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HSSB431: Pan-Pan’s aftermeal exercise


The three-headed horse galloped madly across the air, shooting straight towards Yan Zhaoge and the others.

Apparently, having been in the midst of secluded cultivation, the King of the Furan Kingdom had been alerted, having broken out of seclusion and made a move, also activating the formation around Kanghe City.

Seeing this, the Ziyu Crown Prince felt a chill run through his heart, “This is different from a battle formation, instead being a formation that makes use of the geography of the place.

To think that the Furan Kingdom still had such a hand hidden!”

“If my Ziyu attacked Furan and Furan defended on their home ground, it would be hard for us to successfully take them down.”

“This time’s trip is truly not a wasted one!”

As he was thinking thus, he saw a dim sabre-light suddenly shoot out of that house which was still flying in mid-air.

As the dim sabre-light landed on the horse’s neck, the hose instantly let out a mournful wail.

The black hurricane enveloping the house expanded, merging with the dim sabre-light which concealed itself within it, its presence elusive.

The black hurricane grew even sharper, as if it was completely composed of sabre-light.

“Rebels, you dare” The King of the Furan Kingdom roared furiously as the three heads of that horse simultaneously howled, blazing fire spewing together out of their mouths.

The flames clashed with the black hurricane, transforming into a sea of flames which enveloped the entire horizon as it looked set to trap the house.

Within the house, Ah Hu scratched the back of his head as he turned to look at Yan Zhaoge, “Erm…Young Master, it looks like we still have to wreck the house after all.”

Yan Zhaoge shot him a slanted gaze, “Weren’t you still acting pretty cool earlier”

Ah Hu gave a simple and honest smile, “Wasn’t it just wanting to learn from you, Young Master”

“I’m just like this” Yan Zhaoge pinched the corner of his forehead, yet saw that other than Han Long’er who showed no reaction, Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu and Xu Fei were all looking earnestly at him, after which they nodded in unison.

Yan Zhaoge shook his head exasperatedly, then said, “Since we’ve already flown up, it makes no sense to wreck the house at this point in time, right”

Remaining seated, Yan Zhaoge clapped lightly.

His Shadow Shrinking Pouch opened, a short stone rod flying out from within, instantly expanding within the hall as it took on the original appearance of the pillar of the Divine Palace.

The pillar of the Divine Palace controlled its shape, becoming precisely the height of the hall’s ceiling.

Afterwards, it gradually merged with the hall, becoming its foremost supporting pillar.

The house that had been raised with Ah Hu’s brute strength shook in its entirety.

Originally having completely relied on Ah Hu’s aura-qi that had been on the brink of collapse, it now instantly stabilised as it emanated a concept of tough indestructibility.

The entire house seemed completely different at this moment.

“Just slamming directly over will be fine.”

Yan Zhaoge raised his right hand.

He flicked his wrist, pointing forward, his tone calm and leisurely.

“Oh, goodie, Young Master,” Ah Hu grinned happily with joy.

The next moment, the black hurricane swept along the mid-grade spirit artifact, the Hidden Clear Sunlight Sabre, as well as everyone in the house as it slammed mightily into the silhouette of that massive three-headed horse!

The incomparably massive three-headed horse shattered mightily!

The black hurricane shook intensely, but it was completely different for the house within as it remained flying stably within the air, not shaken in the least!

Silently feeling the fluctuations in energy from the collision, Feng Yunsheng deduced the strength of their opponent’s formation, “It doesn’t actually feel like anything special”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “The people of the Floating Life World should just play with their battle formations.

Setting up grand formations based on the surrounding geography is not something that they are proficient in.”

“Of course, this is from the point of view of us of the Eight Extremities World.

If it were used against others of the Floating Life World, picking a general out of a group of shorties, it might still turn out to be a lethal weapon.”

Seeing the shattering of the three-headed horse, the Furan Crown Prince and Han Liang, the Grand Commander of the Crimson Halberd Corps, were both stunned.

The hearts of Elder Rong and the Ziyu Crown Prince both sunk as well.

Above the palace far off in the distance, the figure of a middle-aged man in a dragon robe appeared as he glared unforgivingly at the black hurricane.

He gave a cold snort, his palms coming together before he pushed slowly outwards in the direction of the palace below.

Seeing this, Han Liang was greatly shocked, “My liege, you cannot!”

The expression of the Furan Crown Prince also changed, “Royal father!”

The royal palace shook mightily before a clear, loud howl resounded.  Now, a real three-headed blazing horse appeared amidst the infinite radiance, galloping madly outwards!

This three-headed blazing horse was several tens of metres tall.

Each of its heads was as big as a small house, demonic light flickering within its massive pupils.

The blazing horse galloped madly, roiling waves of fire rampaging about it as the surrounding heavens and earth seemed to shake together with its movements.

“Three-Headed Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast!” The Ziyu Crown Prince let out a breath of cold air, “The demonic beast that sits over the Furan Kingdom.

It’s easy to release it, but getting it back in would be a much harder thing.

The Furan Kingdom is going all out, not even worried about half of Kanghe City being destroyed afterwards”

Seeing this, Elder Rong of the Blood Cloud Clan flew up as he too went off in pursuit of Yan Zhaoge’s group.

That massive Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast galloped ceaselessly, travelling at massive speeds.

The guardian grand formation of Kanghe City shone as countless spirit patterns enveloped the entire city.  The silhouetted massive three-headed horse appeared once more, gradually merging together as one with the real Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast.

Bolstered by the power of the grand formation, the Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast howled madly as its speed rose to a whole new level.

The spirit patterns flickered, an effect resembling instantaneous movement virtually playing out as the Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast very quickly caught up to the black hurricane, arriving in its vicinity.

Having originally been galloping madly like the hurricane, it now stopped suddenly without notice, spinning on the spot as it reared directly up on its hind hooves.

Its two forehooves raised high into the air, next stomping down towards Yan Zhaoge and the others like the pressuring down of Mount Tai!

Within the house, Yan Zhaoge chuckled lightly, retrieving Pan-Pan from Feng Yunsheng’s embrace.

Pan-Pan blinked, an uncomprehending expression on his face.

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Only knowing how to eat and slack around all day, haven’t you found yourself to be getting fatter lately Go for some aftermeal exercise for me.”

Having said thus, he flung Pan-Pan directly out of the house.

Gao Fang and the middle-aged scholar were both taken aback by this, “This Pixiu can be considered to be unordinary, but it is still only a young cub.

How can it contest with a fourth grade demonic beast, the Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast, that has already reached its peak Isn’t this courting death”

However, afterwards, their eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets.

Having flown out of the house, Pan-Pan who appeared like an insignificant speck of dust in comparison to the size of the Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast felt the world before his eyes abruptly darken, a massive shadow obscuring the sky and concealing the sun.

Raising his head upwards, he saw the two forehooves of the Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast pressuring downwards like a mountain.

Having just appeared ignorant a moment before, Pan-Pan abruptly let out a wild roar as his voice instantly overshadowed the howl of the horse!

Pan-Pan’s figure expanded madly outwards like the blowing of a balloon, regaining his original size from his original shrunken state before he grew yet further!

In an instant, Pan-Pan was standing on his hind legs, his figure also having reached a height of several tens of metres.

While he was slightly smaller than the Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast, his majestic strength was even greater!

Before the dumbfounded looks of the King of the Furan Kingdom and the others, Pan-Pan’s two forelimbs showed the posture of a Heavenly King raising a pagoda as he forcibly grabbed the two descending forehooves of the Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast in place.

The figures of the two massive beasts halted together as Pan-Pan’s two hind legs instantly sunk deeply into the earth at the incoming momentum.

However, the next moment, Pan-Pan raised his two forearms, easily flipping the Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast, its forehooves in the air, down onto the ground!

At this moment, Pan-Pan appeared even more tyrannical and brutal than the most violent of beasts.

Roaring, he strode forward, swiping outwards with his massive paw as he directly sent one of the heads of the Three-Headed Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast flying!


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