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HSSB399: True dragon leaves sea, cultivating aura into essence


Yan Zhaoge stood on the top of the crimson pagoda, raising his head as he let out a long roar to the heavens.

The Cold Abyss Domain surrounding his body, within the formation, an ice-blue light dragon coiled around the crimson pagoda, bringing the pagoda in flying upwards together.

The nine white pillars of light surrounding the formation stood tall, beginning to rotate rapidly with Yan Zhaoge at their centre.

Accompanied by the rotation of the nine white pillars of light, they seemed like a vortex, stirring up the surrounding lava and blazing flames of the deep abyss.

A massive vortex in which fire and ice intermingled appeared, unceasingly expanding towards the surroundings.

Located in the middle of the vortex, Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm and determined as he raised his head and looked upwards.

The Great Flame Devil that had been murderously pursuing him all the way now let out a howl that was mixed with shock and rage, its body having already been swept within the vortex of fire and ice.

Standing on the top of the crimson pagoda, there instead seemed to be calm seas and fortuitous winds where Yan Zhaoge was in the eye of the vortex.

The ice-blue light dragon swept the pagoda along as it flew up towards the skies, shooting out of the deep abyss.

Having lost the suppression of the crimson pagoda, this deep abyss of blazing flames was finally shaken.

Along within it, the numerous earth veins that were connected to it were also shaken.

With the underground core of the fire net, the source from which its changes had originated, shaken, the entire Outer East Sea seemed to be affected by this as well.

Looking downward from infinite heights, currently, in the massive fire net enveloping the entire Outer East Sea that obscured the heavens and covered the earth, fiery light seemed to flicker as it dimmed slightly.

Amidst the rising process of the crimson pagoda, that ice-blue light dragon roared unceasingly as it coiled.

At the top of the pagoda, Yan Zhaoge made a stance with his fist, his martial fist-intent similarly circulated to the maximum possible level.

The light dragon entangling the pagoda sought out its head and neck, also beginning to coil around Yan Zhaoge.

The pagoda was stimulated by this as numerous streams of red light began extending onto Yan Zhaoge’s entire body.

All the acupoints of Yan Zhaoge’s body pulsed as red light and blue light integrated unceasingly within Yan Zhaoge’s body in an endless stream.

The great amount of pure, refined qi that obscured the heavens and covered the earth were like unstoppable tides of the sea as they virtually engulfed Yan Zhaoge.

With Yan Zhaoge’s foundation in the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, he was also temporarily unable to refine all of this massive amount of qi as he could only first store some of it within his body.

It was only Yan Zhaoge who could do so.

Were it other late Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmasters, they would having directly died from their bodies imploding.

Yan Zhaoge opened his eyes, blue light and red light flickering intermittently within his pupils.

A great amount of pure, refined qi had been absorbed and stored by him, while the portion that he could refine now had been integrated into the chaotic qi mass within his body.

Feeling the profound mysteries with the true dragon’s body formed of flesh and blood transforming into a light dragon, feeling the unique concept within that crimson pagoda, spiritual light flickered within Yan Zhaoge’s heart.

He let out a long breath, his voice resembling the howls of tigers and the roars of dragons.

All the acupoints of Yan Zhaoge’s body opened together, numerous streams of aura-qi amidst blue and red lustre shooting out from within, transforming into numerous light dragons which coiled about Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge now released his fist stance.

Yan Zhaoge punched forward, the concept within that resembled chaos gradually turning from false to real.

The concept within having expanded to the maximum possible level, the spirit seed finally completely took form, transforming into a dense system of roots, deeply taking root between the heavens and the earth, truly having the possibility of breaking out from the soil!

Above Yan Zhaoge’s head seemed to appear a clump of indistinct fortuitous clouds that were chaotic, able to contain all objects, refine all objects, destroy all objects.

The profundities within this clump of chaotic clouds could only be understood by Yan Zhaoge himself.

Seen by others, it would look real whilst also not, visible at time whilst concealed at others, being an existence that was hard to detect.

This was precisely Yan Zhaoge’s true martial soul!

Today, Yan Zhaoge had successfully stepped into the Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster realm!

The chaotic qi mass was instantly obscured following its momentary appearance, all-encompassing clear qi spreading outwards, resembling the great sky.

Countless red and blue streams of aura-qi coiled about this clear space, resembling dragons within the sky.

The aura-qi matched with Yan Zhaoge’s true martial soul, gradually transforming into true essence, moving past the important bottleneck of refining aura into essence, causing Yan Zhaoge’s strength to improve greatly.

The crimson pagoda was brought along by the ice-blue dragons in flying upwards, gradually transforming into a streak of rainbow-coloured light and shooting out of the sea’s surface.

As everyone watched on, a true dragon seemed to emerge from the sea, with Yan Zhaoge atop the head of that dragon.

The Flame Devils all let out frenzied, enraged howls, shaking the entire heavens and earth till they seemed to be trembling.

Yuan Zhengfeng laughed heartily, greatly pleased.

Everyone here gazed dazedly at the sky, within which Yan Zhaoge seemed to be soaring upwards atop a dragon.

“He actually really managed to do it!”

The Flame Devil King Wang Jing wanted to obstruct Yan Zhaoge and that light dragon soaring up to the skies, but Yuan Zhengfeng had long been prepared as he blocked his movements.

The deep abyss of flames in the sea down below began shaking intensely, the originally comparatively calm rocks and reefs at the depths of the sea collapsing unceasingly, underground fire surging.

Meanwhile, in the neighbouring regions of sea, the originally violent, rampaging underground flames and lava began to slow and calm.

Not only did this happen in these regions of sea, it extended outwards through the entire network of the fire net.

One after another originally calm point regions of stability erupted, but the great disaster which had blazed throughout the entire Outer East Sea earlier gradually began dissipating.

And as time passed, the deep abysses of flame, after having erupted, began to gradually cool, finally regaining their calm.

The massive fire net that enveloped the vast Outer East Sea finally disappeared, the Fire Pith Veins having regained their calm as the spiritual qi flow of the earth veins was no longer restless.

The dense white fog of steam began to gradually disperse, the Outer East Sea that had earlier resembled hell on earth gradually resuming its original form.

While the Flame Devils grew even more violent and enraged, their high spirits seemed to have abruptly fallen greatly.

The environment here was no longer that of the sea of flames in which they could run rampant as they liked.

Having lost their geographical advantage, while the violent desire for battle of the Flame Devils had not lessened, against the counterattacks of the many experts of the human race, they still felt hard pressed to hold on.

While the human martial practitioners of the Eight Extremities World were currently already also like arrows at the end of their flight, amidst a great invigoration of their morale, as long as they still had power remaining, they all capitalised on this final momentum, launching a great overall attack on the Flame Devils.

Some who were more seriously injured could finally relax their highly strung nerves, no longer having to forcibly hold on amidst their depleted conditions.

They did not pursue the Flame Devils, instead remaining where they were to rest.

While they moderated their conditions, they looked at the light dragon coiling within the sky overhead as well as Yan Zhaoge atop its head.

“Just now, could that have been a complete true dragon’s corpse”

“It can’t be wrong; the flesh, blood, feelers and scales were all there.

Otherwise, it would also not possess such great power.”

“But even if it were a true dragon’s body, after all being a dead dragon and not a true, live dragon, it shouldn’t have been sufficient to achieve such a great, remarkable feat”

“That’s right.

At the end of the day, that Yan Zhaoge has not reached the Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster realm.”

“But he succeeded-that is his personal ability.”

Everyone here were all experts of their clans, longtime Elders of the various Sacred Grounds, being at least at the seventh level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, at the early Essence Talisman stage.

However, looking at Yan Zhaoge now, they were either sighing in admiration or focusing on him, “Just now, he seemed to have cultivated aura into essence, achieving the cultivation of his true martial soul At just such an age ah…”

Even further away, where human martial practitioners were present, while they could not see what had specifically happened, they had all been able to see the silhouette of that dragon soaring into the skies.

After that dragon had soared into the skies, the terrifying disaster of the cooking of the East Sea had gradually begun disappearing.

Not knowing the reasons for this, everyone was inevitably much more shaken.

After coiling for thirty-six cycles within the sky, the dragon gradually dissipated.

Standing atop the pagoda, looking downwards, Yan Zhaoge saw the red light on its surface gradually being retracted, a blue dragon pattern having been added onto its surface.


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