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HSSB412: The one they want to kill the most


Seeing the Jade Dragon Sword in Ying Longtu’s hands, Yin Liuhua’s envy almost spilled over to her exterior.

She ceased in her thoughts, appearing normal as she looked at Ying Longtu and then Feng Yunsheng before lowering her head, some gloominess within her gaze.

“I heard that this Ying…this senior apprentice-brother Ying was unearthed outside by senior apprentice-brother Yan before being brought back to our clan.”

“It was also the same for senior apprentice-sister Feng…no wonder the are both so close with senior apprentice-brother Yan.”

Yin Liuhua pressed her lips together, not speaking.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze instead fell on the black sabre in Feng Yunsheng’s hands.

That was an artifact, having followed by Feng Yunsheng’s side ever since the first time he had met her.

She had obtained it back when she was still in the Sacred Sun Clan.

At that time, it had still been a low-grade artifact.

For Martial Artists or martial practitioners who had just become Martial Scholars, it was naturally a miraculous, powerful weapon.

Still, accompanied by the rise in Feng Yunsheng’s cultivation base, it should logically have long since fallen out of the picture.

However, this black sabre was still Feng Yunsheng’s accompanying weapon.

Yan Zhaoge had long since noticed the abnormality in this sabre.

Because this black sabre actually seemed to be levelling up alongside Feng Yunsheng’s improvements in cultivation base.

Currently, it had already reached the level of a mid-grade artifact.

Yan Zhaoge believed that on the day Feng Yunsheng stepped into the Xiantian stage, this sabre would most likely become a high-grade artifact as well.

Yan Zhaoge felt rather interested by this.

Currently, of all the weapons of the Eight Extremities World, he knew only of a single one that had similar properties.

That was precisely that dark green bamboo branch that Yan Zhaoge had himself forged.

Still, that treasure could not simply be measured with the grading of artifacts or spirit artifacts.

Feng Yunsheng herself did not understand the reason for this as well.

This sabre had been personally chosen by her back then in the Sacred Sun Clan’s weaponry vault.

Back then, it had just seemed to fit her hands, its power as a low-grade artifact outstanding.

She had not thought that it was actually so unique.

Still, with this black sabre able to accompany her all the way and grow alongside her, Feng Yunsheng felt rather happy about it, therefore being even more enamoured by it.

Looking at the Jade Dragon Sword in Ying Longtu’s hands, Feng Yunsheng looked slightly out of sorts for a moment.

The next moment, she suddenly broke her stance, keeping her sabre.

Ying Longtu and Yin Liuhua were rather surprised by this.

Every time Feng Yunsheng went into that posture, she would remain in it for a very long time, with there being nothing that could break her cultivation.

Yan Zhaoge also looked over, “What”

Feng Yunsheng said, “Nothing.

There are some thoughts that I have to slowly ponder upon for a while.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Because I gave the Jade Dragon Sword to Han Long’er Could it be that you want a spirit artifact as well Let me say this first-I don’t have any such spirit artifact sabres on me.”

“How could that be” Feng Yunsheng shook her head, “It’s just that some stuff you mentioned when talking about the Jade Dragon Sword just now caused me to feel some things.”

Yan Zhaoge gradually understood as his gaze turned serious, “You want to go tempering outside like junior apprentice-sister Sikong, nourishing your sabre with battle”

Feng Yunsheng said calmly, “I know that as a Maiden of Extreme Yin, I am a focal point of the entire world.

If I do not have sufficient strength with which to protect myself when roaming the outside world, it would be easy for me to be targeted by the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall.”

“If something went wrong, not only would it be a question of my personal wellbeing, the situation of the entire clan would be affected as well.”

Feng Yunsheng gazed into the distance, “Still, cultivating amongst the mountains is indeed not a suitable cultivation method for me.

I can sense that ever since the previous Extreme Yin Bout, my rate of improvement has been slowing, with it becoming easier and easier for me to reach a bottleneck in my cultivation.”

She laughed in self-derision, “To give an inappropriate comparison, I am like the blade of a sabre or sword, a grindstone no longer able to sharpen me as what I require is clashing with other weapons or being stained in the fresh blood of my enemies.”

Yan Zhaoge sighed softly, “It is not so.

You are giving yourself too much pressure, being too demanding on yourself.”

Feng Yunsheng smiled slightly, no longer continuing to speak.

During the process of cultivation, Yin Liuhua had been reluctant to continue.

However, be it Yan Zhaoge or Feng Yunsheng, neither had the intention of scorning her or feeling disappointed.

That was because requesting things of others based upon the intensity of Feng Yunsheng’s cultivation was actually an extremely demanding thing.

Others not being able to complete Feng Yunsheng’s level of training did not mean that they were unable to take hardship, their wills not being firm enough, their persistence and resilience lacking.

It was more because it was really too difficult.

From a certain perspective, it was actually the normal thing to be unable to achieve that boundary which had already surpassed simple painstaking diligence.

Instead, those who were able to achieve it would be hailed by others with astonished cries as being superhuman.

As Yan Zhaoge knew, not counting himself, strictly calculating, amongst their peers of the same generation, there was not a single person who could train to the extent of Feng Yunsheng without  completely wrecking themselves.

Those who could reach extremely close to her intensity and had persisted with this over the years numbered only three.

Xu Fei, Sikong Qing, Ying Longtu.

Therefore, while she herself was able to persist, Feng Yunsheng would not force Yin Liuhua to definitely have to be like herself.

If not for Yin Liuhua being a Maiden of Extreme Yin as well, Feng Yunsheng wouldn’t even have said a single thing about it.

Meanwhile, after Yan Zhaoge understood the situation, all he did was adjust Yin Liuhua’s expected use as he might expect for downwards.

Of course, having the obligation and responsibility to bear more on one’s shoulders came naturally together with enjoying more authority as well as conveniences.

Yin Liuhua having been adjusted downwards in terms of use within his mind, the resources as well as privileges of the clan that she enjoyed would also be correspondingly adjusted.

Still, this would not be an unchanging thing.

It remained to be seen whether she would improve down the road.

At the very least, Yan Zhaoge knew that Yin Liuhua would soon be facing a great trial.

Because Fu Enshu was back.

As a training maniac of her generation, it was not completely unfounded that Fu Enshu thought so especially highly of Feng Yunsheng and Sikong Qing.

Unseen by others, Yan Zhaoge quickly rolled his eyes.

There was not much that could be reasoned with that senior apprentice-aunt Fu.

Her belief was: I will not force my disciples to do what I myself cannot, but what I am able to do, my disciples must be able to do as well.

Back at the East Sea, when Fu Enshu had first introduced Yan Zhaoge to Yin Liuhua, she had said, “Didn’t Yunsheng shoot up to where she is now in not even three full years”

The meaning of this was that she had the same expectations of Yin Liuhua.

And the same principle applied when in her eyes, the bitter, painstaking training that Feng Yunsheng could grit her teeth and persist in was something that she, Fu Enshu, as well as Sikong Qing, could do as well.

Since there was not just one person who could do it, Yin Liuhua should naturally be able to do it as well…

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, glancing at Yin Liuhua.

Having gotten a somewhat unreasonable Master, having not interacted with her sufficiently beforehand, this girl might only have so far felt the benefits brought about by Fu Enshu’s forceful protection of those under her.

In the time that was soon to follow, with her mentality, her life here might not be all that smooth.

If she was able to bear it, perhaps there was a chance of her switching her bones and being reborn.

Otherwise, there would only be hard times that were awaiting her.

Yan Zhaoge said, “The tempering that you speak of, just like how junior apprentice-sister Sikong was earlier roaming the outside world, actually harbours the intention to avoid the protection of the clan.

That way, the risks would be great.

From a certain perspective, it is a loss that our clan cannot afford to have.”

“This is especially so when your abilities have already been proven following the fifth Extreme Yin Bout.

In the eyes of the higher echelon experts of the other Sacred Grounds, you are already no longer an existence that can be overlooked.

Especially in the Sacred Sun Clan, where amongst the disciples of the younger generation of our clan, if it is said that the one they want to kill the most is me, the one ranked second would definitely be you.”


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