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HSSB389: Exploding more, invoking a chain reaction


The people to first detect the changes in the earth veins of the Outer East Sea was Yuan Zhengfeng’s group.

As the human Martial Saints were in an intense battle with the Flame Devil Kings, they suddenly felt the abnormalities in the depths of the great sea down below.

Yuan Zhengfeng and the others were about to suppress the eruption of the Fire Pith Veins, but Jing Zhong and the other Flame Devil Kings seemed to have long been waiting for this moment as they immediately launched a fierce counterattack.

What caused the group of Eight Extremities World experts to feel the intensity of the situation was the fact that they could very directly feel the strength of the Flame Devils before them abruptly skyrocketing.

This was not that they had been holding back some of their power in reserve earlier.

Instead, the external environment having changed, it had brought about a boost to the combat power of the Flame Devils.

Originally having been suppressed at a disadvantage and unceasingly retreating, the Flame Devil tribe immediately advanced with its counterattack.

The attacking side changed once more.

Luckily, Yuan Zhengfeng, Huang Guanglie and the others reacted swiftly, immediately stabilising their footing, not easily letting the Flame Devils gain the upper hand.

Other than the great battle of Martial Saint level experts, on the Outer East Sea, Fu Enshu and the other Martial Grandmaster experts were currently also locked in heated battle with the other Flame Devils.

Not just the Flame Devil Kings, all the Flame Devils were like fish in water in this changed environment.

Especially the group of Great Flame Devils, the great increase in their strength bringing the martial practitioners of the Eight Extremities World great pressure.

The Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters of the Sacred Grounds basically all had high grade spirit artifacts on them, their actual combat power generally surpassing Great Flame Devils at the same level of strength.

Before this, the advantage of the Flame Devils had come from their strength in numbers, making up for their deficiency in combat power.

However, as the Fire Pith Veins erupted underground, the jade sea transforming into a fire sea, the Great Flame Devils all became extremely ferocious.

Fu Enshu and the others, caught unawares, suffered some losses at this situation, not just a single Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster being injured from sudden attacks by the Flame Devils.

What especially caused these human experts to feel greatly vigilant was that as time passed, in this environment filled completely with flowing fire, the Flame Devils grew braver and braver amidst their attacks.

Yan Zhaoge now realised this problem.

That Great Flame Devil who was chasing after him seemed not to know fatigue.

The spears of fire thrown by it grew denser and more clustered, all of them being full strength attacks, with it not holding back in the slightest.

However, Yan Zhaoge could feel that not only was its power not being depleted, it was instead flourishing.

A fire spear was thrown out, a blazing sea of flames appearing as it exploded in mid-air.

Many fire spears were thrown after it, instantly transforming the surrounding heavens and earth into a cage of flames, wanting to trap all of Yan Zhaoge’s paths alongside the bubbling ocean below.

Ah Hu bared his teeth, pulling back the corners of his lips, “Young Master, didn’t you say that you had previous arrangements Can it still be used under such circumstances”

Yan Zhaoge expanded the Immortal Crane Wings behind his back, the purplish-green light of thunder flickering within his right eye, streams of electricity stimulating his entire body as they flowed to the wings on his back.

The wings shook, increasing Yan Zhaoge’s speed to its maximum as he barely avoided another fire spear.

“With this current environment, it cannot be used,” Yan Zhaoge curled his lips, “However, the things still have to be retrieved.

They will have other uses.”

Saying thus, he shot upwards, rising higher before he abruptly changed direction and headed downwards once more.

The attack of that Great Flame Devil was evaded, with it already beginning to viciously chase over.

Yan Zhaoge relaxed his hands, Ah Hu and Pan-Pan both descending.

Meanwhile, he had already drawn back the bowstring of Heaven Shocker at lightning speed, the bow roaring as three Devil Breaking Ice Talismans whistled through the air, transforming into golden streaks of light as they shot towards that Great Flame Devil.

Having released those three arrows, Yan Zhaoge kept Heaven Shocker, the Immortal Crane Wings shaking behind him.

He went downwards, grabbing the descending Ah Hu and Pan-Pan once more.

That Great Flame Devil’s footsteps were halted by those Devil Shattering Ice Talismans, but flames quickly surged about its entire body.

The blazing hot aura of the surrounding heavens and earth also took effect as the golden frost was very quickly melted.

The Great Flame Devil howled madly, chasing after Yan Zhaoge once more.

Yan Zhaoge took Ah Hu and Pan-Pan along in shooting downwards into the great sea.

The ocean before them was already completely boiling, the sea water roiling as countless massive bubbles surged upwards before exploding one by one.

Let alone the sea below, just the explosion of these air bubbles alone already contained immense destructive power, making it hard for others to approach.

Pan-Pan let out a low cry as numerous black streams of water as well as numerous white streams of flames appeared about him from nowhere, shrouding the bodies of the three.

The white fire and the black water temporarily kept away the boiling seawater and the blazing fire.

Yan Zhaoge brought Ah Hu and Pan-Pan in heading downwards, re-entering the depths of the sea.

At this moment, the depths of the sea had already transformed into a world of lava and melted rocks, being completely bright red as it was filled with an air of destruction.

As Yan Zhaoge’s gaze swept the area, he saw a massive ice ball suspended within the seawater, not floating upwards whilst also not sinking downwards.

Amidst the burning sea, breaking noises resounded from the surface of this ice ball, several cracks forming.

While it did not truly shatter, if it continued to remain in such an environment, it would clearly also be destroyed by the sea of flames.

Yan Zhaoge pressed down on that massive ice ball with his palm, his Shadow Shrinking Pouch opening as it kept the big ice ball within like a snake swallowing an elephant.

During such a short pause of time, the Great Flame Devil behind had already caught up with them once more.

Carefully observing the unceasingly spurting underground fire, Yan Zhaoge promptly led Ah Hu and Pan-Pan in speeding away.

“This is also not the Southern Underground Palace.

Enveloping the earth veins of the entire Outer East Sea on such a huge scale, causing the eruption of underground fire, the eruption would not just have been caused at a single point.

Rather, it should have been worked on at many points, having caused a chain reaction.”

Cold light flickered within Yan Zhaoge’s eyes, “At the points at which the earth veins were stimulated as well the lines for the chain reaction, it should instead be rather more calm.”

Evading the underground fire spurting out from the bottom of the sea.

Evading the pursuit of the Great Flame Devil behind.

Moving according to calculations on the nature of the circulation of the Fire Pith Veins in the surroundings.

Amidst their hurried escape, Yan Zhaoge split some of his attention, circulating his brainpower to its maximum as he even began feeling a little dizzy.

Finally, the temperature of the surrounding seawater suddenly decreased somewhat!

As Yan Zhaoge gazed over, he saw that amidst the crimson depths of the sea, an existence like a path had shockingly appeared.

Those were several underwater mountain ranges, seemingly having been protected by some formless power as they had been left untouched by the surrounding sea of flames.

Amidst the vast, dense sea, underground eruptions had occurred all around at its bottom, but this region here had been left wholly unaffected.

Amidst the flowing fire all around, it resembled a long line, extending into the distance, stretching out further than the eye could see.

Yan Zhaoge exhaled, “It is indeed so!”

However, as the Great Flame Devil shot over in pursuit, with the environment of the entire Outer East Sea having already completely changed, he was still boosted by the power of the fire sea amidst this calm underground area of sea.

This Great Flame Devil rushed over on its four legs, shooting over towards Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge completely ignored it, instead continuing forward amidst the path without flames after having identified that direction.

After having travelled a great distance, unceasingly calculating his coordinates within his heart whilst clashing sporadically with that Great Flame Devil behind him, Yan Zhaoge suddenly slowed his pace.

Raising his head and gazing over, he saw that the underwater mountain ranges before him had suddenly stopped, a break having appeared amongst them.

While it was not like other places where underground fire was unceasingly spurting out, at the place here where a mountain range had been broken, the ground had concaved inwards as a deep abyss had been formed.

The crimson light of fire arose from within that deep abyss.


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