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HSSB392: Wait to drink the waters of the East Sea dry


Yan Zhaoge’s momentum was like that of speeding thunder as he rushed before the Divine Sky Green Thunder Barrier, grasping the Earth Devouring Burner in his hand as he pushed it horizontally forth towards the light of green thunder.

Lin Zhou roared sharply, “Yan Zhaoge!”

Amidst his great roar, Lin Zhou abruptly reached out and pulled down the eye patch that had been covering his left eye earlier.

Lin Zhou’s left eye that had been blinded by Yan Zhaoge on the Extreme Northern Snowy Plains previously suddenly opened.

The eye socket was completely pitch black, no eyeball or any form of light visible within whatsoever, solely formed of pure, primordial darkness.

As the surrounding light came into contact with Lin Zhou’s left eye, it immediately vanished without a trace, as though it had been devoured.

It resembled the quietest, purest darkness of the night.

Yan Zhaoge instantly felt as though he was currently located within a land of infinite darkness, containing no sound, no light, no sense of the existence of space nor the flow of time, only a great boundless fear, filled with an air of great disaster.

The Earth Devouring Furnace shook, a strange suction force emanating and devouring this darkness.

Only when the darkness had been dispersed did light appear all around, infinite and boundless, that of roaring, surging silvery-white thunder.

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows, “No wonder, so it is one of the Nine Heavenly Immortal Thunders alongside An Instant’s Thunder, Thunder of Eternal Night.”

Thunder of Eternal Night transformed the world into the most primordial darkness, obscuring all scenes and sounds, bringing one into an eternal night.

When Thunder of Eternal Night finally resounded, it would transform into the purest, most primordial light of thunder, breaking apart the night, ripping apart the heavens and earth where it passed.

Where the light of thunder passed, darkness would descend, stealing and repressing the target’s hearing, sight, touch and other sensory abilities, as though having died amidst the deepest slumber.

Lin Zhou gave a muffled groan, fresh blood flowing out from his left eye socket.

A streak of silvery-white radiance flew out of his left eye, circling above his head.

It was a sword of light formed of silvery-white thunderbolts.

Obstructed by Lin Zhou, Yan Zhaoge was halted slightly, the Great Flame Devil before him immediately catching up.

It raised its eight arms simultaneously, eight fire spears filled with an aura of destruction shooting over towards Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change as he roared, his second accompanying Shadow Shrinking Pouch suddenly opening.

Two pillars flew out from within this Shadow Shrinking Pouch, increasing in size as they flew, instantly having become massive.

One was the ice pillar in which was sealed the corpse of a true dragon, and the other was a stone pillar, gleaming with light, causing the descent of countless scenes.

Yan Zhaoge controlled the Pillar of the Divine Palace, releasing his suppression on the ice pillar.

While the true dragon’s body sealed within the ice pillar contained no life, its spirituality that had yet to disperse completely instantly began rampaging about.

As the fire spears of that Great Flame Devil shot over, their blazing aura of destructions immediately stimulated the corpse of this ice dragon.

The ice pillar shuddered, naturally reacting to its stimulation as the aura of a dragon was emitted from within, the sealed ice dragon seemingly have come back to life.

Ice and fire clashed intensely at this moment, with that Great Flame Devil’s attack being blocked while the ice pillar was struck flying backwards.

However, Yan Zhaoge made use of this chance to stimulate the Pillar of the Divine Palace, viciously slamming it towards that Great Flame Devil.

Countless spirit patterns lit up as they intermingled about the entire area, transforming into limitless radiance as the Pillar of the Divine Palace seemed to have increased greatly in size.

A mighty crash resounded as that four-legged, eight-armed Great Flame Devil was struck by the stone pillar, falling dizzily backwards.

The Pillar of the Divine Palace was also sent flying backwards from the collision.

Yan Zhaoge reached out and grabbed it once more before using it to pressure and suppress the corpse of the ice dragon that had been running amok before this.

With the ice dragon’s body having fallen momentarily silent after being struck by the Great Flame Devil, Yan Zhaoge managed to easily suppress it with the Pillar of the Divine Palace once more.

Yan Zhaoge opened his Shadow Shrinking Pouch, keeping the two pillars, one suppressing the other.

However, an even greater crisis already lay right before him.

That vortex that had risen upwards from within that deep abyss, having expanded unceasingly as it devoured the surrounding space, had already almost caught up to him.

Having been sent flying backwards by the pillar of the Divine Palace, the Great Flame Devil let out a howl of shock intermixed with fury as half its body had already been sucked in place by the vortex.

The vortex surged outwards unceasingly, sweeping through and devouring all that dared to stand in its path.

At this moment, it was already a hair’s length away from Yan Zhaoge.

Standing within the Divine Sky Green Thunder Barrier, Lin Zhou had one hand over his bleeding left eye, forming a sword with two fingers of his other hand as he pointed towards Yan Zhaoge.

The Eternal Night Thunder Sword circling above his head chopped over towards Yan Zhaoge.

While that terrifying vortex was already right before his eyes and the Divine Sky Green Thunder Barrier as well, Lin Zhou clenched his teeth, just not retreating, glaring fixatedly at Yan Zhaoge with his right eye.

“Yan Zhaoge, it is either you die today or I perish,” Lin Zhou’s face was tragically pale but his expression was brutal, “If you can make it out of the East Sea alive this time, I will drink the waters of the sea here dry.”

That strange silvery-white light of thunder of the Eternal Night Thunder Sword instantly transformed into darkness, obscuring the sky and concealing the sun as it wanted to devour Yan Zhaoge.

The Divine Sky Green Thunder Barrier blocked Yan Zhaoge’s path while Thunder of Eternal Night assailed him, with Lin Zhou going all out with his full strength as he wanted to directly send Yan Zhaoge reeling backwards into that terrifying vortex before his eyes that devoured all that it saw.

That Great Flame Devil with half its body already within the vortex roared, a fire spear appearing within his hand which he threw towards Yan Zhaoge.

This decisive blow showed his determination to drag Yan Zhaoge down into death alongside him.

Yan Zhaoge turned, the Earth Devouring Burner directed towards the fire spear as it blocked that terrifying destructive power.

At the same time, Yan Zhaoge flicked his right sleeve, a dark green bamboo branch appearing within his hand.

The bamboo branch struck out, shining as it beat down towards the Thunder of Eternal Night.

The darkness faded, the silver light exploding, the Eternal Night Thunder Sword sent flying backwards into retreat by Yan Zhaoge.

Lin Zhou left out a muffled groan, blood leaking from the corner of his mouth, but he remained standing where he was, stabilising the Divine Sky Green Thunder Barrier and sealing Yan Zhaoge’s forward route.

As he watched on, that terrifying vortex was already right about to come into contact with Yan Zhaoge’s body.

Layers of green thunder stood before Yan Zhaoge, obstructing his path forward.

The boundary of the vortex had already arrived by the vicinity of the green thunder.

That senior apprentice-brother Luo yelled, “Let’s retreat as well!”

Lin Zhou roared, “Wait a little longer!”

Senior apprentice-brother Zhang beside senior apprentice-brother Luo also called out, “We can’t wait any longer!”

Lin Zhou was furious, “What are you doing when I say to wait a little longer”

All the Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners were rendered dazed as wooden chickens.

Right before their very eyes, their very own senior apprentice-brother Zhang formed claws with his hands, grabbing senior apprentice-brother Luo by the neck before twisting mightily.

Senior apprentice-brother Luo let out a great despairing howl, his aura-qi of thunder surging madly about his entire body.

However, aura-qi similarly surged madly about the body of senior apprentice-brother Zhang, forming a terrifying black storm, some purple light even shining within.

A fearsome black tiger appeared behind senior apprentice-brother Luo, letting out a great roar that shocked the heavens as it snapped off the neck of that Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioner, his head leaving his body.

Lin Zhou was rendered wide-eyed and tongue-tied, “Black Nightmare Godly Wind, Ghost Tiger Divine Claw!”

‘Senior apprentice-brother Zhang’ laughed heartily, still in that thin, trained appearance, “I’m your house’s Grandpa Hu ah!”

Amidst his hearty laughter, he did not cease in his movements, continuing to attack as he snapped that great green flag which had originally been supported by senior apprentice-brother Luo.

The Divine Sky Green Thunder Barrier instantly began to collapse.

Sitting on Pan-Pan, Yan Zhaoge shot out through it, now looking coldly at Lin Zhou.

“You can begin drinking the waters of the East Sea dry now.”


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