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HSSB396: Battlefield of Martial Saints


Sitting on Pan-Pan, Yan Zhaoge gazed into the distance, yet not focusing on anywhere in particular.

His mind focused, he was unceasingly feeling the changes and movements of the circulation of the underwater earth veins here, diligently identifying the source of the changes in the Fire Pith Veins.

Unlike earlier, when all the point regions of stability had been activated simultaneously in order to conceal the true core of the net of fire established by the Flame Devils, now, just that single point region of stability having been destroyed, the entire fire net was in the midst of restoring balance.

Traces instantly surfaced in the network circulation of the fire net, enabling Yan Zhaoge to move according to its flow and search for its core.

That region of sea where a vortex of ice and fire had arisen was currently already far behind him.

However, Yan Zhaoge could feel that scenes of the end of the world, with the eruption of underground fire, had already resumed there, turning the vast jade sea into an infinite flame sea.

As these abnormalities continued, many days having passed, a great amount of seawater of the Outer East Sea had already evaporated.

If not from the constant supply from the distant surrounding regions of sea, the vast Outer East Sea might already have been completely dried up by the underground fire.

The strange changes of nature also led to the phenomena and climate above the sea becoming extremely chaotic.

Hurricanes, storms, earthquakes and tsunamis were already a frequent occurrence that no one would bat an eyelid at.

A change having occurred to the earth veins of the Outer East Sea on such a grand scale, this had affected the spiritual qi flow of the entire ocean, and in effect the entire Eight Extremities World.

The longer this continued, the further and deeper these effects would become, in an unpredictable manner.

To the Flame Devils who were only interested in destruction and looting, what sort of state the world before them ended up in was not something they were really interested in.

However, with regard to the martial practitioners of the Eight Extremities World living their lives here, the changes in the spiritual qi flow would indisputably be an extremely great disaster.

Even the usually grinning Ah Hu currently seemed full of worry, “Young Master, the core of the fire net would probably be guarded by many Flame Devil experts”

While staring at the sea ahead, Yan Zhaoge said, “There is this possibility.”

The two sat on Pan-Pan, advancing ahead.

The routes connecting the various point regions of stability remained stable, forming a rather long and narrow zone of safety, the underwater mountain ranges quiet as no underground fire spurted out from the ground.

Meanwhile, on the two sides of this long narrow path, blazing fire was clearly visible as it unceasingly gushed out from the depths of the sea, colliding with the seawater ahead, countless massive air bubbles being formed as they rose rapidly up to the sea’s surface.

There was not just a single one of these long, narrow paths, with there instead being many of them, intersecting as they were scattered amidst the depths of the Outer East Sea.

Yan Zhaoge did not just follow a certain single one of these paths, instead changing direction many times in order to get to his destination as quickly as possible.

Passing by many point regions of stability along the way, Yan Zhaoge did not make a move on them, instead rapidly progressing forward towards the core of the fire net.

The nine ice shards which he had used to establish the Cold Abyss Domain earlier had already been used up in that deep abyss of flames at that initial point region of stability.

Currently, sitting on Pan-Pan’s back, amidst their hurrying, Yan Zhaoge forged a second batch of these ice shards.

Sadly, his Internal Crystal Furnace had already exploded at Jade Sea City in assisting the birth of the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword.

For him to forge those ice shards again, the difficulty of that was inevitably much greater.

He could only work slowly and painstakingly on it.

On the Outer East Sea, a great battle between the Flame Devils and the human martial practitioners of the Eight Extremities World was currently still in progress.

While currently, the Outer East Sea was still incomparable to the complete environment of flames like in the Flame Devil World, with the changes in the external environment, the home advantage had been turned to their side, with the battlefield instead seeming like it was the home ground of the Flame Devil race.

Not only was their combat strength boosted, they also seemed not to know exhaustion, getting more and more valiant the more they fought.

The human martial practitioners could only grit their teeth and withstand their enemies, their casualties gradually increasing.

Along the way, whether it was the Flame Devils or human martial practitioners, Yan Zhaoge encountered quite a few of them.

However, in hurrying along this time, Yan Zhaoge kept the relic dark red ring of the Flame Devil Emperor well, avoiding the leaking of its aura.

Not just that, having already drawn the attention of most of the Flame Devils, being firmly remembered by them, Yan Zhaoge also retracted his aura as much as possible.

The current situation was pressing, speed being of the utmost essence.

Having already determined the general position of the core of the fire net, Yan Zhaoge was determined to avoid the wastage of time as much as possible on his way there.

Progressing on the water, even with Pan-Pan opening the way, their speed was still incomparable to when on land.

As time passed, the surrounding environment was continuing to deteriorate more and more.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm as usual, but some worry had inevitably appeared within his gaze.

Finally approaching yet another point region of stability, Yan Zhaoge gently patted Pan-Pan, whose speed of progress instantly slowed.

While it appeared normal, being no different from the other point regions of stability, following many projections, Yan Zhaoge could be certain that this point region of stability before them was the core of that massive fire net that enveloped the vast regions of the entire Outer East Sea, from which it originated.

With the Flame Devils able to change the spiritual qi flow of the Eight Extremities World’s earth veins on such a large scale, at the same time bypassing the eyes of the human experts as it led to the eruption of all those Fire Pith Veins, the main reason for it lay here.

The reason Yan Zhaoge halted was that the scene before him was completely that of a forbidden ground.

The reason did not lie at the depths of the sea, where the rocks and reefs were all silent, only a massive deep abyss visible amongst the numerous mountains, the crimson light of fire shining within.

The reason was at the sea’s surface, where incomparably violent power fluctuations rippled, emanating from the area of the sea’s surface above the deep abyss of flames.

In the air above the sea’s surface, a grand battle that was tragic to the extreme was currently unfolding.

Its scale was even grander, even more terrifying than the previous great tribulations of Broad Creed Mountain and Jade Sea City!

Even if Yan Zhaoge was as courageous as the heavens, he could only halt at this moment, not daring to approach lightly.

The so-called heavens collapsing and earth concaving inwards, the tides overturning and the sea flowing in reverse were no more than this.

As Yan Zhaoge saw this scene that would cause everyone’s expressions to change, he instead heaved a sigh of relief, the worry within his gaze lessening, “Grand Master and the others have indeed also found their way here.”

Currently, an intense battle of heaven-shaking, earth-overturning proportions was currently underway over the great sea, precisely a battle of Yuan Zhengfeng, Huang Guanglie and the other peak experts of the Eight Extremities World against the Flame Devil Kings that had invaded the Eight Extremities World this time.

The peak experts of both worlds, originally having been in the midst of a heated battle at various different parts of the Outer East Sea, victory hard to determine amongst them, had all congregated in the region of sea with the core of the fire net at this moment.

Yan Zhaoge having destroyed a point region of stability of the fire net far off in the distance, he had caused a change in the entire fire net as it worked to repair itself.

Whilst battling the Flame Devils and simultaneously also trying to suppress the eruption of the Fire Pith Veins, the human experts had immediately felt this change.

Yuan Zhengfeng and the other Martial Saint experts, their cultivation bases being the strongest, had naturally detected this issue quickly, all projecting the changes in the situation of the earth veins and finding their way over to the core of the fire net.

Jing Zhong and the other Flame Devil Kings naturally couldn’t allow Yuan Zhengfeng and the others to wreck this.

Therefore, they had pursued them in battle all the way, all being congregated here now.

To normal people, this region of sea was extremely vast.

However, to Martial Saints, the space available was extremely limited.

And currently, in this extremely limited space, more than ten Martial Saint level fighters had been gathered here from the two sides, battling it out as the heavens collapsed and the earth broke apart!


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