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HSSB381: Three things


An Qinglin sent Yan Zhaoge into the depths of the sea with a white cloud, shooting straight towards Jade Sea City.

As Yan Zhaoge entered the sea, even protected by An Qinglin’s cloud qi, he could feel that the water was currently scaldingly hot, just as if it was boiling.

The Flame Devil who came to obstruct An Qinglin was precisely the Flame Devil King, Cheng Huang, who had been chasing Yan Zhaoge for so long earlier.

While Yan Zhaoge had not flashed the ring of the Flame Devil Emperor at this moment, this Flame Devil King still had Yan Zhaoge’s aura-qi clear within his memory.

After realising that it was Yan Zhaoge, Cheng Huang instantly let out a violent, enraged howl, his eyes instantly turning red as he went off in pursuit of Yan Zhaoge.

While An Qinglin found this rather unexpected, she still immediately blocked Cheng Huang for Yan Zhaoge.

The sword-light shot through the air, not bright as it was instead hazy like clouds, also resembling a swamp.

The dense sword-light extended over, the suppleness of a finger about greatly tempered iron, displaying the flexible lightness and the infinite variability of the dao of the sword to the point of perfection.

While An Qinglin was injured, the martial arts of Turbid Wave Pavilion were greatly suited to defence, their defensive power acclaimed alongside the martial arts of Infinite Boundless Mountain, both greatly famed supreme.

Currently, An Qinglin ignored merits, striving only for stability, sword after sword dispersing or borrowing power as she withstood the violent attacks of the Flame Devil King Cheng Huang.

It seemed like treading in shallow water, yet being safe amidst seeming dangerous.

Cheng Huang was temporarily unable to break through An Qinglin’s sword techniques that resembled a sea of clouds and also a great swamp.

With An Qinglin helping to bear the burden, the pressure on Yuan Zhengfeng instantly decreased greatly as he virtually immediately switched from defence to attack.

It was just that Yuan Zhengfeng still had to be careful of his opponents switching to attacking Jade Sea City instead.

The battle situation quickly descended into a stalemate.

An Qinglin was injured, able to hold on for a time based on the specialties of her martial arts, yet not being able to hold on for a protracted battle.

Within the sea, as Yan Zhaoge glanced up and saw that An Qinglin had blocked the Flame Devil King Cheng Huang, he set his heart at ease.

Turbid Wave Pavilion’s supreme Turbid Wave Scripture’s Flowing Cloud Illusory Sword, alongside Broad Creed Mountain’s Limitless Heavenly Sword, Jade Sea City’s Jade Sea Formless Sword as well as the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s Divine Sky Electric Sword, was one of the Four Supreme Sword Arts of the Eight Extremities World.

At the same time, it was the current best defensive sword art of the Eight Extremities World.

While An Qinglin was injured, if she focused completely on defence, she would be able to hold on for a period of time.

The white cloud shot straight into the depths of the sea, sending Yan Zhaoge outside Jade Sea City.

Yan Zhaoge gazed over, seeing that the spirit patterns of the grand formation surrounding Jade Sea City were currently already in tatters, on the brink of collapse.

The terrifying tsunami that he had felt from a distance away earlier had been the result of the extreme damage suffered by the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation.

As Jade Sea City saw that it was Yan Zhaoge approaching, they hurriedly let him into the formation.

A stream of water arose, sweeping Yan Zhaoge downwards.

Having landed, Yan Zhaoge did not waste time on pleasantries, “Has City Lord Song still not left seclusion”

The Jade Sea City Elder who had received him also had on a face full of worry as he looked in the direction of the great hall at the centre of the inner city.

A bright golden light vaguely penetrated out from within, it power majestic.

However, its aura seemed rather weak, vaguely showing signs like it could not really be sustained.

“It was originally about to be successful, but when the grand formation was nearly broken through earlier, the massive impact affected the City Lord, and the situation now…” The voice of this Jade Sea City Elder was rather anguished.

Beside him, Song Chao sat in the meditative position, having sustained rather serious injuries.

Those had been inflicted during the battle with the invading Flame Devils earlier.

Song Chao smiled bitterly, “Junior Brother Yan, it was so hard for you to leave; what are you doing running back ah”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Very remorsefully, that Flame Devil King I drew away still returned here eventually.”

Song Chao said, “Don’t say that, Junior Brother Yan.

This Flame Devil King probably returned due to the arrival of that even stronger Flame Devil King.

If you had not drawn him away in time, before your clan’s senior Heaven Equalling Saint had arrived, my Jade Sea City might already have fallen.”

The other Jade Sea City martial practitioners beside him all nodded emotionally in agreement.

As they looked at Yan Zhaoge, their gazes contained gratitude, praise as well as doubt.

They had not thought that having broken out of the encirclement earlier, Yan Zhaoge would really have been able to lure away a Flame Devil King.

What was even more unexpected was that having fled from the Flame Devil King, Yan Zhaoge had still been able to return safe and sound.

It virtually went against all they knew.

If one said that he had been protected by An Qinglin, An Qinglin would long since have come to Jade Sea City.

Therefore, An Qinglin had clearly only just arrived in the Inner East Sea to assist them.

In that long time that had passed, how had Yan Zhaoge been able to hold up the Flame Devil King’s attention

This left everyone in utter incomprehension no matter how they pondered, also adding a mysterious halo over Yan Zhaoge in their eyes.

Looking at the golden light emanating from within the great hall, Yan Zhaoge sucked in a deep breath, asking, “From the looks of it, City Lord Song is not striving for a breakthrough in his cultivation base, instead seeming like he is forging some treasure.”

His gaze swept over Song Chao and the others, “Is it a Sacred Artifact”

Broad Creed Mountain had already known of their intentions to forge a Sacred Artifact, even having provided them with Unfalling Ghost Rock.

With the matter already clearly laid there for all to see at this moment, Song Chao and the others naturally didn’t deny it.

“That’s right.

My clan is trying to forge a Sacred Artifact, the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword, having already arrived at the final stage of the process, yet suffering this great tribulation,” Song Chao sighed, “My father is currently as though like a single entity with the Sacred Artifact.

If it is not completed, he cannot extricate himself.

If the forging process fails, he will immediately be gravely injured, lacking the ability to withstand the Flame Devils.”

Yan Zhaoge focused on the golden light, slowly saying, “With things being pressing, I have a rather impolite request.

Allow me to say it straight up-can you send me into your clan’s central great hall”

“I might be able to help.”

At his words, the people of Jade Sea City were all stunned.

At this crucial juncture of life and death, such segregations could indeed be discarded, but this was the forging of a Sacred Artifact, something that could only be achieved by a Martial Saint.

Even a Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster would be unable to do anything with it.

It was just that the inconceivable miracle by Yan Zhaoge earlier in having kept the Flame Devil King Cheng Huang busy still hung over his head.

Otherwise, they might really think that there was something wrong with his head.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was deep, “Three things.

The first is to send me into your clan’s central great hall.”

“The second is to let my Grand Master send some agglomerated aura of my clan’s Sacred Artifact, the Clear Qi Robe, into the central great hall.”

“The third thing,” Yan Zhaoge surveyed their surroundings, “Is to circulate your clan’s Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation in reverse, infusing all the power within your central great hall!”

Looking at the solemn Yan Zhaoge, Song Chao and the others were all shaken.

A Jade Sea City longtime Elder muttered, “The grand formation is already on the verge of collapse now.

If it is circulated in reverse, it would directly shatter.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “That is true.”

However, in such a situation, they could only break off the falling bridge behind them to forge a new one ahead.

Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Pavilion Lord An was injured, unsuited for protracted battles.

As time dragged on, the situation would gradually become disadvantageous to their side once more.

Currently already dilapidated beyond compare, if just a single Flame Devil King were to unleash a full-powered blow on Jade Sea City’s grand formation now, it would immediately then be shattered.

However, at the end of the day, this grand formation still belonged to Jade Sea City.

Yan Zhaoge couldn’t really say anything about it, only being able to silently await their decision.

Thankfully, the bigwigs of Jade Sea City did not hesitate, instantly compiling their opinions before looking towards Yan Zhaoge, “Alright, we’ll bet on it.”


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