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HSSB432: Sweeping through a kingdom


Flipped over by Pan-Pan, the Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast had just been struggling up when it was slammed to the ground by Pan-Pan’s incoming palm once more.

One of its three massive heads had its neck directly snapped by this palm of Pan-Pan’s, the head flying into the distance and smashing heavily onto the ground.

In the faraway royal palace, the face of the King of the Furan Kingdom was sunken as water.

When the Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast had been flipped over to the ground by Pan-Pan and the Furan Crown Prince and Grand Commander Han Liang and the others had looked agonised like their parents had died, the King of the Furan Kingdom had instead appeared extraordinarily calm.

A look of joy was even vaguely visible within his eyes.

The King of the Furan Kingdom pushed horizontally forward with his palms, also letting out a low roar.

The spirit patterns enveloping Kanghe City surged like water, enveloping the wounded body of the Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast.

However, Pan-Pan roared, sending one of the Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast’s heads flying with a palm!

The circulating spirit patterns of the grand formation continuously shattered under Pan-Pan’s claws.

Only seeing this did the expression on the face of the King of the Furan Kingdom change slightly as he flew out of the palace, hurrying towards where Pan-Pan and the Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast were.

At this moment, Pan-Pan stood on the ground, raising his hind paw before heavily stomping down on the Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast that only had two heads remaining.

The Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast instantly let out a long howl that was filled with pain as it was trapped under Pan-Pan’s foot, unable to move.

The silhouetted massive three-headed horse appeared once more, completely enveloping the body of the King of the Furan Kingdom, hooves like the wind and virtually not touching the ground as it galloped madly over.

Within the black hurricane, as Yan Zhaoge saw this, he shrugged, “Although I don’t know what it is that you want to do, we don’t have the obligation to play along with it.”

Pan-Pan roared madly, numerous streams of black water surging into existence, transforming into firm, sturdy walls which blocked the path before the King of the Furan Kingdom.

That massive three-headed horse slammed into the black wall of water head-on, letting out a mournful screech.

Countless streams of light shattered, yet it was unable to break through the wall of water.

At the same time, Pan-Pan exerted force underfoot once more, the great earth unceasingly breaking apart in all directions amidst his violent stomp of great strength.

Meanwhile, the ribs of that Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast broke, fresh blood spurting wildly from its two remaining heads, the flames enshrouding its body on the verge of being extinguished.

Ah Hu said, “Let’s go.”

The black hurricane swept Pan-Pan up once more.

Pan-Pan blinked, his massive frame shrinking once more, very quickly disappearing within the black hurricane.

The face of the King of the Furan Kingdom was livid.

Still, he was no longer of the mind to pursue them as he hurriedly landed beside the Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast which was on its last hooves, attempting to save it with all his might.

Elder Rong also halted helplessly, gazing in the direction in which the black hurricane had vanished as he was unable to speak for a long time.

The Furan Crown Prince and the Grand Commander Liang Han both had ugly looks on their faces.

Not only had the battle formation of the Crimson Halberd Corps been easily broken through by those people, even with the King having been forced out of seclusion and personally wielded the power of Kanghe City’s Grand Formation, they had still not been able to leave them behind.

Having sent out their Three-Headed Blazing Flames Howling Wind Beast that sat over their kingdom, it had, in the end, been beaten to the point of half death by the other side’s Pixiu in a matter of blows.

Having suffered tragic losses, they had been unable to leave even a single hair of those people behind.

This caused them of the Furan Kingdom to feel discontented, whilst also beginning to feel some fear after the fact.

Looking at the pathetic state of Kanghe City, the Ziyu Crown Prince naturally secretly rejoiced, but was inwardly slightly solemn as well, “The strength of the Furan Kingdom surpassed our predictions.

If not for these foreigners of unknown origins, if my Ziyu were truly to have engaged in an all-out war with Furan, it might have been us who would have lost out.”

At this point, the Ziyu Crown Prince too felt a bit of fear after the fact, “What exactly are the origins of these foreigners Are they really related to the Snow Crane Sect I don’t think that the Snow Crane Sect itself has such great strength, right…”

“I have to inform Royal Father as soon as possible.

While these foreigners have offended the Blood Cloud Clan now, my Ziyu has to be careful as well.

Before they are exterminated by the Blood Cloud Clan, my Ziyu can definitely not get into a conflict with them.

Otherwise, Furan is a living example.”

Many thoughts whirled around the mind of the Ziyu Crown Prince, but as he looked at Elder Rong’s back which looked to be much older than before, he had a sudden thought, “Can the Blood Cloud Clan really exterminate these foreigners”

Having left Kanghe City, gazing backwards, Yan Zhaoge saw streaks of bloodred light soon shooting into the sky, creating numerous rings of light within the air.

“Is this asking for reinforcements for nearby members of the Blood Cloud Clan” Yan Zhaoge nonchalantly laughed.

Before them, Gao Fang and the middle-aged scholar were already shocked to the point of numbness.

They now suddenly felt as if all of their earlier worries had been complete delusions on their part.

Someone like Yan Zhaoge would want to pledge fealty to the Furan Crown Prince Would want to pledge fealty to the King of the Furan Kingdom

What kind of joke was that!

Thinking back on how they had originally schemed against someone like that, the two really felt the urge to slam their heads onto the ground and drop dead.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge’s expression was as per usual as looking at the two of them, he suddenly asked, “That Rong Zhi just now-what level of strength can he be considered as possessing in the Blood Cloud Clan”

Gao Fang and the middle-aged scholar jolted upwards, exchanging multiple looks before the latter replied carefully, “There are as many experts as there are clouds in the Blood Cloud Clan.

We cannot be too certain on this; after all, the level Elder Rong is on is very much higher than us.”

“However, it is definite that there are still quite a few who are stronger than Elder Rong.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Well, tell me what you know.

I believe that you won’t lie to me, right”

The two captives responded with bitter smiles as they nodded repeatedly.

After a process of questioning and answering, a strange expression surfaced on Yan Zhaoge’s face as he muttered, “It really seems a little wrong.”

Yan Zhaoge pondered for a moment before ceasing in his thoughts, swivelling his head to look at Ah Hu whereupon he smiled, “How does it feel to continuously sweep along a flying house”

Ah Hu gave a simple and honest laugh, “If done for a long time, it indeed takes quite a bit of effort…”

Yan Zhaoge waved his hands, “It taking effort on your part is not the main point.

The main point is that it’s too slow.

We are currently rushing for time ah.”

Hearing his words, Ah Hu instantly exerted strength with his foot, the house instantly tremoring and breaking apart.

He looked at Gao Fang and the middle-aged scholar who were already extremely frightened now, “Young Master, how should we deal with these two”

Yan Zhaoge said, “You do as you deem fit.”

Ah Hu nodded, grabbing one with each hand before leaving far away in an instant.

He only returned after a period of time had passed, gathering together with the rest of the party.

“That is to say that now, we will be making a trip to that Snow Crane Sect” Xu Fei asked.

Having heard Yan Zhaoge’s introduction of it, Feng Yunsheng, Xu Fei and the others were also extremely interested in the Snow Crane Sect.

Yan Zhaoge said, “That’s right.

We’ll first take a look at it before making further plans.”

Earlier, he had already gained an understanding of the general direction of the Snow Crane Sect and Green Dragon Mountain, both located to the northwest of the Furan Kingdom.

However, it was a great distance away, and they would have to traverse the territories of many kingdoms along the way.

Yan Zhaoge and the others hurried northwest at their greatest possible speed.

While all that had happened in Kanghe City earlier was hushed up as much as possible by the Blood Cloud Clan, the news still spread very quickly.

Having received the news, the headquarters of the Blood Cloud Clan dispatched a great number of experts.

They promptly began to search for the whereabouts of Yan Zhaoge and the others.

In the Floating Life World which had originally already been unstable, gales arose and clouds surged yet further.


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