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HSSB421: Directly fighting is better


Yan Zhaoge’s proficiency in many languages left Feng Yunsheng, Xu Fei and the others awestruck.

However, Yan Zhaoge’s true target never seemed to be able to understand anything, causing Yan Zhaoge to not know whether to laugh or to cry.

The other party seemed to have a hot temper as his flames of rage could eventually no longer be suppressed, he now lunging over towards Yan Zhaoge!

As soon as he moved, all those of Broad Creed Mountain felt shock within their hearts.

Quick as flashing lightning, the man had already arrived before Yan Zhaoge in an instant.

As Xu Fei and Ah Hu focused their gazes, they saw that patterns of light had actually appeared on the surface of this person’s skin.

They resembled numerous sigils engraved onto his very body.

Streaks of light agglomerated on this person’s fingers, forming an existence like sharp claws as he clawed towards Yan Zhaoge.

Within his body, neither aura-qi nor true essence could yet be felt, merely a small amount of foundational inner qi.

Generally speaking, this should be a characteristic of Martial Artists, having yet to refine qi into aura.

However, the powerful flesh and blood contained within this man’s body far surpassed that of Martial Artists!

As Feng Yunsheng focused closely on the big man’s eyes, she saw his pupils shockingly turn jade green at this moment, full of violence and bloodthirstiness as he resembled a fierce, brutal beast.

Staring at Yan Zhaoge, the big man clawed out, his figure slicing through the air, leaving marks behind that did not dissipate for a long time as if having torn the very space apart!

The patterns of light flickering about his entire body suddenly transformed into tempestuous thunderbolts and lightning, densely enveloping the surrounding area.

Those were true thunderbolts and lightning, snakes of electricity leaping about as they seemed to unceasingly strike and pierce through the air, countless sounds of explosions resounding.

The primordial forest surrounding them was hacked into burnt charcoal by the lightning strikes.

Rumbling noises of thunder began emanating from the dense dark clouds within the sky, the light of thunder traversing the clouds.

As the lightning appeared, the big man’s speed rose once more.

Where the light of lightning passed, all would be overcome by numbness and stiffness.

Yan Zhaoge was rendered speechless, “This bastard, I haven’t even said that I’d capture you first before slowly questioning you and you’re instead making the first move”

Feeling the strong, biting winds and violent lightning shooting over towards him, seeing the terrifying claws that were already before his very eyes, Yan Zhaoge shook his head.

He extended his hands, accurately grabbing the other party’s wrists, rendering those sharp claws that flickered with light unable to proceed any further.

That big man was shocked as he could only feel that his arms had been tightly trapped, his wrists feeling as though they were almost about to snap.

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, saying, “Being the first person I met in this world, I had originally intended to interact on friendly terms with you.

However, as I see it now, never mind.”

“Right, you might not be able to understand these words as well.”

That big man indeed couldn’t understand them.

Right now, he just wanted to extricate himself from Yan Zhaoge’s grasp.

His arms unable to move, he made a kicking motion towards Yan Zhaoge.

However, just as Yan Zhaoge had been speaking, he had already kicked out, directly striking the man’s lower abdomen.

The eyeballs of the big man nearly popped out of their sockets as his knees weakened, his entire body trembling.

Yan Zhaoge looked mildly at him, “I’ll just take you down, then see if there are any items or scrolls of some kind on you.

I’ll research into the language and written characters you use here on my own.”

In great pain, the veins on that big man’s head bulged, his eyes bloodshot as he repeatedly drew in deep breaths.

That madness and bloodthirstiness within his pupils grew as the patterns of light on his body’s surface blazed more and more.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, “Oh”

The big man roared, the patterns of light on his entire body surging as blue lightning expanded around him like an uncontrollable tide, gradually condensing to form a silhouette within the air.

Within, a six-legged leopard enshrouded completely in lightning roared madly.

Yan Zhaoge’s eyes narrowed into slits, “Six-legged Flying Lightning Leopard”

That big man’s body seemed to be expanding as the rumbling of thunder resounded from within, his power surging.

A crazed look appeared within his eyes as he glared unblinkingly at Yan Zhaoge, seemingly not willing to let it go if he did not rip him into pieces.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge smiled.

He increased the strength of his grip, completely shattering all the bones and veins of the man’s elbows along with the bones of his wrist!

An even greater power resembling the pressuring of Mount Tai instantly suppressed that violent lightning into tiny embers of electricity, limited within the space of a foot as it was unable to run rampant.

The big man opened his mouth, the extreme pain preventing him from even uttering a sound.

Yan Zhaoge appraised him rather interestedly, “Interesting.

Turning false into real, transforming his own power into that of true lightning and thunderbolts.

To martial practitioners, this should only be possible for someone having stepped into the Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster realm and cultivated aura into essence, forming a true martial soul.”

“However, this guy’s strength has not reached the level of an Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster.”

“Let alone cultivating aura into essence, he hasn’t even cultivated qi into aura yet.

However, his flesh and blood is far from what Martial Artists can compare to, already being comparable to that of Martial Grandmasters.”

“Manifesting true lightning, while it does not reach the level of an Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster, it is still rather powerful as well.”

As Yan Zhaoge grabbed those arms of that big man that by now already resembled rotten mud, he saw that within the already ragged flesh and blood there shone numerous streaks of light.

It was as if an extremely strong power that originated from some kind of bloodline was unceasingly awakening.

“Could it be that this power of yours originates from the Six-legged Flying Lightning Leopard” Yan Zhaoge clicked his tongue in wonder, “At first, I’d still thought that you were a demon having taken human form, but as I see it now, it is precisely the exact opposite.

You refined and merged the bloodline of a demonic beast within your own body, through it obtaining this power”

“I’d also not seen such martial cultivation before the Great Calamity.

Could it be a newly created technique Interesting, very interesting, just that I don’t know whether this is just so for you and your clan or if the people of this world are all like this”

As Yan Zhaoge carefully felt the changes in the man’s body, he indeed noticed many uncertain things.

Under extreme pain and rage, that big man completely lost his sanity, emitting some strange roars.

His voice was already no longer that of a human’s, instead completely resembling the roars of a leopard!

The next moment, under everyone’s shocked gazes, the man’s entire body, enveloped by light, actually gradually began turning completely into that of a leopard!

This person, was turning into a beast!

His head gradually transformed into that of a leopard, a tail appearing behind him, wings of thunder and lightning appearing behind his back.

His four limbs also turned into the claws of a leopard.

As his back limbs stood on the ground, he looked completely like a leopard in a human standing position!

His two front claws had been shattered by Yan Zhaoge, but twin claws shockingly now extended from his abdomen, clawing towards Yan Zhaoge.

Enveloped by the light, the flesh and blood of the man’s body expanded as he turned massive.

Before them, he was right about to turn into a Six-legged Flying Thunder Leopard that was several feet in length and resembled a small mountain!

As this Six-legged Flying Thunder Leopard let out a crazed howl that shocked the heavens, lightning surged as it attracted the continual descent of the lightning within the thunderclouds of the sky.

Yan Zhaoge grew even more interested, “This refers to having lost control of the demonic blood within his body and suffering a backlash While his power has increased greatly, he himself has turned into a demonic beast.”

Seeing the massive beast before him, Yan Zhaoge sighed in praise, “This bit of fighting has instead let me know quite some things.

Indeed, isn’t directly fighting still better”


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