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HSSB435: Greetings, Young Master


Yan Zhaoge held the snow crane hairpin, his expression leisurely, “From what I know, my mother had no other blood relatives.”

Su Yun nodded, “That’s also my understanding of it.

If there were, it would be her descendants.”

Yan Zhaoge asked rather interestedly, “What would you do if my father came searching then”

Su Yun laughed, “If Lord came searching over, I wouldn’t have any means with which to verify his identity.

I would only be able to refuse him, and even if I offended him in doing so, that would be an inevitable thing.”

“Still, I believe in Lady’s discernment.

Lord definitely wouldn’t be weak, and I should not have to ability to stop him.”

Yan Zhaoge’s smile was rather strange, “That means that I look easy to bully then”

Su Yun shook her head, saying firmly and resolutely, “Whether or not I am their opponent, if someone wants to do Lady harm, I will see the battle through to its end regardless of the outcome.”

Yan Zhaoge was silent for a moment before he scanned the surrounding Snow Crane Sect martial practitioners.

Su Yun had not employed the means of sound transmission in speaking earlier.

Her words had been broadcasted clearly for all around them to hear.

Everyone of the Snow Crane Sect currently had uncomprehending expressions on their faces.

From their fixed impressions, their Chief was already strong to the point of her strength being indiscernible.

While she often said that her strength had not reached the level of the peak experts of the Floating Life World, just the power that she exhibited alone was already extremely great.

Their Chief was able to cultivate to an extremely high level in the qi cultivation that others were unable to proceed in, not falling behind the strength of demonic bloodline cultivators.

The reason for the Snow Crane Sect being able to hold a place in the Floating Life World as an eminent sect which cultivated not in the bloodline of demonic beasts but in the traditional martial dao of pre-Great Calamity times was not merely because Su Yun’s daughter had married the son of the Chief of Green Dragon Mountain.

Su Yun’s own strength similarly had a huge part in this.

From another perspective, it was not just someone of any power who could enter a marriage with the son of the Chief of Green Dragon Mountain.

However, at this moment, the Snow Crane Sect martial practitioners saw their Chief whom they usually respected as they would a divinity mention a ‘Lady’ in a tone that was humble and respectful to the extreme, filled with reverence.

Su Yun, though, did not feel this to be any abnormal at all.

Her expression was calm as she instead looked like this was just the way it should naturally be.

Yan Zhaoge looked at her and was silent for a moment before he slowly said, “There are people in this world whose appearances are similar, perhaps even exactly the same, even though they are not related by blood in any way at all.”

“You are completely sincere; I will not make things hard for you.”

Saying thus, he spread his hands apart, holding up the snow crane hairpin before him and then infusing a wisp of his true essence within.

The snow crane hairpin shook slightly within Yan Zhaoge’s palm.

Then, bright radiance suddenly shone.

Within the radiance, a massive silhouette of a snow crane appeared above the snowy mountains.

It spread its wings, letting out a clear, bright cry.

Seeing this snow crane, Su Yun looked startled as her gaze actually lost its focus for a time.

The Snow Crane Sect martial practitioners all gazed dazedly at that massive snow crane.

Some reacted very quickly, looks of comprehension appearing on their faces.

Su Yun was the founder of the Snow Crane Sect, but while she was still alive, there was already an altar that the Snow Crane Sect disciples had to pay their respects to in their ancestral hall.

It did not belong to Su Yun, instead depicting a snow crane.

There were many different kinds of rumours regarding this.

Some said that Su Yun had been saved by a snow crane, having had an extraordinary encounter afterwards through which the current foundation of the Snow Crane Sect had been established.

Some said that of all of Su Yun’s martial arts actually originated from a snow crane.

A rather more reliable rumour was that Su Yun had once been under the tutelage of an expert, having been like both a servant and a disciple to that expert, who had gone under the symbol of the snow crane.

Afterwards, that expert had vanished.

Due to her gratitude at the grace of that expert, in its founding, Su Yun had christened her new sect as the Snow Crane Sect, similarly representing it with a snow crane and worshipping it.

The people of the Snow Crane Sect knew that that final rumour was real.

While they did not know why Su Yun had not just directly made that expert the ancestral founder of the clan and come to directly worship that person, not even telling her disciples that expert’s name as she instead just used a snow crane as a substitute, they knew that that expert truly existed, also being the reason behind the Snow Crane Sect’s existence.

Linking this to Yan Zhaoge’s ‘descendant of an acquaintance from the past’, they now gradually came to understand things.

Looking at that snow crane, Su Yun was silent for a long time.

After a while, she sighed, lowering her gaze back onto Yan Zhaoge.

At this moment, her gaze that was on Yan Zhaoge was clearly filled with respect and warmth as she also seemed to be filled with emotions.

Now, this Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster did something that left everyone here slightly shocked.

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, she bowed reverentially to Yan Zhaoge, “Greetings, Young Master.

Being able to meet you is Su Yun’s utmost honour.”

Yan Zhaoge’s true essence surged, only letting her go halfway down before he stopped her.

Su Yun felt surprised.

First not mentioning that her being a Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster, a great amount of strength would have been needed to stop her actions, as the true essences of the two had met, she had clearly felt that this youth of around twenty years of age was similarly an Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster just like her!

Possessing such a cultivation base at this young age, how terrifying was that

“Should it be said that it is only befitting of Lady’s son” Su Yun praised inwardly, “No, Young Master has already surpassed even that!”

Feeling the fluctuations in Su Yun’s true essence, Yan Zhaoge realised, “Life Creation Heavenly Scripture! Of the Clear Jade Lineage!”

“Yeah, it’s indeed superior to the legacies of Broad Creed Mountain.

What exactly are the origins of my mother”

Countless thoughts flashed through Yan Zhaoge’s mind at lightning speed.

Still, he quickly set them aside, focusing first on what lay before him.

He looked quietly at Su Yun, saying, “Having imparted the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture to you, my mother surely does not see you as a mere maid.”

“Since she did not take you on as a disciple and your ages are similar, let me address you as Aunt Yun.”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Su Yun smiled, “Young Master is decreasing Su Yun’s longevity.”

At this moment, Su Yun had completely discarded her previous stern look as she appeared as genial as the spring wind now that she had confirmed Yan Zhaoge’s identity.

Everyone of the Snow Crane Sect was currently feeling rather awkward.

They had seemed like they were facing a great enemy earlier, but with their Chief acting so humble and subservient now, they suddenly didn’t really know how they should be acting.

Su Yan’s authority was unshakeable.

Even having experienced today’s matter, it was impossible for them to be dissatisfied with her.

However, some people couldn’t immediately get to terms with it as they felt rather despondent, yet had nowhere to vent it out.

A robust man of around thirty years old swivelled his head to look at those before him, shaking his head slightly before he bowed to Yan Zhaoge, “Chang En of the Snow Crane Sect greets Young Master Yan.”

His greetings were extremely humble and subservient as well.

“Eldest apprentice-brother!” The other Snow Crane Sect martial practitioners were all shocked as they looked at him.

Chang En did not move his lips as he sent a sound transmission over via aura-qi to them, “Even if you ignore his origins as well as identity, there’s also no way to ignore his cultivation base ah!”

Not knowing how to transmit sound, someone beside him asked quietly, “Senior apprentice-brother, can you tell how strong they are”

Chang En wished that he could find something to stuff that person’s mouth with as he continued with his sound transmission whilst also smiling at Yan Zhaoge and the others, “I can’t tell for all the others; I can only tell the cultivation base of that youngest child.”

“That child is an early outer aura Martial Scholar at the very least!” Chang En virtually let out all those words one by one, “What do you think would be the cultivation bases of the adults accompanying him”


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