pond was about to completely collapse, with Yan Zhaoge interfering from the side and her own helper Ye Jing in an unstable state, Meng Wan couldn’t help but sigh silently.

Making a quick decision, she circulated her profound art against its usual flow, then, while resisting the urge to spit out a mouthful of blood, forcefully severed the link between herself and the Glacial Dragon Bone Soul, preparing to first escape before making further plans.

Ye Jing’s eyes looked as though they were going to pop out of their sockets and burst as all his his anger and frustration transformed into a hatred so strong that it engulfed the heavens, ” Where I go, you chase me to; will you only be satisfied when you see me dead”

“I tell you; it’s not that easy!”

“You damned bastard, going after me time and time again.

This vengeance, this hatred; this sky does not hold enough space for the both of us to coexist!”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Ye Jing, smiling a little coldly, “Little fella, you should rejoice at the fact that I’m not at the icy cold pond over at your end right now.”

“Meng Wan did really react quickly enough, directly severing the connection as she thought to run; otherwise, I would have directly dispatched people over to the pond to block the two of your paths.”

“Still, you think that the way you are now, there is no way I can take care of you”

“Pay up some interest first, why don’t you.”

Yan Zhaoge abruptly retracted his palm that was pressing on the dragon tailbone, and hit out with it towards the small metal plate that was wedged inside the gap where two of the bones met!


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