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HSSB393: I alone am more than sufficient to defeat a hundred of you


Hailing from Sacred Grounds, being greatly experienced and knowledgeable, after their initial shock and incomprehension, the group of Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners had already reacted by this time.

The rare treasure Imitation Killing Jade, for a period of time after its use, would let one’s flesh, blood and aura-qi imitate that of the target that had been killed.

As long as the user did not engage in combat, even their breathing patterns and inner qi on the outside would be completely the same as that of the imitated target.

Ah Hu’s understanding towards that Heavenly Thunder Hall Martial Grandmaster was limited.

Not being clear on his usual habits, his imitation of him could not be considered intricate.

However, amidst the previous chaotic situation, he had remained careful not to reveal any traces, successfully hoodwinking the people of the Heavenly Thunder Hall within a short period of time.

The risks within did not have to be said.

If he had been exposed, he would have immediately been surrounded and attacked.

However, along with high risks came high returns.

In that final critical moment, when everyone’s attention had been highly focused on Yan Zhaoge and that terrifying vortex, Ah Hu had made use of the chance to suddenly erupt.

As the Divine Sky Green Thunder Barrier was broken, Yan Zhaoge immediately passed through like a ferocious tiger descending the mountain.

Some Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners were greatly enraged, rushing towards Ah Hu as he was instantly surrounded by many.

However, after passing through the Divine Sky Green Thunder Barrier, jumping down from Pan-Pan, a transparent glazed plate appeared within Yan Zhaoge’s hand.

The glazed plate shone with a bloodred light.

As Yan Zhaoge opened it, countless streaks of bloodred light instantly flew out.

It was precisely a precious treasure specifically used to break through barriers, a Blood Devil Plate.

Located within the barrier this time, as the Blood Devil Plate was activated, amidst the countless flying streaks of bloodred light, cracks immediately extended within the barrier.

Yan Zhaoge punched out with one hand and slammed out with a palm with the other, both striking forward simultaneously, aura-qi shaking as the bloodred light abruptly surged.

Countless lines of blood intersected amidst the broken down barrier of the green light of thunder, resembling veins.

The two remaining green flags of the barrier were instantly covered by a bloodred layer, their surface riddled densely with thin bloodred lines.

Behind them, that terrifying vortex was still expanding unceasingly.

The boundary of the vortex came into contact with the Divine Sky Green Thunder Barrier, the broken barrier instantly nearing the brink of collapse.

The shining silver light of the Eternal Night Thunder Sword above Lin Zhou’s head vanished at this moment, turning dark, resembling the boundless night sky.

He glared at Yan Zhaoge, letting out a great roar of hatred and rage.

Then, enveloped by the night sky, he turned and left.

Yan Zhaoge looked coldly at Lin Zhou.

Elsewhere, having received Ah Hu, Pan-Pan now returned to his side.

Yan Zhaoge sat down on Pan-Pan, and with but a thought on his part, Pan-Pan spread out his four paws, racing madly forward.

Behind them, seeing the vortex drawing close, the people of the Heavenly Thunder Hall struggled to flee.

Not looking back, Yan Zhaoge just punched back in the direction from which he had come, towards the Divine Sky Green Thunder Barrier.

The all-encompassing bloodred lines on the barrier shuddered in unison, the two green flags exploding!

Roiling green thunder exploded in chains, the entire barrier completely collapsing!

The violent thunderbolts instantly consumed the group of Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners, the wild explosion it caused also seemingly obstructing that vortex for a moment.

The next moment, the vortex continued expanding.

As those Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners who had not died to the explosion of the barrier were obstructed by the thunder light, slowing them down, they were now also swept into the vortex’s area of influence, being dragged within.

Sitting on Pan-Pan’s back, Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu were far away in an instant.

The underwater mountain chain before them was still shaking intensely, underground fire spurting outwards every once in a while, resembling hell on earth.

Yan Zhaoge focused on that dark shadow in the distance.

That dark shadow flickered amidst the light of fire, zigzagging left and right, continually fleeing far away as darkness constantly overlapped with light.

Heaven Shocker that emitted purple thunderbolts soon fell into Yan Zhaoge’s hands once more.

Drawing back the bowstring, a streak of golden light shot out.

Devil Shattering Ice Talismans had suppressive effects on Flame Devils, but still possessed rather great power against humans.

Where the golden light passed, the sea was instantly sealed in ice.

That dark shadow erupted with vicious silvery-white thunder, shattering the surrounding glaciers.

However, with just that moment’s delay, Yan Zhaoge had already speedily caught up.

Blazing hot, violent auras emanated from the nearby sea, with yet more Flame Devils appearing as they made to surround Yan Zhaoge and the others.

“I’ll leave it to you,” Yan Zhaoge ignored the Flame Devils this time as he leapt off Pan-Pan, his sword-light resembling a dragon as it split the seawater, chopping straight towards Lin Zhou!

Amidst the darkness, Lin Zhou let out a long, enraged howl, silvery-white thunderbolts being emitted from the darkness, seemingly able to pierce through the heavens and split the earth apart as they shot towards Yan Zhaoge.

Becoming one with his sword, Yan Zhaoge seemed to have transformed into a green dragon as he descended from the skies.

His figure spun in mid-air, countless streaks of green sword-lights enveloping the heavens and covering the earth as they descended amidst their surroundings, resembling a green dragon shaking its scales.

The green sword-lights clashed unceasingly with the light of thunder in mid-air, continually being destroyed.

However, the vast dragon’s majesty, that brilliant sword-intent, remained enveloping Lin Zhou!

It was fine if Lin Zhou met battle, but with him daring to turn and run, drawn by his momentum, Yan Zhaoge’s sword would pin him directly dead within the depths of the sea.

“Kill!” Lin Zhou’s expression was pale as paper, but a fiery glow could still be seen in his lone right eye.

Reaching out with a grabbing motion, the white sword-light above his head landed within his hands, transforming into a true sword, the sword’s blade being jet-black, white light circulating about it.

Within Lin Zhou’s other hand appeared a sabre.

Aura-qi surged madly throughout his entire body, converging on that sabre which hacked consecutively outwards.

Amidst the terrifying qi of thunder, Lin Zhou seemed to suddenly have grown much taller as he resembled a descended thunder king!

Of the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s Sword-Sabre Combination, one of its two supreme martial arts, Nine Rotating Thunder King’s Sabre!

On the other side, Lin Zhou did not exert his aura-qi, but the power of the Eternal Night Thunder Sword was still much more powerful than with him executing the Nine Rotating Thunder King’s Sabre.

While it was not the combination of Divine Sky Chain Sword and Nine Rotating Thunder King’s Sabre, this joint sabre and sword attack of Lin Zhou’s still domineeringly activated the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s supreme secret art, Thunder-Lightning Union!

Amidst the intermingling of purplish-green thunderbolts and silvery-white lightning, countless snakes of electricity traversed the seawater, terrifying beyond compare.

“The sword that contains Thunder of Eternal Night has not a bad quality,” Yan Zhaoge said calmly, a dark green bamboo branch that flickered with purple light appearing within his left hand.

He brandished the bamboo branch, parrying Lin Zhou’s Eternal Night Thunder Sword.

Meanwhile, the sword-light of Yan Zhaoge’s Jade Dragon Sword flickered within his right hand, directly shattering Lin Zhou’s sabre-light, “As for you yourself, you are sorely lacking.”

Lin Zhou roared furiously, his shattered sabre-light abruptly turning, chopping towards Yan Zhaoge with an even fiercer momentum than before!

It was precisely the sublime essence of the Nine Rotating Thunder King’s Sabre, Lin Zhou having already comprehended it to some extent.

However, Yan Zhaoge’s sword resembled a flash flood that surged to the heavens, being unstoppable as it advanced forward, easily shattering the second sabre-light, “You seem to have forgotten that the last time we fought face-to-face for real, the first time we met, you were in the mid Xiantian stage, and I was in the early Xiantian stage.”

Not waiting for Lin Zhou to unleash his third sabre-light, Yan Zhaoge’s sword had already arrived before him, directly hacking his mid-grade spirit artifact sabre into destruction!

Following this sword, the momentum of Yan Zhaoge’s assault did not drop as it continued pressuring forward, resembling Mount Tai weighing down on an egg.

Lin Zhou’s sole eyeball appeared on the brink of popping out and imploding as he watched Yan Zhaoge’s sword shatter half his body!

“Currently, you are an early Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster, while I am a late Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster.

If we consider only our cultivation bases…”

Yan Zhaoge brandished his dark green bamboo branch once more, sending Lin Zhou’s Eternal Night Thunder Sword flying, before he retracted the Jade Dragon Sword with his right hand, directly pushing forward with his palm!

Before Lin Zhou’s eyes, the heavens spun and the earth rotated, the very sky seemingly collapsing!

“Now, considering only our cultivation bases, I alone am more than sufficient to defeat a hundred of you.”


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