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HSSB418: Very good, powerful, but also very dumb!


Within the sky, where two rainbows, one horizontal, one vertical, intersected, space itself was distorted intensely.

There, the seven-coloured light of the rainbows vanished, only pitch blackness visible within.

The black point of intersection expanded unceasingly, devouring the surrounding rainbow light as well as everything else.

After having expanded to a certain degree, it now seemed to fall silent.

Gazing over from far away, other than the distortions at the point of intersection being more intense and the red light no longer seeming as straight as before, the Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow appeared to be no different from how it was normally.

There was only that silhouetted snow crane shooting into the skies, flying towards the centre of the Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow.

Within this silhouette, Yan Zhaoge and the others had been swept along by a mysterious power, sent together towards the black hole at the centre of the Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow.

“This is somewhat unexpected…” Yan Zhaoge’s expression turned solemn as he unfurled his right hand, a jade hairpin lying on his palm on which was engraved the image of a snow crane.

This had belonged to his mother Xue Chuqing, having been left behind in the Eight Extremities World in the care of his father, Yan Di.

All along, it had appeared completely ordinary, not seeming unique in any area at all, just seeming like any normal accessory.

Who would have known that just now, in that instant at which the black hole at the centre of the Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow appeared, light would suddenly be emitted from this hairpin as it transformed into a snow crane, shooting out of Yan Zhaoge’s Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

Yan Zhaoge had extended his hand in a timely manner, grabbing that jade hairpin that was about to fly away.

However, flapping its wings, the snow crane had still swept along everyone in the vicinity of the Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow as it flew upwards.

“It’s a mechanism, a mechanism with a transportation function,” Yan Zhaoge rapidly deduced, “There must be something to stimulate it for it to be awakened from its deeply slumbering state.”

Raising his head and looking upwards, he saw that black hole at the centre of the Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow gradually stabilise, now resembling the entrance of a passageway.

The centre of the black hole was no longer completely pitch back, instead being greatly colourful.

Numerous scenes seemed to distort and break apart within, afterwards merging together as one once more.

“Chaotic space…” Yan Zhaoge had already determined, “It truly is a path that leads to another world.

Still, it is extremely unstable…”

“If it is indeed another world on the other side, the basis of the mechanism should be located there, the jade hairpin taking on the role of something like a guiding object.

When the two worlds are connected, the one bearing the guiding object would automatically be drawn over by the mechanism.”

Yan Zhaoge was currently already completely calm.

Still, taking a look at Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu, Xu Fei, Ying Longtu as well as Pan-Pan within Feng Yunsheng’s embrace all beside him, Yan Zhaoge instantly smiled bitterly.

“Transporting everyone in the vicinity of the Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow-this mechanism is very good, very powerful, but also very dumb ah!”

What a great spot they were in now, having collectively disappeared without a trace.

While Yan Zhaoge was very interested in travelling to another world for a look, his pitiful father was still yearningly awaiting news back at the clan.

Now, he wouldn’t even have someone to send the news over to him.

In this way, when Yan Di received this information, who knew how much time would already have passed.

Meanwhile, the elites of Broad Creed Mountain’s younger generation had virtually all vanished from the Eight Extremities World in the space of a single night.

If such news spread, the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall would probably be smiling even in their dreams.

It would still be fine if Yan Di and the others rushed over in time and the dimensional tunnel was still there.

But if the dimensional tunnel had already disappeared, it would be very hard for them to discern what had happened.

Swept along by the silhouetted snow crane, Yan Zhaoge shook his head, yelling in a low tone, “Senior apprentice-brother Xu!”

As he called, Yan Zhaoge waved his hand, a black silhouette flying out of his Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

It was an existence that resembled a short stone rod.

As it exited the pouch, it expanded within the air, immediately transforming into a massive stone pillar.

It was precisely the pillar of the Divine Palace.

Yan Zhaoge clapped down on the pillar with his hands, the pillar exploding with bright light in all directions, resembling silk as it entered the silhouetted snow crane from within.

Under the suppressive effect of the pillar of the Divine Palace, the silhouetted snow crane that flew through the sky instantly slowed, halting for a moment in mid-air.

Xu Fei was a greatly experienced person.

Without needing Yan Zhaoge’s instructions, he already understood what he was to do.

Making use of that instant in which the upwards momentum of the snow crane slowed slightly, Xu Fei made a pulling motion from behind his back.

A dragon’s roar resounded as his black broadsword was unsheathed, coming into his hand with the momentary flash of a simple, lustreless sword-light.

Xu Fei speedily drew his sword, the black sword-light condensed and tangible as it left scars behind in mid-air, transforming into yet one rune after another.

Afterwards, these runes descended, leaving the area enveloped by the silhouetted snow crane and descending onto the Marsh of Illusory Sea below.

The light of the black runes were retracted internally as they gradually dissipated, merging within the mud of the great marsh.

Faced with this sudden, major occurrence, Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu very quickly composed themselves following their initial astonishment.

Seeing Xu Fei’s actions, Feng Yunsheng smiled, asking, “Senior apprentice-brother Xu, this should be that special technique of Turbid Wave Pavilion, Leaving Words Within Marsh”

The marsh was crisscrossed with lengths of viscous bodies, being densely populated with lake and marshland.

Solid land or stones could seldom be found within.

Leaving behind a mark or maybe a message here was therefore a very difficult thing.

Experts in the martial dao could turn false into real, leaving words within water or even the air.

However, such markings that were left behind, based on the cultivation base of a martial practitioner, would only remain existent for a limited period of time, which was comparatively shorter.

This was especially so for they who were within the Marsh of Illusory Sea.

Even despite the presence of the Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow, the power of the illusions was still very strong, unceasingly whittling down the sword-intent and aura-qi left behind by a martial practitioner till finally the marks that had been left behind had vanished completely.

Turbid Wave Pavilion had specifically invented this special technique for the convenience of its disciples, allowing them to leave messages behind within the great marsh.

With it, messages could be left behind for long periods of time amidst the prevalent environment of lakes and marshland here, to be read by those of their clan who arrived later on.

Xu Fei quickly explained the current situation.

Leaving behind a message through this secret technique, on one hand, it would be preserved for a long time, and on the other, the information within would be kept away from unwelcome eyes.

Turbid Wave Pavilion and Broad Creed Mountain were on rather good terms, the disciples of Turbid Wave Pavilion being comparatively trustworthy.

It was fine to entrust them with sending the news back to Broad Creed Mountain upon having discovered the message.

“The Chief, senior apprentice-uncle Fang and Grand Master all know that I am versed in Leaving Words Within Marsh,” Xu Fei said as he sheathed his sword, “If it is seniors of our clan who make it here first yet are unable to find any traces of us, they will invite martial practitioners of Turbid Wave Pavilion over to unearth the message that I have left behind.”

Ah Hu asked teasingly, “Brother Fei, who did you learn Leaving Words Within Marsh from”

Xu Fei answered candidly, “I naturally learnt it from Junior Sister Xie of Turbid Wave Pavilion.

Still, I am not in a position to impart it to others.”

Ah Hu gave an extremely simple and honest smile, “Brother Fei, isn’t it fine It’s not like this is a martial technique of Turbid Wave Pavilion’s direct lineage.

Otherwise, Miss Xie would also not have taught it to you.”

Xu Fei smiled, “Don’t say it like that.

If it hadn’t been for us having met danger together within the Marsh of Illusory Sea before and wanting to avoid getting separated, Junior Sister Xie would not have gone to the extent of making an exception and teaching it to me.

Since she trusts me, it’ll naturally be ending with me.”

The momentum of the snow crane as it shot towards the sky could not be obstructed.

The suction force from the other side of the dimensional tunnel grew stronger and stronger, now reaching its peak.

Yan Zhaoge kept the pillar of the Divine Palace, the party accompanying the silhouetted snow crane in shooting towards the dimensional tunnel at the centre of the Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow.

Countless silhouettes flickered before them, innumerable scenes flashing quickly by, strange and bizarre as they who were experiencing this for the first time could all not help but click their tongues in wonder.

Very quickly, the scenes before them stabilised.

What first appeared before them was a verdant primordial forest.

Gazing back, the dimensional passageway in the sky behind them was currently slowly closing!

Seeing this, Ah Hu’s expression instantly changed greatly, “Young Master, does this mean that we will have to at least wait till the next Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow appears at the earliest before we can return”

“No, the dimensional passageway still exists,” Yan Zhaoge closed his eyes and felt carefully for a bit before he shook his head, chuckling lightly, “Hmmm, this place is very interesting ah.”


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