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HSSB438: A pressing question


Su Yun asked, “Other than inviting us, is there any other news”

Shen Rong glanced rather worriedly at Yan Zhaoge as she replied, “Yes, mother.

Green Dragon Mountain received news of the Chief of the Blood Cloud Clan having personally come west.

He has already arrived in the western lands that are the territory of Green Dragon Mountain.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, “He’s come for me”

Shen Rong nodded, “That is what they say.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, no longer speaking further on this topic as he instead appraised her with a glance, “Hmmm, late inner aura Martial Scholar realm.

You can already prepare for your breakthrough into the late outer aura stage.”

He swivelled his head, smiling as he asked Su Yun, “Aunt Yun, is it that the two of you possess the rumoured Living Source Physique”

Shen Rong looked rather bemusedly at Yan Zhaoge while Su Yun found it rather unexpected as well.

From their earlier conversation, Su Yun had been able to tell that Xue Chuqing had not mentioned the matter of her and the Floating Life World to Yan Zhaoge and his father.

As he should not have heard of her beforehand, Yan Zhaoge naturally wouldn’t have understood her situation in detail.

“In reply to Young Master’s words, I indeed possess the Living Source Physique.

Having inherited my bloodline, Rong’er possesses it as well,” Su Yin sighed emotionally, “Lady once said that the Living Source Physique might not definitely be inherited.”

“This was proven to be true afterwards.

I had a total of three children with my husband, but amongst the siblings, there was only Rong’er who inherited my Living Source Physique.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, “The possibility of the first child inheriting the physique is the highest, and if this does indeed happen, it is basically impossible for the children you have after that to inherit it as well.”

He looked at Shen Rong, saying slowly, “Possessing the Living Source Physique, you have a great heaven-given convenience in cultivating in the martial dao in this Floating Life World.

From my observation of your disciples, there is only Rong’er who can inherit your legacy.

Being able to attempt a breakthrough into the outer aura Martial Scholar realm at this age, it is also something that only extremely few people can achieve over in the world I come from.”

Su Yun said, “Young Master overpraises her.

Qi cultivators of my Floating Life World find the spiritual qi here to be extremely deficient, with there being very few resources as well.”

“However, because there are too few qi cultivators, with all the resources evenly heaped onto everyone, it would instead appear extremely abundant.

Other than her Living Source Physique, Rong’er also has some bit of talent in the martial dao as well as access to the supreme martial arts left behind by Lady.

Her current achievements are actually because of that.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, ‘Still, with Rong’er being the only outstanding one amongst your disciples, won’t this lead to the doubts of others”

Su Yun smiled, “Lady once said that she would not restrict me from accepting disciples.

In having founded a sect, it was only to keep the legacy that she imparted to me alive.”

“Before a disciple enters the sect, I would already have made it clear to them that cultivation is not easy and they might not see any accomplishments in it.

Those who stay on and persist are those whose mentalities are comparatively much tougher.”

“Of course, there are also some who think that I am partial to my daughter.

I have my own method of dealing with those.”

Hearing this, Yan Zhaoge laughed.

While Su Yun appeared kind and compassionate in front of him, she might no longer be that way before her disciples.

“Aunt Yun, with a link of marriage having formed between Green Dragon Mountain and the Snow Crane Sect, was consideration of the Living Source Physique factored within” After laughing, Yan Zhaoge asked mildly.

Su Yun answered, “I did definitely think about that to some extent.

To tell you the truth, I’ve been on give-and-take friendly relations with Green Dragon Mountain over the years, also having interacted much with them.”

“Not including the secrets that Lady taught me, I imparted many of the things that I have learnt through my own cultivation process to Green Dragon Mountain.”

“While as demonic bloodline cultivators, they do not really have much to do with qi cultivation techniques, the different strengths of others might also be useful for yourself in some ways.

Green Dragon Mountain has benefited quite a lot from my Snow Crane Sect.”

She smiled, shaking her head, “That in-law of mine, the Chief of Green Dragon Mountain, has always concealed himself deeply.

In actual fact, over the years, he has already improved greatly.

While still not being able to match up to the Three Demons, amongst the experts of the Four Clans, he is already gradually developing to surpass the rest of them.”

“When Rong’er births a child in the future, Green Dragon Mountain might really hope to have a descendant practising both our cultivation forms.

Still, Rong’er and her husband are indeed deeply in love.

I can tell that it is not fake on her husband’s part.

Otherwise, I would not have agreed to their marriage.”

“Of course, Rong’er has not revealed the core teachings of Lady to Green Dragon Mountain.”

Shen Rong nodded by the side.

Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly, “It is best if that is so.”

Su Yun asked, “Young Master, if you do not want to accept Green Dragon Mountain’s invitation, I’ll help you to refuse them.”

Yan Zhaoge gave an ambiguous smile before suddenly saying, “Right, Aunt Yun.

There’s a question that I’ve always been wanting to ask, but forgot about just now due to being too busy.”

Su Yun said, “Ask as you’d like, Young Master.”

A light flashed within Yan Zhaoge’s gaze, “Aunt Yun.

You are at the fourth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, an early Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster.

In Green Dragon Mountain, or in this entire Floating Life World as a whole, on what level do you stand How many are there who are stronger or on the same level as you”

“Other than that, there is also one thing…” While saying this, Yan Zhaoge made a drawing motion in the air, a scene of light now appearing.

The image of a fearless-looking middle-aged man could be seen within.

This man was that person Yan Zhaoge had met in the primordial forests upon just having arrived within the Floating Life World.

“This person cultivated in the bloodline of the Six-Footed Lightning Flying Leopard.

Does Aunt Yun know who he is”


As Yan Zhaoge and the others were residing within the Snow Crane Sect as guests, gales were arising and clouds surging in the Floating Life World.

The western lands had always been the territory of Green Dragon Mountain.

However, currently, gazing towards the southeast from the western lands, numerous crimson clouds the colour of blood had appeared over the horizon.

A martial practitioner of Green Dragon Mountain gazed at the clouds of blood sweeping over from the southwest as he asked in a deep tone, “What matter has caused Chief Lu to personally come to the western lands without any prior notice”

The clouds of blood separated, a green light flickering before a middle-aged man with a long beard was revealed within.

Behind him, numerous figures were indistinctly visible amidst the clouds of blood.

The middle-aged man said coldly, “Someone from the Snow Crane Sect that is under the protection of your Green Dragon Mountain caused a great disturbance in the southern regions, having first provoked us.

Are you pretending to be ignorant of this now”

“What words of explanation must there be at false pretences” The martial practitioner of Green Dragon Mountain said.

His attention was not placed on the middle-aged man, instead being focused amongst the numerous indistinct figures behind him where the figure of an old man could vaguely be seen.

A deep look of fear appeared within his gaze.

That man was the Chief of the Blood Cloud Clan, Lu Ming.

He was one of the top experts of the Floating Life World.

The middle-aged man had still wanted to reply, but an ancient-sounding voice now resounded from amidst the blood clouds, “Why waste time on pointless words”

Saying thus, a green light shot out from amidst the blood clouds!

The Green Dragon Mountain martial practitioner cried out in shock, his eyes wide.

But before he could react, the green light had already hacked his body apart!


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