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HSSB403: Those who’ve tried it all say it’s good


Yan Zhaoge pondered, his gaze flickering unceasingly.

Suddenly, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze hardened slightly, “Perhaps, after all these years, another Great Flame Devil King is about to be born Or could it be yet something else…”

He shook his head, ceasing in his ponderings as he accompanied Yuan Zhengfeng, Fu Enshu and the others in ascending the Mountain.

Everyone having returned safely, those back at the clan could also heave a sigh of relief.

As the news regarding the abnormalities with the earth veins at the Outer East Sea had been transmitted over, having originally remained behind to guard the clan, Yan Di had just been about to head over to the East Sea.

“This time, the Flame Devils took us completely off guard and helpless,” Yuan Zhengfeng sighed, “We will have to increase our vigilance against the Flame Devils in the future.”

Yan Di said, “With Jade Sea City having produced a Sacred Artifact, so long as they are able to recover their vitality, it would be equivalent to the strength of the forces over at the East Sea having been strengthened, effectively increasing our ability to deal with the incursions of the Flame Devils.”

Yuan Zhengfeng replied, “That’s right.

Still, following this, we will have to stay vigilant against the Sacred Sun Clan moving against Jade Sea City.

Being enemies with us right now, also having been at loggerheads with Jade Sea City for a long time, if the Sacred Sun Clan can find a way to take advantage of the situation, there’s no way that Old Man Huang and them would let it go.”

Yan Di pondered, then said, “In their invasion this time, the Flame Devils displayed considerable strength.”

“While they were eventually sent into retreat this time, even having had two of their Flame Devil Kings slain, they are still powerful.

In order to guard against them making another big move, even after Jade Sea City has recovered their vitality, much of their attention will have to be focused on the sea.

They will be of limited use in our fight against the Sacred Sun Clan.”

At his words, Fu Enshu snorted, “Because of the Flame Devils, the Sacred Sun Clan have gotten it easy again.”

Fang Zhun looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Zhaoge, have you managed to gain anything from your analysis of that crimson pagoda”

Yan Zhaoge replied, “As of now, I’m still unable to understand specifically about it.”

Yuan Zhengfeng nodded as well.

On the journey back, Yan Zhaoge had also passed the crimson pagoda over to him and Fu Enshu to look at.

Still, they hadn’t been able to figure out much about it.

Fang Zhun asked, “My meaning is-might the Flame Devils be able to produce another for next time”

Yan Zhaoge considered for a moment before replying, “The possibility of that is not high, because this thing shouldn’t have been forged by the Flame Devils, instead having been obtained externally.”

“As for whether it was bestowed by another or gained through a fortuitous encounter, there is no way for us to be certain of that.”

Fang Zhun nodded slowly, “Since that is so, things are still relatively good.”

“Actually, with the battle having been so dangerous this time, other than the fierceness of the attack of the Flame Devils that was out of our predictions, another reason for it was that we had not thought that they might shake the earth veins of our Eight Extremities World, as a result setting the East Sea aflame and gaining the territorial advantage.”

Fang Zhun asked, “For the Flame Devils to have avoided our eyes and ears in travelling covertly over to the Inner East Sea-I heard that it also has to do with this treasure”

Yan Zhaoge nodded solemnly, “The likelihood of this is extremely high, at least eighty percent.”

Yuan Zhengfeng said, “This treasure seems to have been nurtured in Xiantian spiritual fire, with its firepower able to be retracted and kept hidden as it is at the same time also related to the circulation of our Eight Extremities World’s earth veins.”

“By my guess, the base material for forging this treasure must have been a supreme Xiantian spiritual fire treasure stemming from the earth veins of our Eight Extremities World.”

“However, its exact background of its forging process and the one who forged it is currently still unknown.”

The Grand Elder, Elder He, now asked, “Could it be related to the Sacred Sun Clan I’m referring to…”

She paused for a moment before continuing, “Whether Zhang Ziyang is alive or dead as well as his whereabouts are currently still a mystery.”

Yan Zhaoge, Yuan Zhengfeng and Fu Enshu all shook their heads.

Yuan Zhengfeng replied, “We all cannot be any more familiar with the martial legacies of the Sacred Sun Clan.

Not mentioning their predecessors, we’ve all seen Zhang Chao in person before.

Junior apprentice-sister He, after you’ve seen that red pagoda for yourself later, you’ll understand.”

“While the concept within it is also that of flames, it is completely different from that of Zhang Chao and the Sacred Sun Clan.

This old man is still sober enough to be able to confirm this matter.”

“Unless Zhang Chao has completely thrown away his old martial arts and created another of a completely different type, only in which case it might be possible.”

Yuan Zhengfeng looked at Yan Zhaoge, and the latter nodded, exiting the great hall and opening his Shadow Shrinking Pouch, releasing the suppression by the pillar of the Divine Palace.

The crimson pagoda, enshrouded by the figure of a dragon, expanded as it met the air.

While it was rather short for a pagoda, it was still massive as it stood at the top of the Heaven Rising Peak.

The concept it contained had been retracted deeply within, such that mere onlookers would not be able to sense the profundities that lay within.

It was instead the ice dragon patterns around it that were rather more eye-catching.

Yan Di smiled, “I remembered you saying that you swept away most of the valuable objects from within the old residence of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint”

Everyone laughed, as did Yan Zhaoge, “Speaking of which, I do indeed have that place to thank.

There, I obtained a completely preserved corpse of an ice dragon.

Otherwise, in resisting the Flame Devils on the East Sea this time, my hopes of breaking apart their environmental advantage really wouldn’t have been great.”

Yuan Zhengfeng said, “The Glacial Dragon Martial Saint was a senior expert of our Eight Extremities World; we can be considered as having supported our Eight Extremities World with the assistance of virtuous forefathers this time.”

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, smiling, “I had originally intended to bring the true dragon’s body back.

Its body was entirely full of treasures, and if it could have been put to maximum use, it would have assisted the overall strength of our clan in rising greatly.”

Yan Di pointed at him, “Don’t look so miserly; it’s also hasn’t been wasted much anyway.

Still, you should continue cultivating in earnest as well.”

“A considerable portion of its essence is on you right now, and refining and absorbing all of it will not be an easy thing.

Still, before you reach Transcending Mortality, you probably won’t have to worry about accumulating your qi anymore.”

At his words, Yan Zhaoge laughed.

Yuan Zhengfeng and the others laughed as well.

The true dragon’s body had been gained by Yan Zhaoge, who therefore naturally had foremost priority to it.

It was just that with Yan Zhaoge’s current cultivation base, with him taking it all for himself, wanting to do so without the slightest bit of wastage would be a very difficult thing.

Yan Zhaoge’s calmness in rejecting the temptation of taking the true dragon’s body all for himself, instead wanting to gift it to the clan, was something that Yuan Zhengfeng and the others all approved of greatly.

Even while due to circumstances, this could no longer be done, they still didn’t mind it.

Even if Yan Zhaoge had handed it over, a considerable portion of the benefits would still have fallen to him anyway.

Fine steel were used on blades; be it Broad Creed Mountain or the other Sacred Grounds, they always granted foremost priority in their resources to their most elite descendants who possessed the most potential.

Everyone was granted equal opportunities, but rewards would never be dished out equally like a big wok of rice.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge had already long since proven himself.

Patting the crimson pagoda beside him, he now said to Yan Di, “Although we are still unable to determine its background, the concept contained within is rather extraordinary, being extremely beneficial for us martial practitioners to look at.

Why don’t you and the other Elders take a look at it.”

Looking in the direction of Yuan Zhengfeng and Fu Enshu, he smiled, “Grand Master and Fu Enshu can attest to this-those who’ve tried it all say it’s good.”


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