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HSSB429: Bloodline of the highest grade!


Feeling the fluctuations in power emanating from outside, Yan Zhaoge blinked.

As they looked at Yan Zhaoge and the others now, Gao Fang and that middle-aged scholar seemed like they were watching a bunch of corpses and madmen.

While Yan Zhaoge had not mentioned it, they could vaguely guess that Yan Zhaoge’s group had very possibly already provoked the Blood Cloud Clan.

They were suddenly struck by a deep sense of regret.

Had they known about this before, how would they have been so troubled on how to get rid of Yan Zhaoge’s group They could just have reported his movements to the Blood Cloud Clan and all would have been right with the world.

Whether it was the Furan Kingdom or the vast territory that surrounded it, all of it was under the jurisdiction of the Blood Cloud Clan.

Having provoked the Blood Cloud Clan here, how could things possibly end up well for them

Joy arose within the hearts of Gao Fang and the middle-aged scholar as they already seemed able to see the upcoming devastation and doom soon to befall Yan Zhaoge’s group.

However, amidst that joy, they felt extremely bitter as well.

With the two having fallen into Yan Zhaoge’s hands, even if Yan Zhaoge was killed by the Blood Cloud Clan, the two of them would probably go down together with him as well.

Why had they found such trouble for themselves

The middle-aged scholar glanced at Gao Fang, his gaze full of resentment, “This old goat, not having properly checked the other side’s background before making a move, in the end dragging me down together with you.”

Still, Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm as ever as he grabbed Pan-Pan by the neck from Feng Yunsheng’s embrace and held him before him, “Look at this creature.

What rank can it be considered as”

Gao Fang said lethargically, “Pixius only exist in the legends of before the Great Calamity, this being the first time we have actually seen one.

Therefore, it’s still not really possible to give it a grade now.

Some analysis is required before we can be certain.

However, based on the legends of before the Great Calamity, it should be in the upper three grades at the very least.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “What does the highest grade consist of”

The middle-aged scholar replied, “Not counting those that exist only in history, only counting those which still exist now, there are a total of five for the highest grade.”

“There’s a mixed blood Suanni, a Blue Bird that is the mixed blood offspring of the Qingluan Phoenix, a pure-blooded Golden Ape, a Green Scaly Dragon and a Fire Crow.”

Yan Zhaoge blinked, “Are there any like a true dragon, a Qilin or a golden crow”

The middle-aged scholar replied, “There aren’t any of these.

These all only exist in the pre-Great Calamity legends.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, throwing Pan-Pan back to Feng Yunsheng and saying in the language of the Eight Extremities World, “This lazy fella’s bloodline can already be considered the bloodline of the highest grade martial practitioners of the Floating Life World can come into contact with.”

“Still, while most of them are not pure of blood, there are many more ferocious beasts here than in our Eight Extremities World.

It is no wonder that they do not cultivate the usual way, instead cultivating in the demonic bloodlines of demonic beasts.”

At this point, the exterior courtyard of the house had already collapsed, flattened into level ground as dust flew up all around.

There was only the big hall which they were in that seemed to be under the protection of some formless power as it didn’t budge an inch.

The wild tide of demonic power outside vaguely pulsed.

A cold, tough voice resounded, “Ignorant ones, hurriedly emerge and surrender yourselves.

Know what is good for you!”

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head to look at the two captives, laughing as he asked, “This is your Crimson Halberd Corp’s Grand Commander”

The two nodded, “Right, it’s him, Liang Han, the fifth ranked expert in Kanghe City, cultivating in the bloodline of the Crimson Eyed Golden Eagle, possessing the fourth grade bloodline of the middle  three grades of bloodlines.

Most of the Crimson Halberd Corps under him cultivate in the bloodline of the Crimson Eyed Golden Eagle as well, being able to come together to from the Crimson Feather Grand Halberd Battle Formation.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly before saying mildly, “Commander Liang, is it What I mean to say is that it’d be better for you to invite that King of yours out of seclusion.

You cannot bear the responsibility for this matter.”

His voice was not loud, yet was clear enough such that everyone was able to hear him perfectly.

Outside the hall, the house had transformed into a pile of ruins.

As the dust settled, the figure of a tall middle-aged man could be seen.

Garbed in red armour, his face was full of killing intent.

Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s words, the man said coldly, “Since you cannot see sense, kill without mercy.”

Saying thus, he raised a hand, about to make a downward chopping motion.

Around him, his soldiers and generals who wore black armour and carried crimson halberds had all already made ready their preparations for attack.

However, his hand suddenly halted in mid-air.

He frowned slightly, looking in another direction.

There, a group of people had not moved away like all the others due to the Crimson Halberd Corp’s momentum and authority, instead standing there to watch the commotion.

The one at their head was a tall youth, dressed in elegant attire that was different from the garb of people of the Furan Kingdom.

Seeing the red-armoured man look over, the youth smiled, “Please continue, Commander Liang.

This one is very happy at being able to watch such a great show like this, having made a trip to this Kanghe City.”

The red-armoured man, Liang Han, had already recognised him.

He was the Crown Prince of their neighbouring kingdom, the Ziyu Kingdom.

The Furan Kingdom and the Ziyu Kingdom had never been on good terms, war often breaking out between them.

The youth before them was a longtime enemy of Furan’s Crown Prince, the two having fought ever since young.

They would also be direct competitors in this time’s selection of disciples by the Blood Cloud Clan.

While Liang Han didn’t really get along with the Furan Crown Prince, his relationship with this Ziyu Crown Prince before him was naturally even more that of enemies.

“Are the people inside of your Ziyu Kingdom” Liang Han asked coldly.

The Ziyu Crown Prince chortled, “No, but this one admires them very greatly.”

Liang Han had yet to reply when a voice resounded from far away, “They are very soon to be dead men.”

The Ziyu Crown Prince let out a cold snort.

Next, the crowd split apart, making way for a group led by a vicious-looking youth who came before all of them.

Liang Han paused, immediately bowing in greeting, “Elder Rong, Crown Prince.”

This vicious-looking youth was naturally the Crown Prince of the Furan Kingdom.

 Beside him was an old man, seemingly frail and elderly.

However, whether it was the Furan Crown Prince or Liang Han, both of them showed him immense respect.

He was the longtime Elder of the Blood Cloud Clan that had come to preside over the Meet this time.

The Ziyu Crown Prince also smiled and bowed, “Elder Rong.”

Elder Rong nodded mildly before looking in the direction of the big hall that Yan Zhaoge and the others were in and asking the Furan Crown Prince, “Your subordinates reported that the other side can lock illusory demonic power in place and transform it into a tangible rope, dragging the person in”

The Furan Crown Prince confirmed, “Yes.”

Elder Rong asked loudly in the direction of the big hall, “Are you of the Snow Crane Sect This old man is Rong Zhi of the Blood Cloud Clan.”

Hearing the words ‘Snow Crane Sect’ within the big hall, Yan Zhaoge’s heart involuntarily jolted.

Beside him, Xu Fei also swivelled his head to look at him.

Yan Zhaoge pondered for a moment before smiling and replying, “No.”

As it fell silent outside, Yan Zhaoge looked at the two captives, asking, “What is the background of the Snow Crane Sect”

The two exchanged looks, Gao Fang next answering, “It’s a rather strange sect, founded only just some ten over years ago.

Its disciples do not cultivate in the power of bloodline, instead unceasingly cultivating their bodies through the cultivation of qi.

That route has already long been proven to be an unfeasible one.”

“However, that Snow Crane Sect’s Chief seems to be rather outstanding in terms of qi cultivation, being very strong in that regard.

Sadly, her disciples are all much too inferior.

Therefore, the sect has been unable to develop.”

“Still, the daughter of the Chief of this Snow Crane Sect married the son of the Chief of Green Dragon Mountain of the Four Clans, their two families joining together.

With that, there are also few who dare to offend the Snow Crane Clan.”

Hearing about the Snow Crane Clan’s situation, Yan Zhaoge’s eyes brightened slightly, “Oh”


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