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HSSB402: The possibility of counterattacking into the Flame Devil World


The large scale invasion of the Flame Devils had been foiled, the gales and tides on the East Sea finally quelled.

However, as Yan Zhaoge saw it, the effects of this incursion of the Flame Devils into the Eight Extremities World were only just beginning to ferment.

Whatever one said, Jade Sea City now possessed its own Sacred Artifact, the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword.

With this, Jade Sea City’s strength would rise greatly.

If not for the major disaster brought to them by the Flame Devils this time, having landed them tragic losses with a great blow to their vitality, Jade Sea City would immediately already have surpassed Infinite Boundless Mountain, Turbid Wave Pavilion and the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

Even if they remained inferior to Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan, they would still be on the same level as them.

The invasion of the Flame Devils had resulted in a great tribulation for Jade Sea City.

While the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword had been successfully forged, Jade Sea City’s Lord Song Wuliang had been injured, while the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation that guarded their clan had also been completely destroyed, requiring time to be established once more.

Other than that, many of its disciples had perished or been injured in the process, while their own Inner East Sea had also been invaded by the Flame Devils.

With that, they had suffered losses in many areas.

With their foundation and potential already present, if they could tide through these difficult times and recover their vitality, when Jade Sea City once more appeared in peak condition before the eyes of the world, it was destined to be more powerful that it had been before that great tribulation that had descended upon them this time.

However, how they would tide through these difficult times was precisely the problem Jade Sea City now had to face.

First not mentioning that the Flame Devils might invade once more, just looking at those of the Eight Extremities World alone, Jade Sea City already had to raise its vigilance.

It was quite impossible to think that the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall might leave Jade Sea City alone as it recovered its vitality.

After the great tribulation of Broad Creed Mountain, the forces of Broad Creed Mountain, Jade Sea City and Infinite Boundless Mountain combined had already come to hold the upper hand over the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

If Jade Sea City improved a step further, the disadvantage of the Fire-Thunder alliance would inevitably only grow.

In the great battle against the Flame Devils this time, the Sacred Sun Clan’s Huang Guanglie and the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s Shen Li had not sustained much damage.

In rushing back to sit over Jade Sea City, these were the considerations that Song Wuliang had.

He wanted to recover from his injuries, meanwhile also having to remain vigilant at all times against the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall suddenly launching an attack.

Yuan Zhengfeng’s condition following the great battle this time was also relatively good.

As Broad Creed Mountain’s ally, Jade Sea City could trust in his powerful assistance.

However, Jade Sea City already owed Broad Creed Mountain too much from the invasion of the Flame Devils this time.

This left great pressure in the hearts of Song Wuliang and the others.

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “Turbid Wave Pavilion shouldn’t have a problem, right”

As the supporting pillar of Turbid Wave Pavilion, its Lord An Qinglin had been injured during this time’s great battle, her injuries perhaps being the most serious out of all the Martial Saints of the Eight Extremities World.

In having returned this time, she was most likely going to have to enter seclusion to treat her wounds.

Otherwise, she might be permanently injured, in which case not only would her future cultivation be greatly hindered, even maintaining her cultivation base would already be extremely fortunate.

With An Qinglin in seclusion, Turbid Wave Pavilion’s strength appeared rather flimsy.

While it had always remained neutral, facing the prospect of controlling the vast regions of the Lake Domain along with its boundless resources, Turbid Wave Pavilion might attract some greedy gazes.

“It feels like there shouldn’t be a problem,” Yan Zhaoge thought, “Under such circumstances, whoever made a move on Turbid Wave Pavilion, they would probably incur great public outrage.”

“Even if they conquer the territory of the Lake Domain, converting resources into actual increments in strength is not something that can be completed within a short period of time.”

The group returned to Broad Creed Mountain in the Heaven Domain’s Central Heaven Region.

Along the way, news and information reports from various lands continually found their way into the hands of Yuan Zhengfeng and Yan Zhaoge.

Accompanied by the quelling of the abnormalities in the Fire Pith Veins along with the gradual recovery and calming of the Outer East Sea, their effects on the surrounding regions of sea such as tsunamis and tidal waves caused by the changes in climate and environment had also slowly ceased.

The vast calamity that had descended earlier had even affected the sea surrounding the mainland.

Still, having been most greatly affected was still the circulation of spiritual qi within the earth veins.

Before, Yan Zhaoge had made use of Broad Creed Mountain invading the Fire Domain to search for the Fire Pith Essence that originated from the Southern Underground Palace in order to lock down its position.

This time, the spiritual qi of the earth veins about the entire Outer East Sea had all erupted alongside the Fire Pith Veins, at the same time also seriously affecting the surrounding earth veins.

With the Outer East Sea as the centre, the Inner East Sea, the Outer North Sea, the Outer South Sea as well as the far ocean that lay further east that all surrounded it had all changed, blazing heat retreating to be replaced by sharp, surging cold qi.

Having already been cold as ice before, the number of glaciers in the North Sea increased yet further, and in great quantities.

The easternmost part of the mainland, consisting of three Cities of the Water Domain as well the east coast, faced a similar situation as well.

These were all the aftereffects of the East Sea having been set ablaze and evaporated, and much time would be required to deal with them.

Hearing this news, Fu Enshu shook her head, “If it wasn’t our home territory, clashing with the Flame Devils would not feel painful at all.

But the problem remains, and at the end of the day, it still falls to us of the Eight Extremities World to deal with the aftermath.

How good would it be if we can one day completely trample the Flame Devil World flat!”

Yan Zhaoge smiled bitterly, “In their home territory, the Flame Devils should be running even more rampantly and without reservation.”

“As for completely trampling the Flame Devil World flat…” Yan Zhaoge lightly rubbed his temple, “For the time being, the chance has still not yet ripened ah.”

With the eruption of the Fire Pith Veins in the Outer East Sea, blazing fire boiling the sea, the resulting environment had already caused the strength of the Flame Devils to skyrocket, turning from the guests into the hosts as they had grasped the geographical advantage.

In the Flame Devil World that they usually lived in, their home advantage as well as the corresponding increase in their strength would only be even more evident.

Yuan Zhengfeng asked, “Zhaoge, your technique in breaking through the core of that fire net of the Flame Devils seemed to have a restrictive effect on them”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “It is an ancient technique that I’ve been trying to restore; I’ve already had a bit of success in recovering it.

I call it the Cold Abyss Domain.”

“It originates from an expert on the level of the Flame Devil Emperor and the Thunder Emperor before the time of the Great Calamity, the Ice Emperor.”

“The Ice Emperor’s divine prowess swept the world, but his legacies that have been passed down are extremely rare and few, also being greatly scattered, not forming a system, making it hard for one to witness his former flair.”

Yan Zhaoge extended his hands forward, one palm facing upwards while his other hand drew on it, leaving behind numerous markings.

Afterwards, his true essence condensed the water vapour in the air into ice, with an ice shard gradually taking form.

However, this ice shard in his hand was still in its embryonic state.

For it to be able to come into use, much time would be required to temper as well as refine it.

As he demonstrated, he explained, “I tried to corroborate the fragmented parts passed down in the ancient texts with our clan’s legacy on formations, barely managing to recover some scraps of the Ice Emperor’s ancient techniques.

Within also contains some principles of techniques that I understood with reference from the old residence of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint, all of which finally came together for it to be how it is now.”

“Presently, there are still many areas that have yet to be sufficiently developed.

In coming to the East Sea this time, my intention was actually also to test it out on the Flame Devils in order to refine this technique.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Sadly, I had not thought that the attack of the Flame Devils this time would be so intense.

Therefore, it was a risky shot that I made.

They passed by the Earth Descending Peak, walking towards Broad Creed Mountain’s main peak, the Heaven Rising Peak.

Yan Zhaoge said as he walked, “If the technique is refined further, its strength rising, with there also being sufficient power to activate and sustain it, perhaps the possibility of counterattacking into the Flame Devil World would come into existence.”

“Even if it is unable to reach the heights the past Ice Emperor once attained, it would also be fine.

After all, there’s also no Flame Devil Emperor in the Flame Devil World.”

Yuan Zhengfeng and Fu Enshu nodded upon hearing his words.

As Yan Zhaoge spoke, he suddenly thought of that small crimson pagoda.

“If not for this thing, it would probably not have been so easy for the Flame Devils to succeed,” Yan Zhaoge thought.

Amidst his ponderings, Yan Zhaoge’s thoughts suddenly fell on what Lin Zhou had said just before he died.

“From the looks of it, it didn’t seem like he was blustering false words.

For our Eight Extremities World, will there be coming a disaster even more severe than the invasion of the Flame Devils this time” Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, “What might that be”


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