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HSSB428: Want to gang up


The middle-aged scholar and Gao Fang were caught by Ah Hu one in each hand, resembling chickens in the hands of an old eagle.

Yan Zhaoge sat on the chair, gazing towards the ceiling.

Not focusing on anything in particular, he seemed a little to be adventuring beyond the heavens in his thoughts.

Suddenly, his expression changed slightly, “Oh, so many people”

In Yan Zhaoge’s perception, a great many martial practitioners were currently coming over to surround the house he was residing in.

Amidst their majestic momentum, they also gave off the

feeling of being organised and well-trained.

Yan Zhaoge could not help but laugh as he shook his head, “Army Are they treating us like demonic beasts to surround and capture”

Feng Yunsheng, Xu Fei and the others all exchanged looks.

Currently, they already knew that in this Floating Life World, in order to deal with semi-demonised practitioners as well as take the initiative to hunt down and capture strong demonic beasts so as to obtain the power of their bloodlines, the demonic blood cultivators often partied together.

Not just the Furan Kingdom, even big clans like the Blood Cloud Clan would specifically train its disciples together in formations, working together in concert against a common enemy when the need arose.

Xu Fei said slowly, “While our Eight Extremities World has formations as well, most of them are established upon the geography of a place.

It is rare for many people to join together in a battle formation.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “This is a difference brought about by our difference in cultivation methods.

The battle formations that are formed here commonly comprise of those cultivating in the same or a similar kind of demonic beast bloodline, their power able to resonate as such, boosted through the battle formation.”

“It is not suited to our Eight Extremities World.

While there were indeed some battle formations circulating before the Great Calamity, all of those had unique requirements, not being so easily realised.”

“In order to obtain power that surpasses the ordinary, a price much always be paid, with some limitations existing.”

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, inwardly not knowing whether to laugh or to cry, “This bro does know some pretty good battle formations.

But the problem is that they’re all just too high level…”

Ah Hu asked him from the side, “Young Master, are they intending to obtain victory based on their numerical advantage”

“Getting more chicken feathers and gathering more courage, merely thinking to gang up on us,” Yan Zhaoge shrugged, swivelling his head and looking at the two prisoners, “It seems like your importance in the heart of your Crown Prince isn’t very high ah.”

The face of the Chief of the Eagle Feather Sect, Gao Fang, was ashen while that middle-aged scholar, feeling the great momentum of the mobilised army outside that seemed able to topple mountains and overturn seas, also looked rather disturbed, “It’s not His Highness who’s come.

It’s the Grand Commander of the Crimson Halberd Corps, come with his troops.

This person usually acts by his own will, having a very terrible and stubborn temper.”

“He must believe that you are acting arrogantly and without reservation in our Kanghe City, your act of apprehending us being a provocation to our Furan Kingdom, thus making a move.”

Yan Zhaoge asked rather interestedly, “How is it that he can freely mobilise his army without first seeking permission from your King and the Crown Prince”

The middle-aged scholar and Gao Fang both had rather awkward-looking expressions, “The King is currently in secluded cultivation, and he has great trust in this man…”

Yan Zhaoge pulled back the corner of his lips.

Being completely loyal to the king, yet not on very good terms with the Crown Prince.

Someone like that…

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “That’s to say that this person won’t care whether you live or die”

The smiles of Gao Fang and the middle-aged scholar were rather forced as the latter tried to boost his spirits, “Therefore, there is also no point in you holding on to the both of us.

Why don’t you release us; we’ll help you get around the Grand Commander.”

“The Grand Commander of the Crimson Halberd Corps is extremely loyal towards the King, just that he doesn’t allow any bit of sand in his eyes.

We can definitely turn something major into something minor, turn something minor into nothing at all.”

“With your outstanding strength, the Grand Commander definitely won’t want to make such a powerful enemy for our Furan Kingdom.

Having a great battle within Kanghe City would also be rather unsightly…”

Yan Zhaoge looked at them a little like he was smiling whilst also not, laughing as he asked, “If I released the both of you, wouldn’t you instead immediately add oil to the fire before that Grand Commander and get his troops to immediately begin their assault Like you say, the Grand Commander isn’t on very good terms with the Crown Prince behind you anyway.”

“Whether or not he can kill me is a different matter altogether.

But if I can kill him, wouldn’t it be something that your Crown Prince would be very happy to see”

Gao Fang and the middle-aged scholar hurriedly denied, “Definitely not, definitely not!”

As killing intent which had virtually turned tangible emanated from outside, cold sweat began dripping down the two’s foreheads.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, waving his hands, “Relax, I’m just feeling it to be weird.

At this time, where could your Crown Prince be According to you, the two of you are still rather important to him.”

Gao Fang and the middle-aged scholar exchanged glances, hesitating for a moment before saying, “His Highness may be in the midst of receiving envoys of the Blood Cloud Clan.

He should receive the news a bit later, and will not want to offend his important guests as well…”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Then, that Grand Commander daring to make a move on us, not afraid of failing-is it actually also because of people having arrived from the Blood Cloud Clan”

Gao Fang and the middle-aged scholar nodded.

However, they could not remain optimistic.

After all, they had already fallen into Yan Zhaoge’s hands, and might be killed at any moment that he wanted.

Even if the experts of the Blood Cloud Clan could exact vengeance for them, who would be willing to lose their life

Yan Zhaoge asked interestedly, “I’ve heard of the Three Demons and Four Clans before, but exactly how much stronger than you is the Blood Cloud Clan For that Crimson Halberd Corps Grand Commander to be so confident”

Gao Fang and that middle-aged scholar both looked rather strangely at him.

Yan Zhaoge smiled mildly, “When my ancestors still roamed the Floating Life World, the Three Demons and Four Clans had still yet to exist.

It’s just that past events are like immaterial clouds before one’s eyes.

It’s fine not mentioning them; as a person, I’m more interested in the present and the future.”

Gao Fang sighed, “If you say that a furious King might be able to exterminate our Eagle Feather Sect between a single dawn and dusk, it would be the same if the Blood Cloud Clan wanted to make a move against the Furan Kingdom, or perhaps even more than that.”

The middle-aged scholar said, “The Furan Kingdom included, there are thirty-six kingdoms around the area which are all subordinate to the Blood Cloud Clan.”

“The Blood Cloud Clan having organised a great meet in the Furan Kingdom to search for disciples this time, it actually only includes six kingdoms, the Furan Kingdom included.

This kind of great meet will also be held in five other places, involving the other thirty kingdoms.”

“Of the nine grades of demonic beasts, only the Blood Cloud Clan and the other three great clans possess the upper three grades of bloodline.

The middle three grades of bloodline are already extremely precious to the Furan Kingdom, being already like national treasures.

However, they are but average and ordinary to the Blood Cloud Clan.”

Having listened to all this very happily, Yan Zhaoge now asked suddenly, “What grade of demonic beast can the Six-Legged Flying Lightning Leopard be considered as being here”

Gao Fang answered, “The third rank of the upper three ranks.”

Yan Zhaoge asked seemingly intentionally, “Are there any famed martial practitioners who cultivate in the bloodline of the Six-Legged Flying Lightning Leopard”

Gao Fang and the middle-aged scholar exchanged glances, “Only the Blood Cloud Clan possesses the bloodline of the Six-Legged Flying Leopard.

There are two rather more famed ones who cultivate in it, one being their longtime Elder ‘Leopard King’ Ling Gang, the other being his disciple ‘Little Leopard King’ He Taicheng.”

The middle-aged scholar looked rather disbelievingly at Yan Zhaoge, “You shouldn’t have had a conflict with He Taicheng or his Master, Ling Gang, right He Taicheng is an expert who has already achieved his fame for many years, and even if you can defeat him, if you cause his Master, Ling Gang, to make an appearance, you definitely won’t be able to walk properly away, not even mentioning the entire Blood Cloud Clan that stands behind them!”

Yan Zhaoge smiled as he looked to be pondering something.

As they conversed, the battle formation of the Crimson Halberd Corps outside had already completely taken form.

While they had not yet begun their charge, their demonic power that resembled the tides of the sea almost caused the house to collapse inwards from the outside.


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