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HSSB41: What a valiant girl

After following Meng Wan’s trail for a period of time, they realised that they had lost her.

While Yan Zhaoge was a little sorry about this, he still wasn’t too upset about it.

Yet, not long after, his underlings sent over the news that they had once again discovered Meng Wan’s whereabouts.

Yan Zhaoge and the others did not stop to think too much about it, once again setting off in their pursuit.

Still, a few mountains later and some distance away, all traces of the girl had once again disappeared.

“Something’s up.” Having found this repetitive pattern suspicious, Yan Zhaoge said as he stopped walking, a deep look within his eyes.

One of the black-clothed Martial Scholars beside him nodded, “It seems like we’re being baited and led somewhere.”

Looking at the lofty, majestic mountains that loomed ahead, Yan Zhaoge mused, “An ambush Doesn’t seem like it; on our way here, we’ve passed by many suitable ambush locations already.”

After considering for a moment, a hint of a smile surfaced at the corner of his mouth, “Well, let’s go see what you’re up to then.”

He waved his hand, indicating for the group to break up, and the many black-clothed martial practitioners immediately scattered without a sound as they merged into the dense forest.

In the meantime, Yan Zhaoge continued on his journey through the mountains and the forests.

A while later, a black-clothed martial practitioner suddenly returned, reporting, “Young Master, near a valley about a kilometre east of here, disciples of the Sacred Sun Clan have been spotted.”

As Yan Zhaoge looked at him for confirmation, the black-clothed martial practitioner nodded, “They’re all young disciples of the Body Refinement Realm, the very ones who accompanied Chao Yuanlong into the Sealing Dragon Abyss previously.

“Let’s have a look,” Yan Zhaoge began heading east.

Hiding their movements, Yan Zhaoge’s group stealthily and noiselessly made their way to the vicinity of the valley.

They ascended one of the mountain peaks on the side, then looked into the valley.

What they saw was that at this current moment, within the valley, there was already a confrontation taking place.

On one side was a group of three people all dressed in white robes, with the emblem of a sun tattooed on their red-bordered sleeves.

They were exactly the disciples of the Sacred Sun Clan.

The three gazes were all focused on a single person.

Fanned out loosely, they vaguely looked as though they could surround the other party at a moment’s notice.

The other party, currently in a stand-off with them, was actually a teenage girl.

White clothes, black sword, her long, beautiful hair cascading behind her like a waterfall.

Beside the teenage girl squatted a tiny, black little hound, currently staring with a face full of caution at the three Sacred Sun Clan disciples who currently had its master surrounded.

Yan Zhaoge’s line of vision fell into the short sword within the teenage girl’s hand.

Jet-black as ink, under the bright rays of the sun, it actually didn’t cause the reflection of any light whatsoever.

It was as if it was not a metallic​ object, but was, rather, black charcoal.

Even from such a long distance away, Yan Zhaoge could still feel the sharpness emanated by that pitch-black sword, as it sent a chill flowing throughout his entire body.

The teenage girl kept a firm grasp on the short sword within her hands, not moving an inch.

While she was garbed in white, her attire differed from what one was usually seen on disciples of the Sacred Sun Clan.

However, looking at the stance with which she held her sword, Yan Zhaoge’s eyebrows twitched.

“Ah, West-tilting Heaven Incinerating Blade…”

Alongside the Heaven Striking Palm and the Sunset Thousand Illusionary Palms, the West-tilting Heaven Incinerating Blade was one of the Seven Great Sun Arts that were only passed down amongst their direct lineage disciples.

Its strength was similarly renowned throughout the entire Eight Extremities World.

This white-clothed girl, was obviously also from the Sacred Sun Clan by birth.

“Did she learn it sneakily and is therefore being pursued; or is this due to fragmentation within the clan

Feeling a bit interested, Yan Zhaoge got his black-clothed men to scatter, some of them continuing the search for Meng Wan, while others kept vigilant watch outside the valley.

Currently, the gazes of those three Sacred Sun Clan disciples were all locked on the white-clothed teenage girl.

One of them, a slightly older-looking youth, began to speak, “Junior apprentice-sister Feng, we are all just assisting senior apprentice-brother Xiao.

Apologies if we’ve offended you.”

The white-clothed teenage girl laughed, “However much talk, it’s all useless.

Looks like you have no intention of letting me pass.

In the end, it’ll all still depend on whose trump cards turn out to be stronger in a real contest of strength.”

Resembling bullets being shot out consecutively from the barrel of a gun, the girl’s words flowed out at an extremely high rate, yet cut down as cleanly as a knife, as every single one of then was conveyed across perfectly clearly.

While being encircled by strong enemies, her expression did not change, as she continued speaking and smiling as though all was right with the world.

Another Sacred Sun Clan disciple, one who was slightly younger this time, laughed, “Letting you pass is something that we obviously won’t do.

Still, it’s not like there’s really a need for us to fight, is there”

“It’s true that you, senior apprentice-sister Feng, are already in the Martial Scholar realm, but that is already a thing of the past.’

“Now, with your old wounds yet to recover, and new ones on top of them as well, you are unable to draw on your aura-qi, and even your inner qi is weak.

With not even half of your actual strength left, don’t waste any pointless effort struggling about anymore.”

“Just be a good girl and follow us back to see senior apprentice-brother Xiao, won’t that do Otherwise, if we do really get into a fight, you would probably sustain even more injuries.

And how could we bear to see that happen”

Yan Zhaoge smiled a little from his place by the sidelines.

While the three Sacred Sun Clan disciples looked to be holding the absolute advantage, the West-tilting Heaven Incinerating Blade was ferocious and violent.

If the girl really went all out, they were also worried about being inflicted with injuries themselves.

Being able to destroy the opponent’s will to fight would obviously be ideal.

At the very least, with the signal already having been sent out, just through the delaying of time alone, the other members of the Sacred Sun Clan would be arriving here soon.

At that point in time, capturing the teenage girl before their eyes would be as easy as the flipping of a palm.

From Yan Zhaoge’s point of view, the girl was actually a rare beauty.

While she could not match up to the stunning looks of Meng Wan, and also lacked Sikong Qing’s elegant beauty, she was, at the very least, still on par with Lin Yushao.

She had an egg-shaped face, soft facial features and sharply defined eyebrows.

Her nose was obviously a little big, though, a little lacking when placed alongside the rest of her beauty.

However, what was most striking were her pair of eyes, which exuded a valiance seldom seen amongst those of the fairer sex.

Unlike Meng Wan, Sikong Qing and Lin Yushao who had already been strikingly beautiful from the first glance, this was a beauty who grew on one’s eyes the more one looked at her.

As he observed closely, he thought that, maybe, her looks weren’t actually inferior to those of Meng Wan and Sikong Qing after all.

It was just that from this girl’s eyes, Yan Zhaoge could also see an extraordinarily strong killing intent which far exceeded the norm alongside that valiance.

That jet black sword of hers, had truly seen blood.

The teenage girl laughed, “What are you waiting for; just come over and get me then, why don’t you Acting tough but so weak inside; it’s three against one, and you still have to be so cautious”

She looked laughingly at the Sacred Sun Clan disciple opposite her, “A silver spearhead that is really made of tin; looks good but is actually worthless.”

His expression changing slightly, that Sacred Sun Clan disciple snorted.

Then, staring at the girl, his smile slowly turned sinister, “I suppose senior apprentice-sister Feng must have lacked men these past days”

“But what I don’t know is: how did you take care of your needs then Don’t tell me that you’ve been using that black dog by your feet No wonder you’ve always kept him by your side.”

“Still, doing it with a dog, it must have been much too tough on you, senior apprentice-sister.

Do you want me, your junior apprentice-brother, to lend you a hand”

Hearing this, the girl was not flustered in the least, as she just said in a slow and leisurely manner, “Too bad, you guessed wrong.

My Little Meaty, is female.”

The small black dog by her feet yelped twice, as it gazed ferociously at that Sacred Sun Clan disciple.

Still, if one closely looked, there was indeed a lack of something hanging from its groin.

The girl said at her own relaxed pace, “As for that little toothpick of yours, junior apprentice-brother, you can just forget about it.

Even if you snapped it into two then placed the two halves side by side, they would still only be as thick as two toothpicks.

Whichever girl it is; it’ll never cut it.”

Hearing her words, the Sacred Sun Clan disciple’s face instantly paled with anger

Another of his cronies by the side snorted as he gazed at the girl with a disgusting look on his face, “Senior apprentice-sister seems so familiar with junior apprentice-brother Cai’s sizes; looks like you must have had some personal experience with it ah.”

“I guessed it,” the girl laughed dismissively, “As for whether I was right or wrong, this junior apprentice-brother Cai can just take off his pants now and let us have a look; won’t we all know for sure then”

That junior apprentice-brother Cai and his current urgent need to explain himself lest he fall victim to a heart attack aside, even the bystander Yan Zhaoge was currently stunned, and at a total loss for words.

Young lady ah, while it is said that female practitioners should not be too mindful of formalities, your current behaviour right now… there’s an 80 percent chance that it’s because you are young and inexperienced in that area, while the other 20 percent…also has something to do with you being young and inexperienced.

How valiant, competing against men in the area of who is more ‘corrupted’…Yet, how is that suitable

The disciple surnamed Cai had his embarrassment turn into rage, as he walked towards the girl with an ugly smile on his face, “Whether or not I really am a toothpick, you’ll know it later!”

Raising her eyebrows, the teenage girl said calmly, “This junior apprentice-brother, you can actually just stay at your current position.”

“Because I, your senior apprentice-sister, will be going over!”

Before her words had even landed, a sword-light had already flashed!

It was like the sun had suddenly been made to tilt toward the west, before it began plummeting down in that direction!

Where the sword light flashed, it looked as though the very heavens and the very earth were about to be incinerated on the spot!


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