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HSSB398: Yan Zhaoge controls a dragon


While that small crimson pagoda was located amidst blazing fire, it emanated a quiet and peaceful feel.

The blazing fire surrounding it no longer seemed that scary.

However, it was precisely because of the existence of that small pagoda that countless streams of red light surged upwards, trapping in place the Ice Abyss Domain that Yan Zhaoge had released into the sea of flames.

The spirit formation supported by nine white pillars of light hovered above the sea of flames, unable to descend.

While the small pagoda was separated from him by the deep abyss of flames, with Yan Zhaoge unable to carefully analyse it, he could still feel the profound concept that existed within.

This small red pagoda seemed to have merged as one with the Fire Pith Vein, neither being separate from the other.

It did not have to be asked for it to be known that for the Flame Devil race to have so easily shaken the flow of the earth veins of the Eight Extremities World, this object must have played an important role.

The small red pagoda, currently being connected to the Fire Pith Vein, caused the attacks of Martial Grandmasters to not serve much use.

Yan Zhaoge’s attempt to interfere using the Cold Abyss Domain was also blocked by the small red pagoda.

“No wonder they are only guarding against the Martial Saint experts like Grand Master,” Seeing this scene, Yan Zhaoge secretly nodded.

After that, he felt strong killing intent pressure down on him from overhead.

While the Flame Devil King Cheng Huang had already been killed by Yuan Zhengfeng, Yan Zhaoge’s sudden appearance had still drawn the attention of many of the Flame Devils.

Language unique to the Flame Devils resounded in the form of heaving guttural, manic roars, their meaning unclear.

Immediately, many Great Flame Devils, no longer caring about the other Martial Grandmasters of the human race, swarmed over towards Yan Zhaoge like a horde of bees.

Fu Enshu held her sword level before her chest, showing no fear whatsoever against the onrushing, aggressive horde of Great Flame Devils as she went forward on her own initiative to meet them.

As the Martial Grandmasters of Broad Creed Mountain and Jade Sea City saw this, they hurriedly descended, helping Fu Enshu to attack these Great Flame Devils.

After hesitating for a moment, the Martial Grandmaster experts of Infinite Boundless Mountain and Turbid Wave Pavilion also descended, the two sides remaining engaged in battle.

While the situation before them was not optimistic, the numerous miracles that Yan Zhaoge had created in the face of danger in the past let them choose to believe in this youth.

The martial practitioners of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall continued helping Huang Guanglie and Shen Li, hoping that their own Martial Saints would be able to break through the defensive lines of the Flame Devil Kings.

Of all the peak experts of the Eight Extremities World here, due to environmental factors, the one whose performance was currently the most dazzling was the East Coming Martial Saint Huang Guanglie.

Amidst a sea of flames, the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners were like the Flame Devils, more valiant the more they fought.

Huang Guanglie, at the second level of the Martial Saint realm, attacked domineeringly and rampantly, appearing even more fearsome than the Flame Devils.

However, the Flame Devils kept a close eye on Huang Guanglie, unceasingly obstructing his advance.

In the battle of the Martial Saint level fighters, the Flame Devils blocked the human experts with all their might.

In the battle of Martial Grandmaster level fighters, it was precisely the opposite.

With Fu Enshu at their head, the Martial Grandmasters blocked the descending Great Flame Devils with all their might.

Originally already having been geographically disadvantaged, without the support of those of the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall, the Martial Grandmasters were instantly left struggling against the attack of the Flame Devils that were like an unstoppable tide.

Some Great Flame Devils began breaking through their defensive lines, shooting towards the deep abyss of flames amongst the numerous mountains at the depths of the sea.

Fu Enshu’s sword-light flashed, resembling a long rainbow as it streaked through the sea, descending as it completely sliced off half a leg of that Great Flame Devil which resembled a crab.

That Great Flame Devil howled madly, a hole suddenly opening in its chest from which a thick fire pillar spurted out, sending Fu Enshu’s sword-light to the brink of near collapse.

At the same time, another Great Flame Devil chased over, targeting Fu Enshu’s back.

Fu Enshu’s sword-light moved in a circle, a circle of light appearing which resembled a great door to a whole new world.

It was as though a pouch which could gobble up the heavens and the earth had opened, inviting the lord into the coffin.

The heavy, majestic sword-intent within pressured the Great Flame Devil to halt, lest it walk itself right into the trap.

However, the next moment, this Great Flame Devil spun abruptly, arriving to Fu Enshu’s side, continuing to lunge towards Yan Zhaoge down below.

Fu Enshu moved her sword to obstruct it, but who knew that this had been a feint of the part of the Great Flame Devil, whose true target was actually her.

“Ha!” Fu Enshu stared at it, not evading or dodging in the least, facing attack with attack as she stabbed out with a sword.

She was injured around her waist by the Flame Devil’s claw, but her sword also ran this Great Flame Devil through.

However, on the other side, the attack of the Flame Devils grew more and more urgent, beginning to break through the defensive lines established by Fu Enshu and the others and descending towards the deep abyss of flames down below.

By the entrance of the deep abyss, Yan Zhaoge’s mind was currently highly focused.

Even if a sabre or a sword pierced through his body, he would also completely ignore it.

His attention was currently focused on that small red pagoda, focused on that Fire Pith Vein before him.

“I originally still wanted to bring this thing back to the clan, but now it looks like I will have to take most of it for myself,” Yan Zhaoge exhaled, “While it will not be a waste, perhaps some more effort will be needed.”

After having settled on a plan, Yan Zhaoge immediately opened his Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

Within the Shadow Shrinking Pouch, no longer suppressed by the pillar of the Divine Palace, that true dragon’s body sealed within the ice pillar instantly began acting up as the ice pillar flew out on its own accord.

As the stone pillar and the ice pillar left the Shadow Shrinking Pouch, they increased in size, instantly becoming massive.

Yan Zhaoge’s entire body’s aura-qi surged, all turning hot before he extended Heaven Shocker, pulling back its bowstring once.

As the bowstring shook, the purple light of thunder intermingled with the blazing crimson flames, together slamming mightily down on the ice pillar within which was sealed a true ice dragon’s body!

The ice pillar began to break apart, the true dragon’s body within shaking as an indistinct dragon’s roar resounded.

The dead ice dragon had not revived.

However, the spirituality contained within made one feel as though a true, living dragon had descended into the human realm.

At the vast, mighty authority of a dragon, whether it was a human or a Flame Devil, all had to look twice at it!

The Great Flame Devil that had chased over to the entrance of the deep abyss recovered, howling madly as it shot into the deep abyss, instantly arriving before Yan Zhaoge!

Yan Zhaoge completely ignored that Great Flame Devil as he just stood on the top of the pillar of the Divine Palace, next stomping downwards with both feet!

The pillar of the Divine Palace instantly flickered with seven-coloured radiance, continuing to seal the ice dragon’s body, descending towards the depths of the deep abyss of flames down below!

There, Yan Zhaoge’s Cold Abyss Domain had been trapped in place by the small red pagoda, unable to serve any effect at all.

Now, however, Yan Zhaoge stood on the pillar of the Divine Palace, pressuring the ice dragon’s body downwards, completely shooting within the area of the formation that was enveloped by the nine pillars of white light.

Amidst their glow, the dragon’s roar gradually became more and more real.

The power of extreme coldness instantly expanded, causing the depths of the deep abyss to drop drastically in temperature, no longer being blazing hot.

Yan Zhaoge kept the pillar of the Divine Palace, himself descending within the Cold Abyss Domain.

He extended his hands, the aura-qi cold on one side and hot on the other, yin and yang merging, before they slammed simultaneously downwards.

The ice dragon seemed as though it had been revived as its massive body entangled the crimson pagoda.

The true body of flesh and blood actually gradually transformed into an ice-blue light dragon at this moment.

That Flame Devil was unwilling to give up, having chased Yan Zhaoge all the way to the depths of the deep abyss as it now clawed towards Yan Zhaoge’s head.

However, enveloped by the Cold Abyss Domain, Yan Zhaoge had already descended to the top of the crimson pagoda.

He punched towards the top of the pagoda, power in which ice and fire intermingled instantly shooting upwards, blocking the claws of that Great Flame Devil!

Amidst the unresigned, enraged howl of that Great Flame Devil, Yan Zhaoge let out a long roar that resembled a dragon’s, the crimson pagoda beginning to shake intensely!


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