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HSSB423: Enhancing cultural interaction


Ah Hu blinked, “What are the matters of scholars called”

Yan Zhaoge said solemnly, “Enhancing cultural interaction between our two worlds, paving the way for the establishing of communication.”

Ah Hu opened his mouth, but did not speak.

Beside them, Feng Yunsheng chortled outright, Xu Fei shook his head and smiled bitterly while Han Long’er remained oblivious.

Finally, carrying the lofty sentiments of enhancing cultural interaction between the two worlds, Yan Zhaoge successfully ‘borrowed for reference’ a large amount of ancient texts from the book storage facility of that manor.

After a long period of analysis, Yan Zhaoge finally gained a rather vague understanding of the language and written characters of this world.

It was like he had guessed before.

The civilisation of this world also originated from the pre-Great Calamity world.

However, due to the break off in civilisation caused by the Great Calamity, all could only be restarted on the foundational basis of what was left to them.

Therefore, it was very different from that of the Eight Extremities World.

Luckily, however, at the end of the day, they all stemmed from the same source, with connections able to be made between them.

After much stumbling around in the dark, Yan Zhaoge finally gained an initial understanding of the world they were currently in.

This world was commonly referred to as the Floating Life World.

Like the Eight Extremities World, the Floating Life World had been formed with the breaking apart of the former pre-Great Calamity world.

The pre-Great Calamity civilisation having been broken off, only some few remnants were left behind for the people here to re-establish their own civilisation with.

Unlike the Eight Extremities World which currently walked a similar path to the pre-Great Calamity world, the Floating Life World walked on a different path.

While there was also a martial civilisation here, the martial dao was a completely different one.

The martial practitioners of the Floating Life World were known as demonic bloodline cultivators.

They would refine the bloodlines of demonic beasts, next cultivating with that as the foundation on which they increased their strength.

“If those texts speak true on the environment here, the Floating Life World should be smaller than our Eight Extremities World,” Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “This way, finding the other half of the mirror and determining the position of the dimensional passageway will at least be a little easier.”

Xu Fei said, “Even so, we still have to make haste.

Who knows where the dimensional passageway might be at; hurrying to a destination requires time as well.”

Yan Zhaoge tapped his head, “Precisely so.”

They approached a big city.

Seeing the large crowds and hearing the foreign tongue in which they spoke, they all looked at one another, exchanging bitter smiles.

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “We still have to interact with someone first.

The ancient texts do not touch on the current in depth situation here.”

Xu Fei frowned, “It would still be okay if they took us as strangers from a foreign land, but if we are exposed as not being from this Floating Life World, some conflict might inevitably arise.

Actually, the foreign faces of strangers already very easily attract attention.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “There is an old adage that makes great sense: Children speak without reservation.”

Saying thus, Yan Zhaoge then leisurely walked and halted around the area, observing the sort of currency that was used here as he passed by some small stalls that sold street food.

After knowing that gold and silver was used here as well, Yan Zhaoge quietly took away some cakes and sweets before leaving behind some taels of silver that far exceeded their value.

Afterwards, he toured around the city, following the sound of children’s studying voices to find a place that resembled a private school.

Yan Zhaoge stood by the window, quietly watching the teacher inside imparting his knowledge.

As the children listened, Yan Zhaoge was actually listening earnestly as well.

Seeing this, Feng Yunsheng, Xu Fei and the others did not mock him.

They watched on as after the lesson was over, Yan Zhaoge made use of the language of this Floating Life World that he was still rather unfamiliar with as he smilingly got close with these young children using those little cakes and sweets.

Xu Fei turned and asked Han Long’er, “There are many young children here.

Do you know why your senior apprentice-brother Yan came to look for these children at the school”

Han Long’er shook his head uncomprehendingly, Xu Fei explaining to him, “While children speak without reservation, there are different types of children as well.

The children playing in the city naturally know more about the little things that occur there, but what we want now is to understand the greater picture of this world.

That is why we’ve come to look for these children who attend school.”

Here, Xu Fei sighed, “Also, the children who grew up in the city are more experienced, slick and playful and will not be so easily coaxed by your senior apprentice-brother Yan.

At the same time, news also travels fast.

Information about and related to us would very easily be leaked.”

“These children in the school usually come into contact with simpler characters, either that from the school or their parents at home.

Therefore, they are more naïve as well.”

“Meanwhile, notice that your senior apprentice-brother Yan has only talked to those children whose clothing is comparatively simpler.

While the families of these children can afford to send them to study, they will not be too rich or extravagant, most likely being stable, honest folk, believing that it is better to avoid troublesome matters.

Therefore, even if these children mention the strange actions of us strangers, the chances of news of us spreading would be lower as well.”

“At the same time, their parents should also not give them too much pocket money.

Those children from richer families would not be so easily won over with a few biscuits from your senior apprentice-brother Yan.”

While they had currently accidentally entered the Floating Life World and were temporarily stuck within, since they had brought Han Long’er out this time, Xu Fei made good use of this chance to impart some experience to this junior apprentice-brother of his.

This was really a minor matter, but Xu Fei mainly hoped for Ying Longtu’s thoughts to become somewhat more active, with him becoming increasingly enlightened on matters of the world.

Hearing his words, Ying Longtu nodded as he looked like he was still considering the matter.

Ah Hu grinned, “It’s really not easy that Young Master hasn’t been taken for a human trafficker.”

Feng Yunsheng smiled, “It should be: It’s really not easy that he can converse with the locals so quickly.”

Ah Hu gave a simple and honest smile, “Right, this time, I really admire Young Master to the point of prostrating myself on the ground.”

Actually, Yan Zhaoge was currently not relaxed at all.

Having to learn a whole language on his own on the spot, also only having been given such a short amount of time for such, it was definitely not a comfortable thing at all.

He had to exert much effort in order to make the children before him understand his questions.

Yan Zhaoge constantly felt as if the gazes of these little kids that were on him held great scorn.

So old already, yet not even being able to speak as smoothly as us.

It was basically this meaning…

As for the children’s responses, Yan Zhaoge couldn’t understand the meaning of most of them, only able to memorise them whilst coaxing the children to write them down for him before going back and slowly thinking on it himself afterwards.

Of these, there should also be many incorrect responses from the children having not understood his meaning properly.

He would only be able to distinguish them slowly afterwards.

“How is this easy for me…” Yan Zhaoge kept on thinking.

Now, he suddenly detected something, swivelling his head over.

On a street within the city, someone was dragging in a massive enclosed cage on a wagon, sharp bestial roars emanating from within.

Yan Zhaoge thought, “From the looks of it, the people here will try to capture rare, strange demonic beasts before extracting their bloodline, thereby grooming their demonic bloodline cultivators.”

As the wagon emerged, the children beside him were no longer able to stay still as they all rushed towards it, looking at it excitedly.

Yan Zhaoge continued standing there, not minding their departure.

He had already finished asking all that he wanted anyway.

Still, as his gaze landed on a certain someone, his focus was involuntarily drawn over.

Sikong Qing!

“No, it should be said: the kind of person similar to Ouyang Qi and Chang Ning,” Yan Zhaoge’s pupils dilated slightly.


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