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HSSB440: A calamity for the entire Floating Life World


It was not just the Blood Cloud Clan.

The other two of the Four Clans, the Blazing Fire Clan and the Thunder Rumbling Clan, had come to invade them as well.

Within the great hall, the originally tense atmosphere grew even more solemn to the point that one might really suffocate just being there.

Someone looked at Su Yun, “Apart from the Blood Cloud Clan, he provoked the Blazing Fire Clan and the Thunder Rumbling Clan as well”

The pressure caused by the combined offensive of the other three major clans on Green Dragon Mountain was far from that from the Blood Cloud Clan alone.

If it was said that if there was only the Blood Cloud Clan, while Green Dragon Mountain might not be willing to engage in an all-out war with them, they would still have the leisure to decide on how to deal with it, currently, they had the feeling of Mount Tai weighing down on them.

Su Yun looked calmly towards Luo Jinghao.

Frowning, Luo Jinghao said after a long time, “From the looks of it, it should not just be because of the Pixiu.

They have made our entire clan their target along with it as well.”

Elder Qi, Elder Tong and the others all felt a chill in their hearts at his words.

Against the combined offensive of the other three clans, if their target was merely Yan Zhaoge’s group alone, Green Dragon Mountain might really consider capturing them and handing them over.

However, if the three clans had really already reached an agreement on dealing with Green Dragon Mountain, while Yan Zhaoge and the Pixiu might still be one of their targets, they would already be insufficient to satisfy their appetites.

From a certain perspective, it was more like an excuse, a banner of justification.

Without Yan Zhaoge and Pan-Pan as their excuse, the Blood Cloud Clan, the Thunder Rumbling Clan and the Blazing Fire Clan would still have found another excuse to invade them with.

Once the bow had been drawn, the notched arrow could no longer be taken back.

Elder Tong asked hatefully, “Why didn’t we receive any news of this at all With the three clans moving together, aren’t they afraid of their bases being raided by someone else”

In the current Floating Life World, there currently existed five first grade bloodlines, that of the mixed blood Suanni, the Blue Bird, the Golden Ape, the Green Scaly Dragon and the Fire Crow.

The bloodline of the mixed blood Suanni was possessed by the Thunder Rumbling Clan.

The Thunder Rumbling Clan had captured an injured mixed blood Suanni in the past.

Afterwards, this powerful demonic beast had escaped.

As a result, it had always hated the Thunder Rumbling Clan.

At the same time, the Thunder Demon of the Three Demons had once been a martial practitioner of the Thunder Rumbling Clan.

After having awakened his demonic bloodline, he had turned into a semi-demonised practitioner.

The relationship between the Thunder Demon and the Thunder Rumbling Clan had never been good.

Coupling in the pure demonic beast, the mixed blood Suanni, the three had been at odds for a long time, having clashed many times over the years.

The bloodline of the Fire Crow was possessed by the Blazing Fire Clan, having been obtained back then due to coincidence.

However, the Fire Crow was also antagonistic to the demonic bloodline cultivators of the Blazing Fire Clan.

The bloodline of the Blue Bird was possessed by the Blood Cloud Clan.

The Phoenix Demon of the Three Demons had originated from the Blood Cloud Clan before he had semi-demonised, being on extremely bad terms with his former clan as well.

However, what was good for the Blood Cloud Clan was that the pure demonic beast, the Blue Bird, was comparatively more peaceful.

It had always resided within the Blood Cloud Clan, being fed and housed by them.

Therefore, Lu Ming had had fewer reservations in leaving the Blood Cloud Clan.

Even if the Phoenix Demon came looking for trouble, there would still be the Blue Bird watching over things back at the clan.

The Thunder Rumbling Clan and the Blazing Fire Clan were rather more inhibited.

Luo Jinghao’s face was as sunken as water, “I’m afraid that there has long since been a conspiracy.

The Blood Cloud Clan purposefully drew over our attention as the Thunder Rumbling Clan and the Blazing Fire Clan created false appearances to deceive us whilst acting covertly.”

Elder Qi’s expression was ugly to the extreme, “The Thunder Demon and the mixed blood Suanni have most likely come into conflict, leaving the Thunder Rumbling Clan space to move.

The Fire Crow might also have been held up for some reason that we do not know of, therefore leaving the Blazing Fire Clan free to move without any inhibitions.”

Luo Jinghao stood up, making a swift and prompt decision, “Arrange for the ordinary disciples to evacuate, avoiding any needless casualties.

Call out the Dragon Bone Chain and prepare for battle.”

Everyone’s faces were all solemn to the extreme.

Faced with this tribulation, Green Dragon Mountain would not be able to easily surpass it.

They might be decimated at any moment!

However, looking at Su Yun, they were instead stunned to find that this Chief of the Snow Crane Sect still appeared as stable at a mountain at this moment.

Elder Qi snorted, “Beneath a toppled nest, no eggs can be left intact!”

Su Yun smiled mildly, “I feel this way too.”

Hearing this, everyone was even more stunned.

Within the lands of the West Domain, the sky was concealed by blood clouds which hung over the horizon, temporarily not proceeding ahead.

A white-haired old man sat in the centre of the blood clouds, surrounded by a large group of Blood Cloud Clan experts.

A red treasured gourd, on which many auspicious clouds were tattooed, was placed before this old man.

Bloodred smoke slowly rose from within the gourd, merging with the surrounding blood clouds in the air.

After a long time, the white-haired old man, in the midst of moderating his condition, suddenly opened his eyes.

He gazed first towards the east where roiling thunder was currently resounding, deafening to the point that it could almost shock one’s ears to the point of wanting to go deaf.

As the thunderclouds neared, all-encompassing purple clouds began sweeping through the area, the light of thunder frequently appearing amidst them.

As the purple thunderclouds arrived, now being just opposite the blood clouds, they halted as well, not being in a rush to proceed onward.

The white-haired old man nodded slightly before closing his eyes once more.

The two sides seemed not to care about the saying that the value of troops lay in their speed at all.

After yet some time had passed, an all-encompassing blazing fire suddenly swept over from the northern horizon, roiling fire instantly turning the area into a sea of flames.

Within the sea of flames, numerous fire crows appeared, joined into a formation together as they seemed as though they could incinerate and boil the entire sea.

The force of their momentum actually seemed even more violent and fearsome than that of the blood clouds and the thunderclouds.

The white-haired old man opened his eyes once more, saying slowly, “Now that all three of us are gathered, let us make our move.”

From amidst the grand formation of fire crows, a voice resounded, “Before that, let’s first make it clear between us, lest an internal split arise between us at that time, presenting a pointless joke before Green Dragon Mountain.”

“Is everything like what we previously agreed upon”

The white-haired old man within the blood clouds said, “That’s right.

Everyone will have a share of the Pixiu’s essence blood.

My Blood Cloud Clan will take care of that Pixiu, and as exchange, we will give up on the Green Scaly Dragon bloodline of Green Dragon Mountain as well as their supreme treasure, the Dragon Bone Chain.”

From amidst the thunderclouds, the sound of roiling thunder resounded, “Other than the Pixiu essence blood, my Thunder Rumbling Clan also wants the Dragon Bone Chain.”

The voice resounded from amidst the grand formation of fire crows once more, “My Blazing Fire Clan wants the Pixiu essence blood as well as all the Green Scaly Dragon bloodline that Green Dragon Mountain possesses.”

The white-haired old man said, “The territory of the West Domain will be split evenly amongst our three sides.

Everything will proceed as we previously agreed upon, and Green Dragon Mountain and the Snow Crane Sect will be fading away into history this time.”

“For all the other subordinate powers of Green Dragon Mountain, those who submit shall live, while those who resist shall die!”

With that, having originally been silent, the blood clouds, thunderclouds and sea of flames mightily shuddered simultaneously, merging into a destructive torrent which swept over towards the west!

Along the way, all resistance was met with the incoming rush of the three forces to be instantly reduced to ash.

A Green Dragon Mountain disciple stayed firm and unyielding to the end as he attempted to resist the invading enemies.

However, with the great difference in power between them, it was futile.

A green light flashed amidst the blood clouds, and that Green Dragon Mountain martial practitioner now no longer had a head.

Seeing that the enemy forces were too great, some could only retreat and flee.

However, the light of thunder flashed as it caught up to the escaping Green Dragon Mountain disciples, smiting them into smithereens, not leaving any alive.

A Snow Crane Sect disciple wanted to flee, but a cold snort resounded from amidst the sea of flames, “Qi cultivator”

Swept by the great fire, that Snow Crane Sect martial practitioner was instantly reduced to ash, no traces of even his bones remaining.

The destructive torrent swept through the lands of the West Domain, shooting directly towards the Green Dragon Mountain range.

So long as they were disciples of Green Dragon Mountain or the Snow Crane Sect, all were chased down and killed to the very last man.

If those from the other powers attempted to obstruct them, not a living soul was left behind as well.

Wherever the crushing torrent arrived, a voice like a death god would resound, “Green Dragon Mountain and Snow Crane Sect, you have harboured a calamity and scourge of our entire Floating Life World.

Today, my three clans are joining hands to exterminate the Green Dragon for the sake of all the people of this world.

Those remaining, understand this!”

The bigwigs of the three clans were seated in their respective positions when their gazes suddenly flickered slightly and they gazed into the distance.

In the distant horizon, a glow suddenly lit up.

“Who goes there” The white-haired old man boomed in a cold tone.

Amidst the glow over the horizon, a mild voice resounded, “Me I should be that calamity that you people speak of, the scourge that will bring disaster to the entire Floating Life World.”


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