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HSSB427: Old eagle hunting little chickens


After Gao Fang had entered, not a bit of disturbance resounded from within.

The heart of that tall, thin middle-aged scholar first relaxed, “Looks like it was completely effortless.

The cultivation levels of those people were lower than expected, all having been directly drugged out.”

However, doubts very quickly surfaced within his mind, “Still, if they were that weak, how could they have slain the mixed blood serpent with a single strike”

He kept his patience, focusing on the house Yan Zhaoge’s group was residing in.

However, as time passed, nothing stirred within at all as Gao Fang and the other martial practitioners of the Eagle Feather Sect did not emerge as well.

The tall, thin scholar vaguely felt that something was wrong.

There had not been any fluctuations in any bloodline power at all.

Those foreigners aside, even Gao Fang and the others seemed not to have made a move.

While everyone loathed semi-demonised practitioners, when it truly came down to life or death, in order to obtain greater power to turn defeat into victory or secure their lives, there would always be some who gave up on their human bodies and chose to partially awaken their bloodlines, turning into semi-demonised practitioners.

With the middle-aged man’s understanding of Gao Fang, the old man’s persistence in that area was not as stubborn as it usually appeared.

Still, Yan Zhaoge and the others aside, the middle-aged man hadn’t detected any signs of Gao Fang awakening his bloodline and transforming into a semi-demonised practitioner as well.

“Could it be that the other side was too powerful, having instantly captured or killed Gao Fang without even giving him the opportunity to awaken his bloodline” The middle-aged scholar was shocked by such a thought, “It shouldn’t be so, right Gao Fang is also one of the top figures of Kanghe City, at least; otherwise, how would he have gained a spot by the Crown Prince’s side”

“Being able to instantly capture or kill him-how strong would such a person have to be”

“Unless, they didn’t fight at all” The middle-aged scholar’s eyes narrowed into slits, “Is it that the other side took out something valuable which won over Gao Fang, causing them to instead patch things up and conspire together”

He grew wary.

If one said that it was currently too jostled at the Crown Prince’s side, he and the Eagle Feather Sect were both parties that took up space.

If he was killed, it would also serve the effect of freeing up space…

Here, the middle-aged scholar grew even more wary.

Whichever possibility held true, he had already decided not to enter that door.

However, know thyself and know thy enemy.

Whatever the truth of the matter, he wanted to know it so as to better plan his next move.

“However they can make it difficult for others, they can’t make it difficult for me.

The bloodline that I cultivate in is that of the Dark Shadow Snake ah,” The middle-aged scholar laughed coldly, his body remaining still as his bloodline power activated, numerous patterns of light appearing under his clothes.

The formless power of darkness formed a line which sought over towards the house before him, soundless and without presence, having no traces so to speak of.

The middle-aged man’s pupils turned dark yellow, resembling the pupils of a snake.

The world before him gradually grew dark and blurred as if he was blind.

However, the next moment, scenes appeared, as though blazing as they next gradually became clearer.

Accompanied by the unceasing permeation of the power of darkness, the sound of faraway voices also resounded by the middle-aged scholar’s ears.

The power of darkness proceeded forward, entering the house and arriving in the big lounge.

Afterwards, the middle-aged man saw a scene which left him wide-eyed and tongue-tied.

Within the big lounge, Yan Zhaoge remained seated leisurely, as did Feng Yunsheng, Xu Fei and Ying Longtu.

Ah Hu stood at the centre of the big lounge, grabbing onto a person like an old eagle grasping a little chicken.

That person was precisely the usually old and vicious eagle-like Gao Fang, the Chief of the Eagle Feather Sect.

However, at this moment, he had turned from a fierce eagle into a little chicken in someone else’s hands.

Around Ah Hu were strewn the bodies of several Eagle Feather Sect martial practitioners.

“This…” While it was not a scene of the two sides conspiring together against him, what lay before him instead left him even more shocked as the middle-aged scholar could only feel a chill emanating throughout his entire body, shooting straight towards the top of his head.

Then, he saw Yan Zhaoge’s gaze come to fall on him!

The middle-aged scholar unconsciously tried to terminate his dark shadow power, but before he could do so, he saw Yan Zhaoge suddenly flash over, stomping downwards.

Afterwards, the middle-aged scholar discovered that he was actually unable to retract his bloodline power, with it also seeming as though his entire person had been stomped in place by Yan Zhaoge, unable to move a single inch.

“Who exactly are they” The middle-aged man was stunned.

Yan Zhaoge currently had on a rather strange expression as he lowered his head to look at the thing that resembled a living shadow below his foot before turning to look at the weak-looking Gao Fang currently caught within Ah Hu’s hands.

“How does it feel; does anything seem wrong” Yan Zhaoge asked.

Feng Yunsheng looked at the dark shadow beneath Yan Zhaoge’s foot, “It shouldn’t be the real demonic beast, the Dark Shadow Snake.

It should instead be a demonic bloodline cultivator who has refined its bloodline, right”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Why don’t we just confirm it then.”

Saying thus, he grabbed out within the air, instantly taking that dark shadow within.

His true essence surged, this illusory dark shadow seemingly turning tangible.

Then, Yan Zhaoge pulled on this dark shadow as if pulling a rope.

The middle-aged scholar outside the house immediately shot towards the room against his own will.

He wanted to struggle, yet felt like a drifting strand of straw as he was completely unable to resist the immense force emanating from within.

Wanting to terminate his connection with the dark shadow that he had sent in, it was similarly to no avail.

At this moment, he would be unable to even awaken his bloodline power to become a semi-demonised practitioner even if he wanted to as he was dragged away just like that.

The other Eagle Feather Sect martial practitioners guarding outside the house looked on stunned as the middle-aged scholar was dragged into the house like a fishing pole drawing in a fish which had bitten the bait and gotten hooked.

While he had always acted solitarily, this middle-aged scholar had always possessed equal authority to their Chief, being greatly famous within this Kanghe City.

Now, however, he was being dragged away like a dead fish.

How would this not cause the Eagle Feather Sect martial practitioners here to be rendered staring and dumbstruck

They saw this middle-aged scholar being dragged on the ground, colliding randomly into objects along the way, breaking through the wall around the house before disappearing amidst the dust and smoke.

Dragged on the ground, the middle-aged man felt his body being dragged along the grasses of the garden and the steps and a long corridor before his head slammed right into the threshold at the door of the inner big lounge of the house, smashing that threshold away before he was dragged into the big lounge.

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, looking at this middle-aged scholar and then Gao Fang after which he asked slowly, “The two of you-what exactly are your levels amongst the martial practitioners of this Furan Kingdom”

The middle-aged scholar’s face was ashen as he felt that even if he awakened his bloodline and partially demonised, or even completely demonised, he would still be unable to resist Yan Zhaoge’s strength.

He could only make his final struggle, “I and Chief Gao are both guest retainers of the Crown Prince.

While you are strong, acting rampantly within this Kanghe City, it is naught but seeking your doom!”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge could not help but laugh, “You coming to harm us and I lowering my neck to be slaughtered-wouldn’t that spell my doom as well”

The middle-aged scholar hurriedly said, “We did not have any intention of killing you.

To be honest, it was your Pixiu that caught our eye.

We wanted to wrest it over and present it to the Crown Prince.

In having saved the martial practitioners of the Eagle Feather Sect, it was also naught but to find a chance to establish contact with His Highness and present him the Pixiu.

It would be the best way to rise in rank.”

“You are strong.

After this, we will naturally say our apologies and introduce you to His Highness.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at him, asking, “Do your words hold weight before the Furan Crown Prince”

The middle-aged man thought that Yan Zhaoge had been moved as he immediately said, “Chief Gao and I rank amongst the six ministers whom His Highness values the most greatly.”

He paused slightly before continuing, “Still, with your strength, even the King himself would treat you as a most treasured guest.

Of course, the Crown Prince himself is a Heaven’s favoured son with hopes of entering the Blood Cloud Clan…”

Yan Zhaoge waved his hand, cutting off his words, “No need to be so troublesome.”

The middle-aged scholar was taken aback as Yan Zhaoge, getting seated once more neither hurriedly nor slowly,  now suddenly laughed, “Since the Furan Crown Prince values you so much, if I hold the two of you here, he should come over and ask about it on his own accord, right I’ll just wait for him here then.”


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