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HSSB397: The pagoda within the deep abyss of flames


With the Outer East Sea as the main battlefield, the human experts of the Eight Extremities World were currently at the most intense stage of their great battle against the invading Flame Devils.

Accompanied by the unceasing eruptions of the Fire Pith Veins, the Flame Devils had gradually obtained a battlefield advantage, launching a counterattack, even unceasingly threatening regions outside of the Outer East Sea.

Currently, with Yuan Zhengfeng and the other peak experts of the human race having detected the origin of eruption of the Fire Pith Veins, they had immediately rushed over.

The peak experts of the Flame Devil race were also all congregated here, the two in the midst of a decisive battle above this region of sea.

Yan Zhaoge remained on the outskirts, not advancing blindly.

Where the core of the battlefield was, more than ten Martial Saint level fighters were currently clashing, even space itself seemingly already being broken through by them.

Even the other nearby participants of this great battle were at least Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters or the equivalent Flame Devil Kings.

Otherwise, just the aftershocks of the clashes between the Martial Saints would be sufficient to pulverise and decimate them.

It was like in the situation of the great tribulation of Jade Sea City previously, just that the situation was reversed from back then.

At that time, Yuan Zhengfeng and An Qinglin had been the defensive side, having to split their attention to keep Jade Sea City safe under the attacks of Jing Zhong and the other Flame Devil Kings.

Inevitably, their enemies had held the initiative.

Now, it was a completely reversed situation.

The Flame Devil race had to protect the core of the fire net that was located here, preventing Yuan Zhengfeng and the other human experts from damaging it.

This way, in a situation whereby the difference in strength between the two sides was not great, the attacking side would inevitably hold the initiative without question.

If a member of the defensive side focused fully on guarding, flaws being revealed in their own defences, there would the possibility of the offensive side capitalising on it, injuring that person.

However, as time passed, the battlefield advantage with them as they had transformed the Outer East Sea into a fire sea, the Flame Devils would get more and more valiant amidst their battling.

If the stalemate continued, the Flame Devils would only grow more and more arrogant.

Their main targets were Yuan Zhengfeng, Huang Guanglie and the other Martial Saint experts.

They didn’t care much about the Martial Grandmasters.

Martial Grandmaster experts approached that deep abyss of flames, yet were unable to destroy it.

Their great strength descended on the deep abyss of flames, causing fiery light to surge within, the Fire Pith Vein shaken.

However, the sea of flames was not quelled.

With their numerous attempts not seeing any results, the group of Martial Grandmasters had been resigned to assisting Yuan Zhengfeng and the others, attempting to assist them in breaking through the defensive lines of the Flame Devils.

On the side of the Flame Devils, led by a few Flame Devil Kings, they were also keeping the Martial Saint experts tightly engaged in battle, thereby preventing them from approaching the deep abyss of flames.

After carefully observing the battlefield for a moment, Yan Zhaoge attempted to contact the senior members of Broad Creed Mountain participating within.

Yuan Zhengfeng immediately discovered him.

However, currently clashing again with the Flame Devil King Wang Jing, the two rather evenly matched, he was unable to extricate himself from it.

After a while, a figure pushed past the layers of flowing fire, coming before Yan Zhaoge.

It was precisely Broad Creed Mountain’s East Sea First Seat Elder, the Cloud Soaring Lord Fu Enshu, having been sitting over the Outer East Sea for a long time before this.

While Fu Enshu was a woman, having always been sharp and unyielding, she was currently filled with some additional baleful intent from the baptism of fire and blood.

“Why have you run over here as well” Fu Enshu asked, “Could it be that the person who destroyed a point of the fire net earlier was you”

“That’s right, it was me,” Yan Zhaoge said urgently, “Senior apprentice-aunt Fu, could you send me over to the core of the fire net”

Fu Enshu said, “The Flame Devils are mainly obstructing Master and the others with all their might.”

She appraised Yan Zhaoge, “Could it be that you have some idea again This would probably be different from the situation when you damaged that point region of stability earlier.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “I have a method that I can try.

While I cannot claim to be hundred percent confident, it should still work.”

Fu Enshu fell into deep thought for a moment before she said resolutely, “Alright, I’ll believe you!”

Saying thus, Fu Enshu alligned her index and middle fingers into a sword, stimulating her sword arts as majestic sword-lights rose up around her.

The numerous streaks of sword-light condensed into swords, then formed a sword array, sweeping Yan Zhaoge into their midst, soaring into the skies as they shot off into the distance.

Majestic and distant, the sword array resembled a world of its own, precisely being the Limitless Heavenly Sword of Broad Creed Mountain’s Three Supreme Arts.

Fu Enshu shot through the air, leading Yan Zhaoge in penetrating through the great sea, speeding towards the deep abyss of flames at the depths of the sea.

Flame Devils immediately surrounded them, obstructing the sword-light.

Fu Enshu seemed not to have noticed them.

A massive palm suddenly descended from the sky, resembling the collapse of the heavens as it directly dispersed the seawater down below, all Flame Devils under it meeting their demise.

It was precisely Yuan Zhengfeng making a move, clearing the path for Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu.

Ever since their few failed attempts earlier, it had always been Fu Enshu and the other Martial Grandmasters attempting to assist Yuan Zhengfeng and the other Martial Saint experts in making a breakthrough in the situation.

Now, it had suddenly inversed, throwing the Flame Devils into disarray as Yuan Zhengfeng and Fu Enshu, the Master and disciple, successfully ripped open a path of advance.

The Flame Devils’ current strategy was that Martial Saints could definitely not be let past, but Martial Grandmasters were still fine.

Now, Fu Enshu’s sword-light shot straight inwards towards the depths of the sea.

While they were temperamental and easily enraged, this sudden abnormal move of the human martial practitioners left the Flame Devils irritable and uneasy, as a Flame Devil King immediately wanted to move to obstruct Fu Enshu.

“Victory and defeat lies in this venture!” Yuan Zhengfeng roared, his attacks like an unstoppable tide as he led the other Martial Saint experts in pressuring down with a momentum of topping mountains and overturning seas, forcing Jing Zhong and the other Flame Devil Kings to focus on them.

However, Great Flame Devils turned and headed off in pursuit of Fu Enshu.

Fu Enshu expanded her sword-light, letting Yan Zhaoge down as they arrived at the deep abyss of flames.

She herself turned back, wielding her sword as she domineeringly faced off against the incoming Great Flame Devils.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge’s figure, a Great Flame Devil revealed a frenzied, furious expression as it abruptly shot over.

However, it was met by a heavy, indistinct sword-light, nearly running it through.

A sword in hand, her white clothes fluttering about, Fu Enshu resembled an ocean-stabilising divine needle as she remained above the deep abyss of flames, obstructing the approaching Flame Devils.

Currently, every second was critical.

Yan Zhaoge did not look back as he sped towards the entrance of the deep abyss with his greatest possible speed.

Opening his Shadow Shrinking Pouch, nine ice shards appeared within Yan Zhaoge’s hands.

Throwing them out, they hovered, floating amidst the sea water.

Next, Yan Zhaoge punched out, the aura-qi from his fist-intent guiding the ice shards in forming a formation.

Streams of ice-blue radiance flickered, countless spirit patterns flickering as they came together to form a massive spirit formation.

The nine ice shards were established about the boundary of the formation, lighting up as they formed nine white pillars of light, supporting the formation together.

With a wave of Yan Zhaoge’s hands, all his limited remaining Devil Shattering Ice Talismans landed within the centre of the formation.

He punched out once more, the formation shaking as guarded by the nine pillars of white light, it fell within the deep abyss of flames below.

The deep abyss shuddered slightly, the fiery light within flickering, but no other changes could be seen within.

Originally still holding on to some anticipation, upon seeing this, the human martial practitioners inevitably revealed disappointed expressions.

They could only regather their spirits, shifting back to their earlier strategy of assisting Yuan Zhengfeng, Huang Guanglie and the others in breaking through the defensive lines of the Flame Devils with all their might.

His method not being as effective as it had been with that point region of stability previously, Yan Zhaoge’s expression was not flustered in the least as he only gazed very earnestly within the deep abyss of flames below.

Amidst a patch of fiery light, Yan Zhaoge faintly saw a certain something.

Something that was completely out of line with the surrounding environment.

A small, crimson pagoda.


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