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HSSB390: Path ahead blocked, pursuers behind


As Yan Zhaoge saw that deep abyss that emanated fiery light, he immediately rushed over.

The expression of the Great Flame Devil behind them changed slightly, letting out an enraged roar whose meaning was hard to discern, its speed also seemingly increasing somewhat as it sped off in pursuit.

“Young Master!” Ah Hu’s expression was grave to the extreme as he suddenly gave a low yell.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm, “Yeah, I feel it.”

Up ahead in the distance, numerous powerful auras were currently headed in this direction, these auras brutal and also blazing hot, clearly also being Flame Devils.

Amongst them, there was one whose powerful aura was not inferior to the one behind them in the least.

It was clearly another Great Flame Devil!

Very quickly, in the area of sea up ahead, many figures whose bodies blazed with flames appeared.

Their leader had its wings spread as it flew high, resembling a fiery bird as it instantly arrived in the vicinity of the deep abyss.

Behind this Great Flame Devil were yet more Flame Devils.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge, they let out simultaneous, heaven-shocking enraged howls.

That Great Flame Devil chasing after Yan Zhaoge also howled furiously, the two seemingly communicating through such a means.

“Young Master, as this Great Flame Devil has been chasing us, it has also been trying to get into contact with other Flame Devils,” Ah Hu said in a heavy tone, “As time drags on, more Flame Devils will hurry over to reinforce him.”

Yan Zhaoge did not speak, instead determinedly continuing to rush towards that deep abyss which emanated a fiery glow.

Amidst his advance, he suddenly released that massive ice ball that he had kept earlier from his Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

Having arrived right above that deep abyss, Yan Zhaoge formed a seal with his right fist, then punched mightily onto the ice ball.

The ice ball suddenly shuddered, dropping straight downwards as it fell into the deep abyss that emanated a fiery light.

The Flame Devils before and behind Yan Zhaoge let out multiple enraged howls, rapidly shooting over towards him.

Yan Zhaoge ignored the two Flame Devils, instead punching into the air towards that ice ball.

The ice ball which had not completely shattered in the sea of flames earlier now mightily broke apart.

Numerous bright streams of light flickered, forming countless ice-blue spirit patterns, together establishing a massive spirit formation.

The nine ice shards that were laid out respectively about the boundary of the formation now expanded, transforming into nine white pillars of light, penetrating through the deep sea and stabilising the spirit formation.

In the centre of the spirit formation was heaped a great amount of golden ice crystals, precisely being Devil Shattering Ice Talismans that Yan Zhaoge had forged.

The spirit formation hung within the air, then slowly descended into the deep abyss.

In the depths of the deep abyss, the lava and the blazing fire seemed to have felt something as they surged non-stop, their earlier calmness no longer existent as they began spurting upwards.

That Great Flame Devil in the shape of a fiery bird hesitated slightly, seemingly wanting to descend into the depths of the deep abyss.

Meanwhile, that eight-armed, four-legged Great Flame Devil that had been chasing after Yan Zhaoge for so long was enraged even further as it pursued Yan Zhaoge even more frenziedly.

It raised its arm, a fire spear flying towards Yan Zhaoge once more.

Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu landed on Pan-Pan.

Within the deep sea, Pan-Pan extended his paws, fleeing madly.

Of the remaining Flame Devils, some rushed towards the deep abyss down below while others went to obstruct Yan Zhaoge as well.

The threat posed by them towards Yan Zhaoge was far less than that by the two Great Flame Devils.

If not for those two, Yan Zhaoge could have slowly taken care of them.

Now, however, with a Great Flame Devil present by the side and these Flame Devils coming to surround him, the threat they posed also became great.

Yan Zhaoge did not let himself get caught by them, pulling back the bowstring of Heaven Shocker as he shot off some of his few remaining Devil Shattering Ice Talismans one by one.

Numerous streaks of golden light shot over within the deep sea, a massive glacier condensing, blocking those Flame Devils.

However, the fire spear thrown by that Great Flame Devil behind him arrived before him in an instant, quick to the point that it could not be evaded!

Its violent, blazing hot aura that was filled with an air of destruction caused the glacier formed by the Devil Shattering Ice Talismans to gradually melt as it began to unceasingly break apart.

Yan Zhaoge held the bow in his left hand, taking out a small black incense burner with his right hand at lightning speed, aimed towards that fire spear which was shooting over mightily towards him.

This Flame Devil was extremely tall, that fire spear thrown by it also a massive entity, being several tens of metres in length and more than a metre in breadth.

Yan Zhaoge held the Earth Devouring Burner before him.

Mysteriously somehow, the space before the Earth Devouring Burner seemed to have distorted as the massive fire spear shrunk rapidly, being absorbed within the Earth Devouring Burner!

Pan-Pan made use of this chance to bring Yan Zhaoge along in shooting forward rapidly.

“Huh” Now, purplish-green light abruptly flickered within Yan Zhaoge’s right eye as a mild piercing pain throbbed.

Having been reminded by Yan Zhaoge, Pan-Pan abruptly roared, spitting out a streak of blazing white fire ahead.

The white fire arrow shot far into the distance, traversing the seawater as it initially moved without obstruction, yet suddenly halted.

The next instant, light appeared within this boundless darkness, the green light of thunder suddenly appearing in great amounts, also carrying a small amount of strange silver lightning within.

The green light of thunder shot into the skies, forming a great barrier which obscured the heavens, enveloping the surrounding area in the vicinity of the deep abyss.

Striking the barrier of green thunder, the white fire arrow shot out by Pan-Pan was instantly destroyed by it.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge’s pupils instantly dilated slightly, “Heavenly Thunder Hall!”

Enveloped by the light of thunder, a one-eyed youth appeared.

It was precisely Lin Zhou.

Other than Lin Zhou, in different directions were also other martial practitioners of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, dispersed in groups of twos and threes as they respectively stabilised the formation where they were.

Three great green flags were erected in a triangular formation, together establishing this massive divine barrier of green thunder.

Lin Zhou and the others had still yet to speak when Yan Zhaoge directly let out a low roar, the light of thunder flickering within his right eye, a purple orb appearing above his head.

Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment!

A terrifying strike of An Instant’s Thunder roared madly, revealing and venting its power that was violent to the extreme.

The very heavens and earth seemed to be shaken at this moment as even the Great Flame Devil that had been pursuing Yan Zhaoge for so long earlier felt fear within its heart.

The terrifying light of thunder surged forward like a long river, directly vaporizing all the seawater in the surroundings as a vacuum road was cleared out before them.

An Instant’s Thunder collided with the divine barrier of green thunder, a great green flag directly being shattered by this!

Where the flag was located, the rock formations at the depths of the sea collapsed, scenes like the heavens collapsing and the earth breaking apart playing out.

The Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners in the vicinity, that thin senior apprentice-brother Zhang included, lost their footing, falling downwards together.

A massive hole was ripped apart within that all-encompassing barrier of green thunder in the blink of an eye.

Yan Zhaoge led Ah Hu and Pan-Pan along in shooting towards that hole.

However, Lin Zhou seemed to have long been prepared for this as he suddenly flashed a great green flag that was exactly the same as the rest.

Three great flags gathered once more, the divine barrier of green thunder established once more as it blocked the path of Yan Zhaoge’s group.

Ah Hu broke out scolding, “Good, so you Heavenly Thunder Hall are wearing the same pair of pants as the Flame Devils”

Lin Zhou stared at Yan Zhaoge with his right eye as he said coldly, “Our clan is just entrapping the chaotic Flame Devils.

You just happen to be located within; it’s pure coincidence.”

“Still, it is not possible to open a hole for you to get out.

Otherwise, if the Flame Devils escape and wreak havoc, that is not a responsibility that anyone can bear.”

“If you sustain any damage from this, I can only express my regret.

In battles with the Flame Devils, there will inevitably always be some casualties.

The Broad Creed Young Master Yan Zhaoge has always performed exemplarily, and would naturally not mind sacrificing himself for the greater good.

Here, on behalf of the countless lifeforms of the Eight Extremities World, I thank you for your efforts and your sacrifice.”


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