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HSSB409: There are many scenes in Broad Creed Mountain


Looking at Yin Liuhua, Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly.

Still, he did not speak.

Meanwhile, Feng Yunsheng’s voice penetrated through the rumbling curtain of water.

“Junior apprentice-sister Yin, if you can persist for a while longer, the effects will be better.”

On hearing her words, Yin Liuhua sounded slightly aggrieved, “But I really can’t persist any longer.

Senior apprentice-sister Feng, did you really do it like this that year”

Feng Yunsheng answered candidly, “When I entered our clan that year, I had already cultivated inner qi into aura-qi and entered the Martial Scholar realm.”

“Still, what I have allocated you has been lowered based on my standard of intensity to what Martial Artists should be able to adapt to.”

Yin Liuhua deflated her mouth, “So you see, you actually didn’t do such training back in the Body Refinement realm as well, senior apprentice-sister Feng.

There is no Martial Artist who would be able to bear this.”

Feng Yunsheng sighed, “If you really cannot persist, I will not force you.”

“It’s just that with you having started later than the rest, if you want to catch up with them, you will have to put in even greater effort.

Yet, you constantly say now that you are completely unable to bear it, continuously lowering the intensity of your training further.

As compared to me at the same cultivation level, it actually doesn’t even reach eighty percent now.”

A disbelieving light could be seen within Yin Liuhua’s gaze, but she didn’t rebut her, just lowering her head.

Feng Yunsheng said, “I’m not forcing you, and have been lowering the standards for you.

Still, with Master having returned to the Mountain this time, she might not agree to doing such a thing.

Your cultivation intensity will probably be raised back up; you should be mentally prepared for this.”

Hearing her words, Yin Liuhua’s face instantly turned bitter.

Hugging her knees as she sat by the edge of the lake, she said frustratedly, “I’ve already been much more hardworking than my fellow disciples.

Amongst those at the same cultivation level in our clan, I cultivate for the longest every day, also having been allocated the most homework.

It’s actually almost even twice as much as most other people!”

Feng Yunsheng said mildly, “We also enjoy various preferential treatment and resources from our clan, must more than is received by our fellow disciples.”

“In terms of martial talent, are we twice as gifted as our fellow disciples You and I are both not junior apprentice-brother Ying ah.”

Ying Liuhua’s face stiffened.

She opened her mouth as if to say something, yet did not utter a sound.

Beneath the waterfall, Feng Yunsheng stood up, “Having already been pre-ordered black-bordered blue robes immediately upon entering the clan and putting on those white clothes, you will be able to wear them for real very soon.”

“In our entire clan, how many are there who have received such treatment”

As Feng Yunsheng said thus, she walked out from beneath the waterfall, coming beside Yin Liuhua, “As we receive more than usual, we must naturally put in more effort in some areas as well.

We are Maidens of Extreme Yin; the clan has great hopes for us.”

Yin Liuhua lowered her head, just making a light noise of affirmation as she did not speak.

Feng Yunsheng looked at her, not knowing whether she had truly taken the words to heart.

Seeing this, she shook her head slightly, not speaking any further.

Unsheathing her black sabre, it flew through the air in a perfect arc before stably halting in the air before her.

Feng Yunsheng didn’t perform any other actions, just maintaining her posture of upraised sabre and extended arms as her entire person that moved not a single inch resembled a statue.

Seeing this from far away, Yan Zhaoge found this movement to be rather unordinary.

Her sharp sabre-intent was contained yet not.

It seemed concealed within her scabbard, yet appeared itself unordinary.

Within that single sabre, there were contained the violence of the great west-tilting sun that could incinerate the great wilderness from the Sacred Sun Clan’s West Tilting Heaven Incinerating Sabre as well as the sharp, boundless majesty that could hack apart even space itself from Broad Creed Mountain’s Chaotic Elements Uniting Sabre.

What caused one to look at Feng Yunsheng in a different light was that as she maintained and accumulated her strength in her sabre, it contained a great uniqueness of its own.

That sabre-intent resembled a dragon soaring amidst the nine heavens, devouring the heavens and swallowing the sun as it vaguely seemed to form a martial branch of its own.

This was actually where one saw most worth in a martial practitioner.

It was like how the Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre was different in the hands of Yan Di from that of others, like how the Vajra Body had reached unprecedented heights under Shi Tie, like how Yuan Zhengfeng and the two Grand Elders He and Zhang all knew the Heavenly Broad Creed Palm, but Yuan Zhengfeng could suppress both of their palms with one of his own.

When martial practitioners became Martial Grandmasters and successfully attained their true martial souls, even if it were the same martial art, theirs would always be different from that of others somewhat, because within were contained their personal comprehension and understanding of the martial dao.

Already looking to be able to exhibit that individual uniqueness as a Martial Scholar, Feng Yunsheng’s feat was truly an incredible one.

After watching silently for a while, Yan Zhaoge showed himself.

On seeing Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng smiled, but did not retract her sabre as she remained unmoving in her original position.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge smiled as well.

Beneath the waterfall, Han Long’er let out a whoop before shooting over, resembling a true dragon leaving the water as he arrived before Yan Zhaoge.

“Your rate of improvement is very fast indeed; it seems like you put in quite a bit of effort,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, patting his shoulder.

Receiving Yan Zhaoge’s words of praise, the youth was instantly overjoyed to the point of being unable to stop smiling.

On noticing Yan Zhaoge’s arrival, Yin Liuhua hurriedly stood up as well, her gaze slightly panicked and distressed as she did not know whether her earlier conversation with Feng Yunsheng had been heard by him.

Seeing Yin Liuhua, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Junior apprentice-sister Yin, have you yet gotten used to living on our Broad Creed Mountain”

Yin Liuhua ceased in her thoughts, answering, “Everything has been good for me on the Mountain.

The seniors of the clan as well as my fellow disciples have all been treating me very well.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded.

He had indeed heard about this somewhat.

Yin Liuhua was rather proficient in social relations, having established quite a good relationship with the others of the clan.

“Martial cultivation places emphasis on technique, and one does not definitely have to wring dry all their potential every time, reaching their limit every time they cultivate,” Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “However, the situation for you Maidens of Extreme Yin who cultivate in the Extreme Yin Scripture is rather unique.”

“Having wrung yourself to your utmost limit, your body’s qi meridians and Extreme Yin Power will together see new life after having been depleted fully, and through this can thereby be boosted.”

“While it is just a little bit every time, as your foundation is established stably and the cycle repeats itself on and on, little accumulating into much and sand coming to form a tower, as time gradually passes, the resultant gains seen would still be considerable.”

“I should have mentioned this principle when passing down the Extreme Yin Scripture to you, no”

Hearing his words, Yin Liuhua’s gaze flashed slightly, “You did…”

Yan Zhaoge appraised Yin Liuhua all over, “I notice that you, junior apprentice-sister Yin, have not pushed yourself to your limit.

Is it that there is some unique situation today”

Yin Liuhua inhaled deeply before replying, “No.

I haven’t finished my homework today; I’ll be continuing soon.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly, “I won’t interrupt you then.

You guys can continue.”

“Senior apprentice-sister Feng is currently cultivating,” After a glance at Feng Yunsheng, Yin Liuhua asked Yan Zhaoge, “Senior apprentice-brother Yan, I have some difficulties in my cultivation and would like to ask you about them.

Can I”

Yan Zhaoge said, “If you will.”

“Let’s not interrupt senior apprentice-sister Feng then,” Yin Liuhua guided Yan Zhaoge to the side, asking him some questions along the way, indeed some difficult obstacles for Martial Artists who were aiming towards becoming a Martial Scholar.

Yan Zhaoge answered all of Yin Liuhua’s questions, her nodding repeatedly as she felt as though she had seen the light.

While it was the same principle, when it was Yan Zhaoge explaining it, she instead felt that it was actually clearer and easier to understand than when explained by the senior members of the clan.

Yin Liuhua glanced back at Feng Yunsheng before swivelling her head to look at Yan Zhaoge, asking him softly, “Senior apprentice-brother Yan, I now understand the significance of being a Maiden of Extreme Yin as well.

Still, is there really any hope for me”


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