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HSSB388: The Jade Sea becomes a Fire Sea


Accompanied by the sinking of Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu, a ferocious fire dragon instantly whistled over their heads.

If they had still been in their original positions, they would have been burnt into ash by this.

In the distance behind them, there was a massive entity with four legs and eight arms that was completely shrouded in flames, chasing closely after them, possessing great strength.

It was actually a Great Flame Devil!

While Great Flame Devils whose strength were equivalent to Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters were not as terrifying as Flame Devil Kings, they still possessed extremely fearsome strength.

Not lacking in both speed and strength, the Great Flame Devil chased closely after them.

If not for effects of seawater on Flame Devils, it would long since have caught up with them.

In the distance, Pan-Pan also hurriedly came over, grabbing Ah Hu and Yan Zhaoge on each hand before speedily evading to the side, as yet another flaming fire dragon assaulted them from behind.

That Flame Devil shot over with its four legs as though flying, at the same time gesticulating with its eight arms as it seemed to throw over one spear after another.

As the long spears shot out of his hands, they transformed into fire dragons, viciously shooting over towards Yan Zhaoge’s group.

“Young Master, you said that you wanted to find a Great Devil King, and you had to provoke one straight on like this” Ah Hu’s voice was like he had a mouth full of bitter medicine.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression remained calm as he was not flustered in the least.

While he traversed the sea, he unceasingly felt the changes in the surrounding spiritual qi as well as the power fluctuations of the Great Flame Devil behind them.

Evading the attacks of that Great Flame Devil once more, Yan Zhaoge brought Ah Hu and Pan-Pan along in travelling amidst the depths of the sea.

“I had already completed my other preparations, but I still wanted to understand more about the Flame Devils, especially those at the level of Great Flame Devils,” Yan Zhaoge casually explained, “It’s about sufficient now; I can go to the place which I set up beforehand.”

“Even if we can’t take him down, we can at least also shake him off.”

As he said this, Yan Zhaoge brought Ah Hu and Pan-Pan along in shooting forward speedily, that Great Flame Devil letting out multiple roars as it followed closely behind.

“If we drag this on any further, I estimate that his cries will draw over even more Flame Devils.

At that time, things may inevitably take a turn for the worse,” Saying thus, Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head to look at Ah Hu, “You said just now that Lin Zhou has also left the Inner East Sea, coming over to the Outer East Sea”

Ah Hu answered, “Some people saw him leaving Long Ocean City with other Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners, heading east and entering the Outer East Sea.”

Yan Zhaoge looked thoughtful, “Why has he specially taken a trip over to the Outer East Sea”

The Outer East Sea was currently their main battlefield with the Flame Devils.

If Lin Zhou had moved alongside his Grand Master Shen Li, it would still have been fine.

Taking solitary action was undoubtedly an extremely dangerous move.

Here, there were many Great Flame Devils present, and also several Flame Devil Kings.

The aftershocks of battles at the Martial Saint level alone would already be very terrifying.

This abnormal situation left Yan Zhaoge somewhat concerned as he could not help but observe the Outer East Sea that he was in even more carefully.

However, before he could think much, the great sea before him suddenly began shuddering intensely.

Violent earthquakes emanated from the depths of the sea, actually extending throughout the entire Outer East Sea within a short period of time.

That terrifying momentum actually seemed even more shocking than when the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword had been born.

Great waves that surged to the heavens appeared on the sea’s surface, innumerable hurricanes formed at the hidden undercurrents at the depths of the sea as they rampaged about.

The violent tsunami had only just begun!

As Yan Zhaoge lowered his head and gazed over, he discovered that the mountain ranges of live volcanoes which had appeared normal previously had suddenly all erupted simultaneously without any prior indications at this moment!

The natural unobstructed seaview turned into the source of a disaster at this moment.

The dark depths of the sea now turned crimson at this moment, dazzling red light completely filling up Yan Zhaoge’s vision.

The underground volcanoes had all erupted in unison, and much more violently than they normally would.

Numerous volcanoes directly broke apart, infinite, boundless lava surging out from within, causing the surface of the earth at the bottom of the sea surrounding it to break apart as well.

The entire underwater world had transformed into a sea of flames at this moment!

The wild, surging heat appeared limitless and endless as it rose unceasingly.

The temperature of the water instantly rose as it began to bubble.

This was not just a problem of a single region of sea, instead happening about the entire Outer East Sea at this entire same moment, their surroundings also being affected.

It was often spoken of incinerating the heavens and cooking the sea.

Before their eyes, there truly was the momentum of the sea being cooked as amidst the great surging waves, a great amount of steam arose above the sea’s surface, dense white fog enveloping the area.

Originally having been a world of water, the great sea was now blazing hot as it seemed to have transformed completely into a sea of flames!

Looking at this, Ah Hu and Pan-Pan were shocked to the point of being unable to utter a sound.

Yan Zhaoge sucked in a deep breath, “Even Flame Devil Kings might not be able to achieve such a thing, turning the entire Outer East Sea into a world of flames.

The size of the Outer East Sea to the inner mainland was not something that a single county or region could compare to, being as vast as half the Heaven Domain itself.

“Earth veins.

Such a massive disturbance could only have been created with the underground Fire Pith Veins having been stimulated,” Yan Zhaoge dragged along Ah Hu and Pan-Pan, evading a flame pillar that shot up to the heavens, “This is the Flame Devils turning the environment of the great sea that is disadvantageous to them into the same kind of environment as their Flame Devil World.

It truly is a great piece of handiwork.”

Looking at it now, when the Outer East Sea had been possessed by the Flame Devils earlier, the defensive line of the Eight Extremities World having been pushed back to the Inner East Sea in the vicinity of Long Ocean City, the Flame Devils had made use of this chance to act rampantly about the Outer East Sea, making arrangements for this as a huge minefield was buried.

Ah Hu now regained his wits, “The old Chief and the others were actually hoodwinked.”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “While they were hoodwinked, it is also because of them not having expected it.”

“While the Flame Devils have invaded the Eight Extremities World in the past before, the flow of the spiritual qi with the earth veins here is eternally changing.

They could only have begun searching it out after having arrived here.

The Flame Devils were actually able to understand the spiritual qi flow of the earth veins in the Eight Extremities World so quickly after having arrived here, causing a change in the Fire Pith Veins, even though at the end of the day, they originate from a completely different world.”

“This is also precisely what I am curious about.

I do not look down on the strength of the Flame Devils, and also admit that they are not unintelligent, but this really is a little inconceivable.”

Unable to remain in hiding within the depths of the sea any longer, Yan Zhaoge brought Ah Hu and Pan-Pan along in swiftly rising to the sea’s surface.

“Some things or special techniques helped the Flame Devils to achieve this, at the same time also helping them to conceal the changes in the earth veins, thereby hoodwinking us of the Eight Extremities World,” Cold light flickered within Yan Zhaoge’s eyes.

The Great Flame Devil who had been obstructed for a while by the violent tsunami and the hidden undercurrents earlier now caught up with them once more as the fire sea unceasingly devoured the jade sea.

Yan Zhaoge could clearly feel that its aura was even more brutal than before.

In such an environment, the strength of the Flame Devils was evidently recovering, even rising!

It was not just this Great Flame Devil before Yan Zhaoge.

At this moment, on the Outer East Sea, with the group of Flame Devil Kings at their head, all the Flame Devils seemed to have broken free of their restraints as they began launching a terrifying wave of counterattacks!

Just having launched a counterattack into the Outer East Sea, turning defeat into victory, the human experts of the Eight Extremities World instantly suffered an even fiercer counterattack by the Flame Devils.


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