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HSSB394: The end of Lin Zhou


Within the depths of the sea, the underwater mountain range shook, rocks breaking apart, underground fire spurting out of the ground, with scenes resembling the end of the world.

Within the sea water, Yan Zhaoge’s palm descended, resembling the collapse of the heavens.

The vortex in his surroundings completely stopped, completely locked in place and unable to move.

The water had not completely frozen into ice, but seemed to have turned into a solid as not even the slightest ripples could be seen on it whatsoever.

Beneath Yan Zhaoge’s palm, Lin Zhou’s body which originally had already been injured and covered in blood instantly erupted with yet more sprays of blood mist, completely moving towards collapse.

Fresh blood spurted out of Lin Zhou’s left eye socket which had long since lost its vision.

He struggled, still glaring unrelentingly at Yan Zhaoge with his right eye, filled with rage, hatred and unwillingness.

Yan Zhaoge looked calmly at Lin Zhou, saying mildly, “What, are you thinking about what you would definitely do if you could relive everything once more”

Lin Zhou’s right eye abruptly dilated as he glared at Yan Zhaoge!

Seeing this expression of his, Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Before, I had still been unable to say for sure, only feeling that it felt like you had been reborn.

Seeing your expression now, it must really have been like this.”

Lin Zhou’s vision had already gradually turned blurry, but his mind was instead exceptionally clear in these final moments, “You are indeed not the same as me, but you are also not the same as the others!”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Lin Zhou, shaking his head, “I wonder what time period you lived till in your previous lifetime Did you experience this invasion of the Flame Devils”

“If you had, regarding the attack of the Flame Devils on Jade Sea City and your knowledge of the Flame Devils stimulating the Fire Pith Veins here in the Outer East Sea, if you had found a way and conveyed this information to the others of our Eight Extremities World, it would have been much easier for everyone, faced with this invasion of the Flame Devils.”

“You yourself would have achieved great fame and merits.

Not only would you have been rewarded by your own Heavenly Thunder Hall, everyone else would also be grateful for your contributions.”

Yan Zhaoge said calmly, “That time at Clear Concealed Lake-didn’t you do very well back then”

While as the outside world knew, the unearthing of the hidden operatives of the Decimating Abyss by the Heavenly Thunder Hall before the incident at Clear Concealed Lake had been the contribution of Lin Zhou’s father, Lin Tianfeng, Yan Zhaoge guessed that it must have stemmed from Lin Zhou.

“While because the encroachment of the Decimating Abyss had been too great, the information was leaked, in the end having been countered greatly, your line of thinking was not wrong.

You truly presided over Yan Shan, being affirmed by your Heavenly Thunder Hall as the first person of its younger generation.

It must have been because of that, rather than because of your cultivation base having surpassed Yan Shan.”

As one could partake in the global situation of the Eight Extremities World, one would no longer be considered an ordinary younger generation disciple or young genius.

Lin Zhou snorted coldly, “Don’t mention Clear Concealed Lake; if you really want to mention it, you should have died at Clear Concealed Lake!”

In the incident of Clear Concealed Lake, because the information had been leaked, the Decimating Abyss had successfully countered the measures set up against them, but had eventually had the core of their Devilish Domain Grand Formation destroyed by Yan Zhaoge, still a Martial Scholar at that time.

That battle had been the stage for Yan Zhaoge’s elevation of position in the Eight Extremities World.

After that, there was no longer anyone under the heavens who didn’t know this Lord.

At Lin Zhou’s words that he should originally have died at Clear Concealed Lake, Yan Zhaoge nonchalantly smiled.

Lin Zhou became even more furious, “What was the point of my painstaking plans; my father didn’t die to the Nine Underworlds Evil Devils, yet still perished at your Broad Creed Mountain!”

Yan Zhaoge understood, “So, following that, your mentality had completely changed”

He said calmly, “While your cultivation base still continually improved, while you obtained much good fortune and treasures, even obtaining Thunder of Eternal Night, you lost your confidence.”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, rather lost for words.

With the consecutive reversals in the great battle of Broad Creed Mountain, the death of Lin Zhou’s father, Lin Tianfeng, at Broad Creed Mountain had let to the birth of darkness within Lin Zhou’s heart, seeds of madness taking root.

On the Extreme Northern Snowy Plains, having been defeated by Yan Zhaoge as he sought the legacy of the late Glacial Dragon Martial Saint, also having lost Heaven Shocker that his father had left him along with one of his own eyes being blinded, the bottom line within Lin Zhou’s heart had finally been pierced through completely.

Originally having firmly believed that he was the main character of this era, after having suffered multiple setbacks, doubt had arisen within his heart.

While it appeared like he had still been using the advantage of his past lifetime, having given him foreknowledge on many things, he had actually gone from striving for things on his own initiative to having been forced into a passive, waiting state.

As Lin Zhou glared at Yan Zhaoge, he felt his spirit gradually dispersing, his life finally about to leave him.

He said in a low, heavy tone, “At this point in time, words are no longer important.”

“If I have the chance to relive things once more, I will definitely fight it out with you again!”

“Two lifetimes, both filled completely with regrets.

I am unresigned!”

Lin Zhou glared furiously at Yan Zhaoge with all his remaining energy, “Yan Zhaoge, don’t be too happy.

You will only be able to live for one or two years longer than me!”

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows, looking at Lin Zhou.

Lin Zhou broke out into laughter, “Right, you don’t know, they don’t know, everybody doesn’t know.

Only I know!”

“Ignorance is bliss; it will allow you to pass a few more days in stability!”

“Yan Zhaoge! I will be waiting for you down below!”

Looking at Lin Zhou, Yan Zhaoge suddenly smiled, “Right, I don’t know, but I am standing right here.

You know, but you will be lying here forever.”

“You say that you know, but what is the difference from not knowing”

Lin Zhou’s laughter ceased, seemingly having been caught by the throat as some trembling could be detected right at the end of that laughter.

“I am not clear whether you can relive things once more.

Still, now, just go in peace,” Yan Zhaoge said indifferently, “Haven’t you yet noticed that after Clear Concealed Lake, the changes in the global situation would not really have changed whether or not you were present”

“Perhaps this world has left you with regrets, but with you gone, there is nothing for this world to regret.”

Yan Zhaoge’s palm descended, “From a certain perspective, if the you back at Clear Concealed Lake had died then, there really is some possibility that it would have been a loss to the Eight Extremities World of that time.

However, you yourself looked from important, weighty matters to inconsequential itches and pains.”

Lin Zhou died unresigned, his body completely exploded into a haze of blood mist!

His faint, silhouetted soul also dispersed with the wind.

The soul flying and the spirit scattering, to complete, and utter, damnation!

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “The third one; it feels really no different from clapping anyone else dead.”

He extended his hand, that black Eternal Night Thunder Sword drifting within the sea, flickering with the white light of thunder, drifting over towards him.

The Eternal Night Thunder Sword shook, wanting to transform into layers of darkness as it resisted Yan Zhaoge’s summons.

Yan Zhaoge touched his dark green bamboo branch on it.

The Eternal Night Thunder Sword shuddered slightly, calming down a little.

However, that suffused darkness still came enveloping towards Yan Zhaoge, wanting to devour him.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm as within all the acupoints of his body seemed to appear a chaotic qi mass, absorbing this darkness in great amounts, yet not seeing the appearance of silvery-white light of thunder.

Within Yan Zhaoge’s mind, however, lightning flashed and thunderbolts howled.

Having had the experience of refining the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment, Yan Zhaoge’s current process of refining this treasured Eternal Night Thunder Sword was much smoother.

“This thing is more like a crystallisation of Thunder of Eternal Night, having condensed after some sword-intent was merged within,” Yan Zhaoge’s eyes lit up slightly, “This thing is not bad ah; perhaps it can be used to refine Thunder of Eternal Night of the Nine Heavenly Immortal Thunders.”


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