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HSSB426: Giving a blind man a seductive look


Yan Zhaoge did not pause in his actions, his movements appearing natural.

However, he secretly sent a sound transmission over to Feng Yunsheng, Xu Fei and the others, “There’s a problem with the tea; someone is here for us.”

Feng Yunsheng and Xu Fei still had their cups on the table, not yet having picked them up.

However, Ah Hu and Ying Longtu had already raised their cups.

Having received Yan Zhaoge’s sound transmission, Ying Longtu appeared stunned as he froze momentarily.

Seeing his abnormalities, the serving girl by the side looked over curiously.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, receiving the cup from Ying Longtu’s hands, “What, is it too hot”

Han Long’er blinked, then nodded blankly.

Ah Hu appeared as per usual as he only let the teacup touch his mouth, pursing his lips and not letting the tea enter as he secretly asked, “Young Master, there’s a problem with the tea”

Yan Zhaoge lightly touched the tea with the tip of his tongue before smiling, sending back, “While it’s indeed here for us, it’s like giving a blind man seductive look.

It’s inconsequential if we drink this tea.”

Hearing this, Feng Yunsheng and Xu Fei both smiled, lifting up their cups and sipping the tea lightly.

Yan Zhaoge put down his teacup, smiling warmly at the serving girls by the side, “Please prepare some food for us.”

The serving girls acknowledged his words respectfully, taking back their teacups and exiting the room.

Ah Hu asked Yan Zhaoge, “Young Master, what is it I, Brother Xu and Miss Feng all checked it, but were unable to detect any abnormalities.”

As Feng Yunsheng and Xu Fei looked over as well, Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Because it wasn’t prepared for us in the first place…no, it should be: it was prepared for us, if we were demonic bloodline cultivators like them, or demonic beasts.”

Hearing his words, pondering expressions appeared on the faces of Ah Hu and the others.

Because only Yan Zhaoge had mastered the commonly used language of the Floating Life World, the others all still being in the painstaking midst of learning it, in his interaction with Gao Fang and the others, the explanation given by Yan Zhaoge was that they were rural villagers living far from any civilisation, their ancestors having lived on their own in secret since long ago.

While Gao Fang and the others might not believe it, they should at least not have guessed for the time being that they were not even people of the Floating Life World in the first place.

Thinking by what they were used to, they had taken Yan Zhaoge and the others to be demonic bloodline cultivators like them.

“The combination of Tuoluo Fragrance and Valley Essence Grass has a very powerful tranquilising effect on demonic beasts, able to weaken their spiritual force and cause them to be in a weakened state for a long period of time, unable to draw on their strength,” Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “It’s originally used to capture beasts, but if my predictions are right, it should work against demonic bloodline cultivators as well.”

“However, to us, it’s just like having added flavouring to the tea.”

Feng Yunsheng frowned, “Using this, it shows that they haven’t seen through where we come from.”

Xu Fei said quietly, “Repaying gratitude with enmity ah.”

“Drugging the tea should only be the first step,” Yan Zhaoge spread his hands apart, laughing.

Beside him, Ah Hu stood up, grinning savagely as he rotated his wrists and his neck in preparation.


“They’ve all taken the tea” Gao Fang stared like a eagle at the serving girls before him.

They said rather frantically, “Other than that youth, the three men and that woman all drank it.”

Gao Fang nodded, “That’s good then.

You are dismissed.”

The serving girls hurriedly left, Gao Fang saying to the long, thin man beside him, “After a moment, we will be able to take action.”

“The stronger a demonic beast or martial practitioner, the smaller the effect of the medicinal fragrance.

Because we are unable to determine their true level of ability, we might not be able to succeed.

If the strength they exhibit surpasses our predictions, I hope that you can lend a hand.”

That tall, thin man in the appearance of a scholar asked, “Are you sure they have a Pixiu After the Great Calamity, Pixiu have been extinct, not even a single one having been discovered.

Our understanding of them is limited only to the ancient texts, no one having seen what one truly looks like.”

Gao Fang gave a definite answer, “Relax, its distinguishing characteristics are exactly the same as in the ancient texts.

This old man can guarantee that that is a young Pixiu of pure blood.”

The tall, thin scholar nodded, “That’s good then.

I’ll be able to account for it to His Highness afterwards.”

“Master, why are you doing this They saved the lives of me and my junior apprentice-brothers,” Chen Shuo looked uncomprehendingly at Gao Fang.

Gao Fang stroked his white beard, “Fool, how can you be sure that they don’t harbour malicious intentions How do you know that they aren’t intentionally borrowing the power of our sect to get close to His Highness in an attempt to do harm to him”

Chen Shuo was taken aback, “They aren’t even fluent in speaking our language; who would find this kind of assassin…”

Gao Fang said mildly, “How do you know that it isn’t feigned”

“If you are so easily cheated and duped, if something really happened afterwards and it was traced back to you and to our sect, what then”

As Chen Shuo’s lips moved, Gao Fang glanced at him, “Next time, be more alert.”

The tall, thin scholar turned and looked at Gao Fang, smiling a little disdainfully as he thought, “Before your disciples, you still have to act like this”

A reason Gao Fang had moved was that he had set his eyes on the Pixiu Pan-Pan.

To people of the Floating Life World, a rare, powerful spirit beast entailed many things.

Most importantly, it meant that it might give them a powerful bloodline power.

On the other hand, in having conversed with Yan Zhaoge’s group, while Gao Fang had not been able to find out anything from him, he had felt Yan Zhaoge’s intention of wanting to establish contact with the Furan Kingdom’s royal family.

Chen Shuo’s description of someone amongst Yan Zhaoge’s party being able to instantly kill the serpent of mixed blood from far away left a sense of unease and crisis in Gao Fang’s heart.

There were already too many people with the Furan Kingdom’s Crown Prince.

This had already caused the Eagle Feather Sect to feel incomparably jostled amongst that crowd.

How did the tall thin, scholar not share similar sentiments This was also the reason for his willingness to help this time.

“Even if they have combat power remaining having drunk that tea, we don’t definitely have to kill them ourselves.

Just forcing them to step past that boundary and turn partially demonised would be sufficient,” The tall, thin scholar said, “At that time, there would naturally be many wanting to exterminate them.”

“Master, this disciple still feels like this is not good…” Chen Shuo said earnestly after having been silent for some time, “I…”

Before he could finish speaking, Gao Fang waved his hands.

With that, martial practitioners came forward and carried Chen Shuo away.

As Gao Fang swivelled his head, he saw that tall, thin scholar staring nonchalantly at the lodgings of Yan Zhaoge’s group before them, seemingly not paying any attention to the little dispute between master and disciple at all.

“This old man will go first.

Please act as my support if necessary,” Having said thus, Gao Fang strode forward.

He strode forward like a dragon and like a tiger, his back arched slightly upwards as he held fearsome momentum, resembling a massive eagle that was shooting downwards from the skies.

Looking at Gao Fang’s back, the tall, thin scholar’s gaze flickered, “Having cultivated the bloodline power of the Brilliant Flying Eagle to such an extent-it is truly a rare thing.

Even I am not confident of being able to beat this old man.

There are so many who have pledged their allegiance to the Crown Prince, but those who are forever able to remain standing in this Kanghe City are but a mere few.

The current achievements of the Eagle Feather Sect were indeed not a matter of luck at all!”

Watching Gao Fang enter, he thought, “Perhaps I won’t even be needed to make a move”


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