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HSSB384: In this Eight Extremities World, who in the future can stand against him


Yan Zhaoge stood within the air, silently moderating his condition.

Within his body, spiritual qi surged madly like tides.

If it were other Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmasters, that vast, rampaging spiritual qi would be sufficient to cause their bodies to implode.

It was just with Yan Zhaoge’s strength that he could withstand it, unceasingly dispersing the spiritual qi as he absorbed it for his own use.

Currently, countless masses of qi seemed to have formed about the meridians of Yan Zhaoge’s entire body, rotating unceasingly as they absorbed the rich water-type spiritual qi flowing within his body.

In that final moment of forging the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword, the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation had circulated in reverse, drawing away virtually all of the water-type spiritual qi in the surrounding five thousand metres of sea.

The power that was majestic like the sea had been infused within Jade Sea City’s central great hall, being that final safeguard for the sacrificial forging of the Sacred Artifact.

As the one instigating this, while Yan Zhaoge had managed to avoid it in time, he had still benefited greatly.

Truly forming his true martial soul and cultivating aura into essence, stepping into the Essence Spirit Martial Scholar realm, was not something that could be achieved in a single go.

However, with such majestic spiritual qi having entered Yan Zhaoge’s body, it had forged a firm foundation for when he would do so.

The power accumulated within his body had become more abundant once more, only awaiting the martial profundities comprehended by him having achieved certain heights, completely turning from false into real, before he would truly attempt his breakthrough into the Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster realm.

The majestic water-type spiritual qi entering Yan Zhaoge’s fleshly body, it was unceasingly nourished as it grew even more powerful.

This experience was no different from being reborn anew, his body completely changed.

Such a baptism was granted from a fortuitous encounter, not being something that could be easily replicated.

Other than the infusion of spiritual qi, in that instant when the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword was successfully born, in having felt the condensation of infinite profundities alongside the birth of a Sacred Artifact, Yan Zhaoge had also undergone a unique experience.

With a Martial Saint having successfully forged a Sacred Artifact, he himself would also benefit from this, his cultivation base improving, with even the possibility of breaking through a bottleneck.

While Yan Zhaoge had not been the sacrificial forger of the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword, he had also benefited greatly from this experience.

As intense rumbling suddenly emanated between the heavens and the earth, Yan Zhaoge regained his wits, seeing explosions of fiery light playing out in the entire sky overhead.

The irascible Flame Devil King Cheng Huang had finally chosen the method of dispersing his body for a final, all-out attack on Yuan Zhengfeng and Jade Sea City down below.

Sadly for him, his opponent was Yuan Zhengfeng, equipped with the Clear Qi Robe.

The massive heaven-concealing hand flipped the heavens and overturned the earth, trapping the explosive force of the flames in a single area, unable to damage its surroundings.

Yan Zhaoge bowed towards Yuan Zhengfeng within the sky, “Grand Master, it’s all thanks to you making it here in time.”

Yuan Zhengfeng chuckled, “No, it should be thanks to you, Zhaoge.

Otherwise, when I arrived, it would already have been too late.”

Yan Zhaoge looked in the direction where Song Wuliang and An Qinglin had gone off in pursuit of the two Flame Devil Kings, “Are you leaving immediately”

Yuan Zhengfeng said solemnly, “There is no time to rest.

The Flame Devils on the outer sea seem to already be pressuring down in the vicinity of Long Ocean City.

This old man has to rush over there.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded at his words.

Long Ocean City was indeed going to become the main battlefield.

However, with Yuan Zhengfeng who possessed the Clear Qi Robe, Song Wuliang with his newly forged Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword as well as Huang Guanglie who might already be arriving over there, it should be enough to control the situation, perhaps even launch a counterattack.

If no further reinforcements arrived for the Flame Devils, it would not be easy for them to achieve anything great in this war any longer.

“However, we must still stay vigilant.

In this battle, we’ve basically gathered all of the peak experts of the Eight Extremities World before being able to suppress the enemy’s attacks,” Yan Zhaoge thought.

From elsewhere, the people of Jade Sea City expressed their thanks to Yuan Zhengfeng for his assistance.

With the Flame Devils having appeared so suddenly this time, if not for Broad Creed Mountain’s assistance, Jade Sea City might not have been able to tide through this great tribulation.

After returning their greetings, Yuan Zhengfeng did not longer, immediately heading east.

The people of Jade Sea City could also understand the situation.

However, at this moment, they could not follow after their City Lord, Yuan Zhengfeng and An Qinglin.

The Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation had completely collapsed, and Jade Sea City itself had also sustained some level of damage.

All of this had to be handled.

Otherwise, if any random storm which was slightly more intense than usual descended, Jade Sea City would also be unable to stand against it.

Especially with the Flame Devils now able to avoid the perception of human martial practitioners and move covertly about for some unknown reason.

Jade Sea City’s current situation was that with Song Wuliang not present, if the enemy suddenly killed back with a return lance, it would pretty much be the endgame for them.

And other than the two Flame Devil Kings who had just fled, in the region of sea about Jade Sea City, there were still other Flame Devils present, not lacking Great Flame Devils.

Elder Yu and the others would have to personally move to exterminate them and clean up the area.

Song Chao looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Junior Brother Yan, what are your upcoming plans”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I will also head to Long Ocean City, facing some Flame Devils again.

The greater my understanding of them, the easier it would be to cope with them.”

“The main battlefield with Grand Master, City Lord Song and Pavilion Lord An cannot be entered, but there are still other Flame Devils there.”

Song Chao said, “It is a pity that I will not be able to make this trip with you.

Still, afterwards, my clan’s disciples will also head to the frontlines on Long Ocean City.

Perhaps we will meet again them.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Since that is so, let us meet again.”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge’s departing figure, the people of Jade Sea City exchanged looks, their expressions all gradually turning complex amidst their admiration and gratitude.

A longtime Elder sighed, repeating his earlier words, “After some more years, in this Eight Extremities World, who will be able to stand against him”

Some people looked rather worriedly at Song Chao by the side.

Song Chao had on a calm expression as he shook his head, “I am vastly incomparable.”

Thus, everyone sighed vastly once more.

The External Affairs First Seat Elder who had assisted Yan Zhaoge in breaking out of the encirclement earlier, Elder Wang, smiled bitterly, “Why don’t we look at things from a different perspective.

We should feel fortunate that such a figure has appeared in Broad Creed Mountain, and not the Sacred Sun Clan.”

At his words, they all revealed bitter smiles.

In leaving this time, it was not as perilous as when he had been breaking through the encirclement earlier.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge now found Sikong Qing, having been left behind in Jade Sea City.

Sitting within the vessel prepared for them by Jade Sea City, Yan Zhaoge said, “The strength of the encroachment of the Flame Devils into our Eight Extremities World this time has been far more intense than I would have thought.

Instead, I have placed junior apprentice-sister Sikong in danger.”

In having successfully broken out of their encirclement and lured away the Flame Devil King earlier, while Yan Zhaoge had been greatly confident of doing so, he had still been bearing an immense risk.

If that Flame Devil King, Jing Zhong, equivalent to a human expert at the second level of the Martial Saint realm, had not arrived, Sikong Qing would indeed have been safer here at Jade Sea City.

However, having heard that there was not just a single Flame Devil King on the level of Jing Zhong who had entered the Eight Extremities World this time, Yan Zhaoge had found that the situation over at Jade Sea City was instead even more perilous.

Sikong Qing shook her head, “Do not say such things, senior apprentice-brother Yan.

I just felt my powerlessness once more, not able to serve an effect like you in such a perilous situation as this.”

“As for the Flame Devils unexpectedly attacking Jade Sea City, such a thing is something that no one would have been able to predict.”

Yan Zhaoge looked towards the distant sea, his gaze rather deep and distant, “No one would have been able to predict it…huh”


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