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HSSB400: Yan Zhaoge’s nickname


Having lost their geographical advantage, under the eventual counterattack of the experts of the Eight Extremities World, the Flame Devils were forced into retreat.

This great battle finally reached a final, decisive stage.

While the Flame Devils were retreating in defeat, Jing Zhong and the other Flame Devil Kings still possessed extraordinary power, while Yuan Zhengfeng and the others were also greatly depleted by their previous exertions.

However, the many human experts still grit their teeth and pursued the Flame Devils all their way, seeking to achieve as much in this battle as they could, at the same time also completely expelling the Flame Devils out of the Eight Extremities World.

Yan Zhaoge stood at the top of the crimson pagoda, not participating in the pursuit.

“The Flame Devils virtually do not forge anything.

This pagoda also doesn’t seem like their handiwork,” Yan Zhaoge pondered.

After considering for a moment, Yan Zhaoge was still momentarily unable to get head or tail of it.

Still, the feeling this small crimson pagoda gave him was that it had not been forged by the Flame Devils themselves.

Instead, it rather seemed to have originated from the Eight Extremities World.

He raised his brows slightly, “Then, was it a coincidental, fortuitous encounter through which the Flame Devils gained it, or was it that someone gave it to them”

Momentarily, many thoughts flashed through Yan Zhaoge’s mind in an endless stream before sinking down once more.

He attempted to use his thoughts to communicate with this crimson pagoda, but it resembled a stone having sunk into the great sea as it remained quiet, as though having fallen into a deep slumber, not reacting towards any contact from the outside world at all.

Yan Zhaoge infused his true essence into the pagoda, and it shook slightly, the blue dragon pattern coiling about it also lighting up.

Instantly, flows of qi that intermingled with coldness and heat were sent back to Yan Zhaoge.

With the oceanic amount of spiritual qi still remaining within his body waiting to be refined, not having much space for it, Yan Zhaoge naturally didn’t dare to continue absorbing spiritual qi.

However, along with the spiritual qi, a scene seemed to appear before Yan Zhaoge’s eyes.

A crimson world, originally supposed to be full of wild, blazing fire, instead showed an abnormal state.

The flames were quiet and also calm, resembling flowing water.

In this world of crimson flames, a mass of ice-blue clouds were scattered about, not as sturdy as the usual cold ice, yet revealing an active, restless state.

The fire and ice both appeared abnormal, yet had achieved a strange harmony.

It made one feel like this was exactly just how it should be, the contrary instead being abnormal.

The mysteries within were profound, and yet more profound.

Seeing this scene, much spiritual light seemed to surge into existence within Yan Zhaoge’s heart, seemingly about to spurt out.

“Oh, looking at the mysteries of this scene, it has benefited my martial cultivation greatly,” Yan Zhaoge attempted to keep the entire small crimson pagoda within his Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

As he had expected, it was not as restless as with the true dragon’s body earlier, requiring the pillar of the Divine Palace to be there to help suppress it.

Under the precondition that there was sufficient space within the Shadow Shrinking Pouch, the small crimson pagoda was very stably kept within.

Having kept the small crimson pagoda, Yan Zhaoge scanned his surroundings.

He saw that those who still remained here currently had on complex expressions, their gazes all focused on him.

Those who were moderating their condition where they were rather than pursuing the Flame Devils had mostly done so due to being rather more seriously injured, their vitality having been depleted too greatly, already being arrows at the end of their flight.

However, as Yan Zhaoge’s gaze swept the area, he saw that there were clearly some in rather good conditions still remaining.

That was a square-faced, broad-mouthed old man, his features authoritative to the extreme and his gaze focused as he was currently looking at him.

While it was the first time they had met, Yan Zhaoge had long since seen portraits of the other party’s appearance.

The Heaven Striking Lord of the Seven Reigning Suns was the highest-ranking person the Sacred Sun Clan had stationed in the Outer East Sea, his position equivalent to Broad Creed Mountain’s East Sea First Seat Elder, Fu Enshu.

In the great battle earlier, while the Sacred Sun Clan had indeed suffered some casualties, the Heaven Striking Lord had not really depleted too much of his strength.

Normally speaking, he should be with Huang Guanglie pursuing the Flame Devils.

Yet, however, he had remained here.

With the Flame Devils having been defeated on all fronts, for sweeping up the remaining ones on the Outer East Sea, it was not required for a figure like the Heaven Striking Lord to personally move.

Yan Zhaoge didn’t even have to think much to know what he was here for.

It was precisely this crimson pagoda in his possession.

For the Flame Devils to have shaken and changed the flow of the earth veins of the Eight Extremities World on such a large scale, this treasure’s role could not be underplayed.

Having been sent into chaos by the changes at the Southern Underground Palace, it was only natural for the Sacred Sun Clan to have set their eyes on this treasure.

If it was the problem of someone else, Yan Zhaoge might just help them, but with it being their hated enemy, the Sacred Sun Clan, it was not even a question.

Let alone the fact that the changes in the Sacred Sun Clan’s Southern Underground Palace were precisely Yan Zhaoge’s own glorious handiwork.

Yan Zhaoge paid no heed to the Heaven Striking Lord, watching him like a tiger would its prey.

While Fu Enshu had been heavily injured, an Elder of Jade Sea City who had not sustained much injuries had also remained here.

While not knowing what the Sacred Sun Clan wanted, through always keeping an eye on this hated enemy of theirs, Jade Sea City had noticed the Heaven Striking Lord’s abnormal actions, immediately paying close attention to it, specifically letting one of its Elders stay behind.

At this moment, both sides were in a fierce standoff, neither willing to give way to the other.

The Heaven Striking Lord’s gaze shifted between Yan Zhaoge and that Jade Sea City Elder, his gaze calm at times whilst restless at others as he did not speak.

The strange atmosphere between the two gradually drew the attention of the others.

As time passed, seeing that this matter was no longer possible, the Heaven Striking Lord finally retracted his gaze as he turned and left.

The group of Martial Grandmaster experts here also dispersed.

The battle not yet being over, these wounded Martial Grandmaster experts would not be heading to the frontlines, instead shifting to dealing with the aftermath of the invasion, securing the area while bring some martial practitioners with lower cultivation bases to exterminate the remaining Flame Devils on the East Sea.

Having seen such a great, tragic invasion, the spiritual qi cycle of the Outer East Sea had virtually collapsed, a great amount of lifeforms within having lost their lives, with the area virtually having become a land of death similar to the Earth Domain.

While it was connected to the Inner East Sea, the South Sea, the North Sea as well as the far ocean, for its environment to return to how it had been before, an extremely lengthy amount of time would be needed.

And everyone knew that the door leading to the Flame Devil World would always be here.

The Outer East Sea would still be a battlefield in the future, and would not easily be calmed.

Yan Zhaoge remained behind, news of the frontline being unceasingly transmitted over.

Yuan Zhengfeng and the other peak experts had pursued the Flame Devils all the way, completely expelling them from the Eight Extremities World.

While the Flame Devils were defeated, they possessed many experts, many of whom still retreated safely back into the Flame Devil World.

However, after Cheng Huang, another Flame Devil King was buried eternally within the Eight Extremities World.

On the side of the peak experts of the human race, Turbid Wave Pavilion’s An Qinglin, Jade Sea City’s Lord Song Wuliang, as well as the Painting Saint Old Man Mo had all been injured.

However, all of them had still managed to survive.

With this great war now having ended, many matters still had to be handled in its aftermath, but things were finally no longer that greatly critical.

It was instead a sentence of the Painting Saint Old Man Mo, usually transcendently detached from this world, spoken before he returned to Verdant Pill Island, that left countless varying thoughts and emotions within everyone’s minds.

“Great Rider of Dragons, One Hand Supporting The Heavens.

The future of Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Zhaoge is inestimable.”

The countless varying thoughts and emotions lingering in everyone’s minds-they all finally ended in admiring sighs.

Henceforth, the name of the Great Rider of Dragons, Yan Zhaoge, would remain forever in the annals of the Eight Extremities World.


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